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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of Aug. 13th – 2012

AAA MoMo Shows Tonight – Congrats Uganda on Historic Gold Medal Win!

The last part of that title has nothing to do with mobile, unless you consider covering 42K in just over two-hours on nothing but sheer guts and determination, but we don’t care. Taking Home Gold, for the first time since 1972 – and only the 2nd medal, of any kind, ever – it’s ‘a sign’ of that nation awakening. Our most heartfelt props go out for Stephen Kiprotich, indeed the country, along with Jolly Well Done overall to everyone involved with the UK efforts. Next stop is 2016 in Rio De Janeiro.. see you there!

We have AAA – Africa, Australia and America – events ontap for August 13th. Expecting Many Smiles tonite, as per above, in Kampala where they are ‘running’ Get The Vision: Geospatial Infrastructure, meanwhile Melbourne does the Mobile Entrepreneur Edition with mega special guests attending and Washington features a Mobile for Good Works theme with an impressive panel lineup there. Cheers!

In the pipeline for August 20th we have our EU tribes headed to Berlin for the Campus Party co-op, Brisbane will host a Mobile Gaming Showcase event, top-secret plans as of this posting in Denver, while the team in Detroit preps for a dig into Legal Issues with Mobile and, running back to back in Michigan, Grand Rapids has a Designing for Mobile gig at The Factory. Otherwise, for now, we see that Tel Aviv will gather at Microsoft R&D in Herzliya for a Mobile Dev Tools show with some really interesting looking players on stage there! As always we’ll update anyone missed here as possible.
Update: MoMo Adelaide just noted they run Aug. 20th with Highlights & Pitfalls of Developing NoQ, and Silicon Valley has just announced last minute MoMo Mixer plan at Pedros!

All for now, suggest ya enjoy the final lazy daze of summer – 2H push is coming.. Smile.. It’s Monday!

- Happy Bots

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