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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of March 17th – 2014

Luck of the Irish – Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Let the Green Juices Flow

As if we needed yet another reason to Smile today.. Bring on the Leprechauns – those wee fairy creatures who enjoy partaking in mischief and, if captured, have the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release.. some innovative Trap Designs Here. We count 8 MoMo events scheduled around the world this week, from Adelaide to Tel Aviv, with Chicago featuring Google Glass, Islamabad dedicated to 4G in Pakistan and Paris running Mobile Payment Demos. Quick shout-out to our crew in Austin as their annual SXSW gig rocked, feeling a bit woozy, and Congrats to MoMex on their re-boot last week! Now look forward to usual madness of GDC in SFO – Needs.Me.Red.Bull – meanwhile, Enjoy the first day of Spring and remember to Smile.. It’s Monday.. 8-)

MoMo Adelaide – March 17th – AIMIA with PT Biz

MoMo Ahmedabad – March 22nd – Mobile Devs Workshop

MoMo Chicago – March 17th – Google Glass Hands-on

MoMo Estonia – March 17th – Startup Accelerators!

MoMo Islamabad – March 17th – 3G/4G in Pakistan

MoMo Nazareth – March 17th – Innovation that Matters

MoMo Paris – March 17th – Mobile Payment Demos

MoMo Tel Aviv – March 17th – Purim Mixer and Party

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