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Thanks for another great Mobile Monday Kampala event

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for attending our MoMo Kampala meeting last Monday, Financial inclusion through mobile money: The role of banks, mobile operators and developers. With 171 delegates registered for the event, on the night we actually had more than that, with a lot of unregistered delegates learning about the event through the grapevine and coming at the last moment. It was standing room only for latecomers. Your participation contributed to it’s being a great success; thanks for coming!

What a tremendous evening it was, with one truly great presentation after another. I would like to thank our Chair, Sean Paavo Krepp for his magnificent moderation of the speaker's panel, Keynote and other speakers, in order of their presentations, Mark Pickens, Anthony Katamba, Gerald Begumisa, Matthew Krueger, Tamara Cook, Olga Morawczynski and our Rapporteur, Robert Kirkpatrick. Mark Pickens for setting the framework for the subsequent speaker’s presentation, mapping out the overall landscape and introducing terminologies and concepts, issues and history concerning financial literacy; Anthony for giving a brief history of MTN Mobile Money and provided insights into the legal aspects, Gerald for showing how Yo! Payments was making transactions simpler through their aggregator services, multicurrency support, including for businesses with large numbers of transactions; Matt for presenting the view of banks, specifically Equity Bank that had helped to set up M-Pesa and Iko-Pesa in Kenya, and pointing to how mobile money services should ultimately be built upon bank accounts; Tamara for providing context through describing how mobile money partnerships worked, distinguishing between agents and cash merchants and outlining recommendations for regulatory policy; Olga for telling us how we had hardly scratched the surface as far as tailoring mobile payments services to meet a huge variety of people’s financial services need and how Uganda would soon have a centre for developing those services; and Robert for sharing his views, coming from the UN Global Pulse initiative perspective, in summing up the presentations.

You will be glad to know that the presentations slides are available on the Mobile Monday Kampala website momokla.ug, containing some beautiful photos. The “inconvenience” photo in Mark’s slide is hilarious, take a peek.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts, Grameen Foundation Uganda AppLab, especially to Sean and team for helping us put the event together and Lydia Namubiru for managing the logistics, MTN Uganda for the lovely Nyonyi Gardens venue and facilities, and to thank our sponsors, SMS Media, especially to Oscar Byamugisha for holding reception and managing the MoMoKla database, and the team for sending out reminder SMS, Yo! Uganda for their generous donation, Orange Uganda who provided the Internet Everywhere WiFi through their Flybox system, and Google Uganda for providing MoMo Kampala with two heavy duty pull up banners, and to World Bank’s infoDev for the awarding of a grant to MoMo Kampala. We’ve just received some good news from Nokia that we can announce at our next meeting.

Thanks also to our website team, Allan Nsengiyumva, Joseph Owino and Douglas Onyango, who have been faithful to update our website, so that you can see the photo carousel of last Monday’s meeting. While I was at the Innovation Africa Digital Summit in Mombasa last week I heard some very nice things said by delegates about our MoMoKla website, one comment was about how well archived it was. Thanks also to Walter Wafula, Trisha Olsson and Eve Mashoo for managing relations with the media, and thanks to the media for covering our MoMo Kampala events, including our Tweeters, bloggers and Facebook contributors.

Thanks again for helping to make this last MoMo event one of the best ever.

With kind regards, Daniel

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