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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of June 23rd – 2014

Around The World in 80 Days – Gone Sailing – Welcome Aboard MoMo Cork

That’s Affirmative.. we’ll be ‘out there’ floating on the Big Blue for the next couple of months reading real books, sipping free-flow frosty tropical drinks, and taking long naps! Trust you’ll survive without our usual cheeky posts here, along with on-going local chapter weekly event updates, and will manage to book some hard earned getaway time too. Meanwhile, Congrats and Smiles to all in Cork, our latest addition to the family gets underway this evening and have roundup list below for activities planned through the end of June. Otherwise, a quick count shows almost 500 MoMo events were held over last 12-months worldwide, whew – no wonder we need a break! That’s a wrap, time to pack, try not to burn down the website while we’re gone and Always Remember, never forget, to Smile.. It’s Monday.. 8-)

Mobile Monday Belfast – June 23rd – Working with Developers

Mobile Monday Brisbane – June 23rd – Mobile Developer Night

Mobile Monday Cairo – June 23rd – Mobile Performance Day

Mobile Monday Cork – June 23rd – New Chapter Launch Debut

Mobile Monday Joburg – June 23rd – Sponsored by Microsoft

Mobile Monday Nazareth – June 23rd – nazTech Launch Night

Mobile Monday Richmond – June 23rd – Chapter ReBoot

Mobile Monday Accra – June 27th – Mobile Content Innovation

Mobile Monday Tokyo – June 27th – Startups Open Mic Night

Mobile Monday Cluj – June 30th – Chromecast + iOS8 Panel

Mobile Monday Hamburg – June 30th – Retail, Commerce & LBS

Mobile Monday Tel Aviv – June 30th – Mobile Financial Tech

Mobile Monday Yangon – June 30th – State of Social Networks

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