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Mobile Monday Global Events for Week of December 2nd – 2013

We Come in Peace – CyberMonday is Dead – Long Live MobileMonday.. !_!

It’s that time again.. the annual American Thanksgiving season with related Black Friday shennanigans. We’ve increasingly seen folks suggest the book-end date long known as CyberMonday, a term coined when AOL ruled the web and DogPile was bigger than Google, should be re-named to MobileMonday.. since so many are shopping from their phones. For the 2013 edition we noted that even @ParisHilton made use of our handle, tweeting to her 12 Million Followers, cute. We have a dozen MoMo events on tap this week, with awesome mixer gig in SFO following their 2nd Momentum Demo Day – Congrats! – at App Nation. Trust all have great time out there, better buy some xmas gifts.. Smile.. It’s Monday.. 8-)

MoMo Ann Arbor – Dec. 2nd – Embedded Devices

MoMo Calgary – Dec. 2nd – New OS Developments

MoMo Chicago – Dec. 2nd – Mobile Commerce

MoMo Estonia – Dec. 2nd – Internet of Things

MoMo Hong Kong – Dec. 2nd – Wearable x Startup

MoMo Kuala Lumpur – Dec. 2nd – with DROHN

MoMo Melbourne – Dec. 2nd – Mobile Awards Night

MoMo Riga – Dec. 2nd – Mobile Web Apps

MoMo Silicon Valley – Dec. 3rd – Holiday Demo Mixer

MoMo Skopje – Dec. 2nd – Macedonia Opportunities

MoMo Slovenia – Dec. 2nd – Cyberpipe Meetup

MoMo Turku – Dec. 2nd – Crowdfunding Mobile $$

Yerevan – Dec. 2nd – Mobile App Markets

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