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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of Feb. 6th – 2012

Hey – It’s Monday Again Already – Welcome Aboard MoMo Trivandrum

So, we could trot out a few stellar excuses for our lack of digital tardiness on this weeks round-up: “Bill Gates ate my homework” or was “distracted by the Super-Duper Sunday” action. Actually, your loyal Happy Bots caught a nasty bug and spent the weekend offline for a massive defrag., deep packet snoops, and we’re still wrestling with post virus stress dis-order. Waaah.. lets get on with the show!

Feb. 6th marks the Diamond Jubilee of her Majesty and, of course, the debut of MoMo Trivandrum (yes, that’s in India), kindly hosted at the TechnoPark. All our very best wishes to the new team and community coming together there. Also see a new chapter set for launch in Ludhiana on Feb. 20th!

Otherwise today sees MoMo Ann Arbor with Video Streaming to Mobile Platforms, Dallas has Nokia on Tour with their new Lumia 900 and Dusseldorf runs a Mobile Social Networking theme. Kampala kicks-off 2012 in style with an all-star lineup dedicated to Research and Design and Las Vegas is back to wow the crowds with 6 guest presentations on-deck! Manila has Mobile Trends for 2012, Miami does Open Mike, karaoke optional, and Montreal runs Mobile Analytics. MoMo Silicon Valley gets struck by cupid for Mobile Dating, Sofia has an AR theme with Prizes in-store and #7 in Skopje is dedicated to Mobile Games. Sydney combines Tablets with VOIP in the Cloud, meanwhile Toronto Meets the Analysts and rounding out the pack Washington has Touchscreens & Touchdowns with a great looking panel hosted at Georgetown Univ. Whew.. that’s (at least) 15 MoMo events on tonite! (Doh: make that 16 as we ‘just’ noticed Dar-es-Salaam has Mobiles for Rural Development today too!)

Looking forward to Feb. 13th; MoMo Birmingham does their launch event – forecast many smiles and chuckles on Summer Row – Brussels has Mobile Culture and the folks in Detroit explore Funding for Mobile Business. Hamburg holds a Mobile World Congress preview, London plays host to Kasabi for dig into Data Driven Mobile Apps and Madison has JamPot in da house. MoMo Munich partners with IAPP on Mobile Security focus and Paris runs event #53 dedicated to Tablets. Our Portuguese is a bit rusty, but seems the Sao Paulo crew has a Mobile Learning event planned while Taipei is geared-up for a cozy Fireside Chat with Evernote and Tokyo runs a Sweetheart Mixer to kick-off Social Media Week.. for the Love of MoMo!

As noted last week we had hoped to get the dedicated MWC 2012 page sorted for today – sorry – we’ve added a few more updates and promise to finally get it online in the coming days. The Belgium booth will be hosting MoMo Brussels crew, Croatia is also offering their best of the best and Ireland does Festa Catalana dinner on the 28th. London sends their delegation via ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, Paris did local competition to nominate 4 companies to be featured at the French Pavilion, special drinks and networking apparently there again this year, while Romania has nine companies set to participate and Tel Aviv will host a mega-mixer supported by the Israeli Export Institute.

We see the funky Fringe platform is close to go-live, get your details listed there – Follow & FB for updates, kick-off at Novotel on afternoon of Sunday the 26th! The Japan Summit is hosted at City Hall on Monday night, GoMo News Blender annual gig is slated for evening of 28th and MLove is back at Incognito Bar on March 1st. Members only soiree for MEF at the Picasso Museum set for the 27th as-is the Mobile Marketing Mixer by Smaato and WipJam will Rock All Day Thurs at App Planet, with their party planned for Weds. nite, that’s a double-shot with Swedish Beers the same evening. Meanwhile suggest you join our MWC Group and get connecting.. as always it’s gonna be a total rush.. 8-)

We’ll close with a couple of quick shout-outs here for recent post-event updates; MoMo Bangkok has uploaded presentations and pix from their Jan. 23rd gig, MoMo Istanbul – missed this somehow – held an event last week and the Techie guy wrote a great review of the latest MoMo JoBurg gathering.

That’s all for now – we’ll be back up to snuff asap – you could send us chocolate kisses!

Happy Bots

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