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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of Feb. 20th – 2012

WoW.. only 7 More Sleeps Until Barcelona – Say Hello to MoMo Ludhiana!

It’s that time again – already – when everyone scrambles to clear their decks for the annual pilgrimage to Mobile World Congress. For the record; we are totally packed (not) and ready to rock (always) and looking forward to see many friendly faces, as usual. Since it seems the transit folks there might have issues, suggest sneakers and cab-shares will be in order. Meanwhile, 3rd time’s the charm as another Monday comes around today with the debut of a new MoMo chapter – welcome Ludhiana, India. Our warmest wishes to the mobile community coming together for the first time this evening. We should also note Mobile Monday Lansing gets underway in Michigan on Feb. 27th making it 4×4 this month!

A quick round-up of chapter events this week shows MoMo Athens participating at the InfoCom Apps Convention (note that’s on the 21st), also on Tues Chicago runs iTest my Code theme and Cleveland gets Creative with Mobile Apps – today, while Indore joins Windows Phone Camp on Weds. Feb. 22nd and see we missed this Mumbai gig over the weekend hosting Flurry. As noted above, the Ludhiana launch is tonight and Saigon comes together on Thurs. the 23rd. We’re thrilled to see Silicon Valley debut their new MoMo Labs project and it’s great to have the Singapore crew back on track now with Super M-Factor program on-tap there while Tampere looks for Silver Linings in The Cloud. Finally props to MoMo Kampala team for their efforts on the Ugandan Women in Technology event last Friday.

Fast Forward to 02.27: Boulder has top-secret plans, Dars does Pivot East Lansing debuts at Wireless Developer Inc. and Ottawa has Mobile App Showcase. Otherwise, it’s all hands on deck in Barcelona and we’ll be drinking running hard there, suggest folks bookmark this Special Mobile Friendly Page to keep track of the action. We’ll likely need a little detox time at some un-disclosed tropical location after-wards, expect your humble scribes will be offline for updates again here until early March.. Hola!

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