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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of February 17th – 2014

Mobile World Congress – Road to Barcelona – Get Your Game Face On!

Gosh.. the wheels blew off our wagon-train here these last few weeks, as noted in Mob Rulz update late January.. it’s been most hectic times. So, now we are pretty much (ha!) Locked & Loaded for the annual trek to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. This year promises to be even more chaos than usual, as if that were possible, with both old and new venues running full tilt over the four daze. We have a fairly tight calendar scheduled; really pumped for the WIP Jam, Heroes and 4YFN action, including the SWELL event & of course our MoMo Founders and Friends VIP Mixer: Register Here. Otherwise, the upcoming MoMo global gigs ontap below, we’ll be back in March. Meanwhile = Smile.. It’s Monday!

MoMo Brisbane – Feb. 17th – How to Market Your App

MoMo Ljubljana – Feb. 17th – Hardware & Mobile Apps

MoMo London – Feb. 17th – Acceleration and Finance

MoMo Manchester – Feb. 17th – Mobile Health Futures

MoMo Miami – Feb. 17th – The Basics: M2M and IoT

MoMo Tokyo – Feb. 17th – Going Global VIP Mixer

MoMo Bangkok – Feb. 24th – Brings LINE to Thailand

MoMo Barcelona – Feb. 24th – Founders & Friends

MoMo Cairo – Feb. 24th – Windows Phone Platform

MoMo Chicago – Feb. 24th – Omnichannel Experience

MoMo Taipei – Feb. 24th – The Future of Commerce

MoMo Ann Arbor – March 3rd – Introduction to iOS7

MoMo Atlanta – March 3rd – Social Biz Networking

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – March 3rd – Predictions 2014

MoMo Phoenix – March 3rd – at Skysong Building

MoMo Austin – March 10th – SXSW 2014 Social Event

MoMo Berlin – March 10th – Mobile in the Cloud

MoMo Boston – March 10th – Mobile Payments Growth

MoMo Detroit – March 10th – Wearable Computing

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