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Hello World Coding Championships

Sign up for the first ever Coding World Championships

This Spring, get to know the future superstars behind the code: Hello World Open challenges the top coders to defend their countries’ honour in the first ever Coding World Championships.

Organised by the creative technology company Reaktor and the mobile game developer Supercell, Hello World Open brings programming skills into the global spotlight in a context we might not be used to. First, hopeful contenders must form teams of 1-3 top coders. With the best talent in place, each teams’ challenge is to create an artificial intelligence for a virtual car race. Sign up starts March 31st.

“By simplifying a hard-to-grasp concept such as coding, we want to make coding sexy and take it to a level where the general public can enjoy it too”, says Reaktor’s Ville Valtonen, the main organiser of Hello World Open. “Our aim is to create the Sebastian Vettels and Jeff Gordons of coding — true national superheroes worth looking up to. We want the audience to take pride in their own countries’ competitors and to cheer them on to victory.” Watch our video interview with Ville Valtonen.

The finals will take place in Helsinki on June 5th at the Cable Factory. Before the event, Supercell will hold its second annual gaming summit earlier that day. Full Details Here – Start Your Engines!

Update April 15th
Reporting over 3,000 developers, with +2,000 teams, sign-up deadline extended to April 22nd.

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