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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of March 31st – 2014

Coming a Day Late – With Good Reason – Big News for MoMo Global Group

Pardon the lag, we had hold-back our usual weekly Monday update for an extra day considering some of the important ‘news’ to share here. For starters, as you may have already heard, indeed, the global Mobile Monday community has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft – terms not revealed, but somewhat less than WhatsApp – and we are thrilled to welcome 29 new chapter locations to the family! It’s been a pleasure to serve = my work here is done.. the Easter Egg Hunt post is a personal all-time Fav. from about this time last year! Jetting back to reality; Smile.. it’s April 1st, wanted to send Big Ups to our team in SFO on their recent promo video – they are def. cranking on all cylinders out in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, a quick round-up below of MoMo global activities ontap.. Hello World.... 8-)

MoMo Dusseldorf – March 31st – Mobile Payments

MoMo Helsinki – March 31st – Galileo Navigation

MoMo Lagos – March 31st – Devcon Alpha WP8

MoMo Miami – March 31st – Enterprise Mobility

MoMo Nairobi – March 31st – Meetup with Microsoft

MoMo Rennes – March 31st – MWC 2014 Review

MoMo Silicon Valley – March 31st – iBeacon for Retail

MoMo Tokyo – March 31st – Cherry Blossom Party

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