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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of January 23rd – 2012

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It was hectic last week here at MoMo mission control with the debut of our Online Alliance Platform. As noted we’re excited to finally add this functionality – major props to the Flite crew – discovered via Scoble interview with Will Price last summer. It’s also most fitting that our inaugural launch partner for this effort is IdeasProject by Nokia, it’s an interesting platform, suggest you spend some time digging around there. We’re rather stoked and look forward to welcome several more players joining soon.

Meanwhile, there’s been much discussion over the years regarding values of concept vs. execution, obviously it’s not either/or nor is it chicken and egg. We’d say the best ideas are like diamonds. They require specific ingredients and the right environment to grow; of course both need to be desired, discovered and shaped for an eager market. While those latter bits are crucial to success, the core dna is baked in from birth. Lets not lose sight of where those sparkles come from. Whew, that was pretty deep for a Monday morning.. Ok, lets get on with the round-up below shall we!

MoMo Bangkok returns Jan. 23rd, with t-shirts, for the event planned last November but delayed due to flooding in Thailand, while mile-high in Denver does M2M show and Islamabad gathers again with faculty and students at CIIT campus. Manchester hosts their 2nd Screen event at Media City tonite and Ottawa shares the 5 Things You Must Do in Mobile. MoMo Toulouse is running #4 with focus on New forms of (mobile) Mobility 01.23 while Silicon Valley does Mixer with AdFonic buying the rounds. Washington has a Destination Mobile theme in DC, great line-up of travel dedicated speakers on panel there, and finally the Zurich Swiss Mobile Product Development Strategies gig was scratched, but they have posted the new preliminary agenda for Q1-2012.

Looking ahead to next week, for those eager to add notes into your freshly minted day planners, MoMo Frankfurt powers Mobile Innovation Night @M-Days conference on Feb 1st while Munich is partnering on the Wearable Technologies trade-show Jan. 30th and Jo’Burg kicks-off their new year hosting Mobile Applications and the Developer Community with Vodacom sponsoring. MoMo London does Mobile Gamification in partnership with ICT KTN on 01.30 and the folks in Seattle promise to Bring the Best of CES to town Jan. 30th with plenty of hands-on action with Nokia in the house.

Otherwise, the annual Mobile World Congress confab is coming up fast, with usual chaos expected, we’ll certainly compile the long list of activities – just like last year – for everyone making plans. With any luck, next week we should have a decent first consolidated draft online for MoMo’ers making the pilgrimage to Fira Barcelona. So stay tuned – send tips here – look forward to see ya again real soon!

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