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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of Jan. 7th – 2013

Welcome to the Future – Ladies and Gents – Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

We crawled into the batcave with warm fuzzies from the holidaze and mountains of email to match.. please allow us a little time to get back into the groove here. Managed to pull together a quick skim of upcoming MoMo events below and will update as possible going forward. Otherwise, trust yer geared up for another hectic year, our Very Best Wishes to all, clearly it’s gonna be a total rush.. :twisted:

Ontap for tonight: Calgary runs Mobile Health, with a strong lineup there, as Kuala Lumpur takes the alternative approach, featuring Feng Shui App, and Singapore opens the floor for Networking Night at The Hub. On Jan. 14th Boston does Mobile Marketing and Advertising.. with Wine Tasting! Hong Kong focuses on Mobile UX where Brand = Experience and thrilled to welcome another new chapter to the global family as MoMo Nazareth makes their Debut while Richmond will dig into Win8 for Mobile.

Looking ahead to week of Jan. 21st, the crew in Brussels has Mobile Strategy for Social Networks with Mobile Vikings in the house, Chicago welcomes speakers from Adobe and IBM for GOTO gig and Demo Night Returns to London – should be great fun there – as MoMo Silicon Valley kicks-off with Meetup at Adobe for their first event of the season. To close for now, heads-up that Bangkok plans their #5 show for Jan. 28th.. expect added details on these and others over the coming weeks.

A couple of shout-outs; Congrats to Mike Maney for taking the gavel at MoMo Philly – Arrrrrr! – props to our friends at Startup Weekend who rang the bell at NYSE on 12.28 and Yes Virginia we’ll be making waves at MWC again this year.. in the immortal words of Matt Damon: Get Your F*n Game Face On.

Ok.. that’s all for now – no doubt we all have plenty of work to get done – So, Smile.. It’s Monday 8-)

- Happy Bots

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