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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of April 7th – 2014

We Were Just Kidding, Honest – Spring Bytes Cleaning – A Bakers Dozen

Whooa.. thanks for all the love / hate mail on our cheeky update here last week – to be clear: Yes, of course, the sold to MFST ‘news’ was only an April Fools stunt! Looking at the round-up below; we have a bakers dozen (Lucky 13!) events running around the Mo’World today with Wearable theme focus in both Calgary and Hamburg. Also thought should mention the long overdue design update for momo.net is bubbling on the back-end; while this site was well-ahead of the curve when we launched the current version, soon 4yrs ago, it’s about time to do some spring cleaning. Meanwhile.. Smile.. It’s Monday.. :D

MoMo Ann Arbor – April 7th – The Kit Kat Edition!

MoMo Atlanta – April 7th – Social Networking Event

MoMo Belfast – April 7th – Mobile Apps for Business

MoMo Calgary – April 7th – Wearable Technology

MoMo Frankfurt – April 7th – Mobile Marketing

MoMo Hamburg – April 7th – Wearable Devices

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – April 7th – It’s Movie Night

MoMo Melbourne – April 7th – Mobility Powered Cars

MoMo Mexico City – April 7th – Mobile Payments

MoMo Philadelphia – April 7th – Tech Week MixMax

MoMo Phoenix – April 7th – Designer + Developer

MoMo Santa Monica – April 7th – Reinventing Mobile

MoMo Split – April 7th – iOS Live Coding Demos

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