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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of January 27th – 2014

Countdown to Barcelona – Who Set This Pace! – Busy Bots Back Up for Air

Doh.. it just ticked under the 30-day clock on our annual trek to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, expect most folks are scrambling for last minute details, scheduled meets and regretting not having their travel arrangements locked-in a month ago. Pumped to see Heroes of the Mobile Fringe gearing up, Swedish Beers is must attend, and of course the MoMo Founders & Friends VIP Mixer will be Great Fun as usual. Sorry we’ve missed posting regular updates here the last couple of weeks, hectic days with tight deadlines, looks like we’ll be riding hard through this new Year of the Horse. Our best effort round-up for MoMo global events running the next few weeks listed below.. Hey – Smile.. It’s Monday!

MoMo Belgrade – Jan. 27th – Sony Mobile & PSTech

MoMo Chicago – Jan. 27th – Omnichannel Experience

MoMo Hong Kong – Jan. 27th – In Coins We Trust

MoMo Lagos – Jan. 27th – MoMo DevCon Alpha

MoMo New York – Jan. 27th – Fireside Chat Series

MoMo Rennes – Jan. 27th – Mobile App Strategies

MoMo Santa Monica – Jan. 27th – Mobile Education

MoMo Silicon Valley – Jan. 27th – Future of Imaging

MoMo Jakarta – Jan. 28th – Mobile Tourism

MoMo Accra – Jan. 31st – mLearning Advantage

MoMo Ann Arbor – Feb. 3rd – App Share Night

MoMo Belfast – Feb. 3rd – Mobile in Retail

MoMo Calgary – Feb. 3rd – Mobile for Social Good

MoMo Edmonton – Feb. 3rd – Mobile Payments

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – Feb. 3rd – Predictions 2014

MoMo Split – Feb. 3rd – with CodeAnywhere

MoMo Sydney – Feb. 3rd – Social Media on Mobile

MoMo Tampere – Feb. 3rd – New Qt Mobile Era

MoMo Yerevan – Feb. 3rd – StartUp Pitching

MoMo Ahmedabad – Feb. 10th – Localization

MoMo Detroit – Feb. 10th – Post CES Report

MoMo Seoul – Feb. 10th – Mobile Wallet Payments

MoMo Philadelphia – Feb. 10th – mHealth Forum

MoMo Vancouver – Feb. 10th – HTML5 Connection

MoMo Wales – Feb. 10th – Smart Glasses & More

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