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Kevin Slavin – Reality Is Plenty, Thanks.

Adam Greenfield – Public space

Ben Hammersley – What does the internet bring to the concept of a country

Jyri Engestrom – Sharing Intentions

Coen van Veenendaal – Alpe d’Huzes

Raimo van der Klein – Space And What We Do With It

Mobile Monday Amsterdam #21 on May 30th

Are you ready for the final MoMoAms? On May 30th we have the very best speakers on stage for your inspiration. Read on to learn more on who will share their insights, and how you can join this very last MoMoAms event!

In Short
* When: Monday, May 30th, 2011
* What: Theme: Spaces
* Time: 15:00-19:00 (Speakers: 16:00; drinks till 21:00)
* Where: De Duif (Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam | Map)
* RSVP: Available on Monday, May 16th, 12:00h via Meetup

We saved the best for last. Expect forward thinking, insights and fireworks from no one less then:
* Kevin Slavin (LinkedIn, @slavin_fpo) – Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Starling
* Jyri Engeström (LinkedIn, @jyri) – Sold early Twitter competitor Jaiku to Google and now runs his new startup Ditto
* Coen van Veenendaal (LinkedIn, @coen66) – Inspiring, groundbreaking, bon vivant, unrealist and slightly eccentric. A cyclist with a mission
* Ben Hammersley (LinkedIn, @benhammersley) – Consultant on the effects of the internet on society, foreign policy, business, and culture
* Adam Greenfield (@agpublic) – Founder of Urban Scale, previously design director at Nokia
* Raimo van der Klein (LinkedIn, @rhymo) – Co-founder of MoMoAms, CEO of Layar

MoMoAms is about more than an all about Mobile event. We love interesting things. A lot of those things happen at the intersections of domains. This line-up guarantees enough food for thought for the inspiration hungry amongst us. For our non-Dutch speaking guests: this event will be foreigner friendly with at least 4 English speakers.

RSVPs available Monday, May 16th!
Limited RSVPs will be available for people who want to attend. Get yours on Meetup on Monday, May 16th, 12:00h sharp. If you are out of luck in the first round: a final round with the remaining RSVPs is released on Monday, May 23th (12:00h). Get your RSVP via Meetup while they last. Just in case: we can remind you by SMS if you are afraid you will forget the RSVP (read more).

MoMoAms is a free to attend event, but an RSVP is mandatory. RSVPs tend to run out within seconds rather than minutes, so make sure to be in time! Since this will be our closing MoMoAms event, we expect the RSVPs to be gone in seconds rather than minutes.

If you have questions regarding next event, please get in touch with me via twitter or email. I am happy to help where I can.

We hope to see you on Monday, May 30th!

Yuri, Marc, Martijn, Maarten and Sam
— MoMoAms team

PS. We can only organize this event with the help of our founding partners CM, Triple-IT and Vodafone and Lostboys Mobile, as well as our supporters Ciklum and Logica.

MoMo Amsterdam We reached our destination


Prepare for some unexpected news: the next MoMoAms is the last event we will organize in the foreseeable future. Read on to find out why.

When we started in 2007, we were out on a mission. Now, while heading to our four year anniversary, we took time to look in the rear view mirror and realized that we are nearing our destination. At the last event we promised that the next event will be special and we will make sure it is. First, a look back.

Rear view mirror
May 2007: the first MoMoAms event kicked off with over 200 guests. Our goal was to inspire and connect people in a world of unexplored opportunities. The mobile domain evolved rapidly. It was a time that the N95 was the absolute most awesome gadget you could have. Nobody really knew what to expect from mobile, other than that it would be something big. We had a bumpy road ahead and much to discover.

The here and now
Fast forward: four years later MoMoAms has a community of over 4000 Mobilistas, had 144 inspiring speakers on stage and 22 diverse topics on the subject of (mobile) technology and innovation. The event has become notorious for the speed at which the RSVPs tend to run out. Now, mobile is mainstream and you, one of our early adopters, have a better view on the road ahead.

Today, we are proud to see that The Netherlands has a vibrant and healthy mobile community. People know where to find each other and are eager to pioneer new mobile concepts. We realize that we have nearly reached the end of our journey. This is – to be fair – a frightening feeling. There is no other way to find our new destination than to take a break and stop organizing MoMoAms as you have come to know over the past years.

Where to go from here?
With little more than a month to go for our four year anniversary, we are ramping up for our closing accord. Six global thought leaders are already stretching their minds to share their latest insights and ideas and most touching experiences in their talks. We will soon send out more information concerning the line-up and how to attend the event.

The technology evolution will not stop after the upcoming MoMoAms, neither will our thirst for great stories that need to be shared. We are excited to see where the new journey will take us.

Expect an e-mail about our final event soon, so: stay tuned!

MoMo Amsterdam Event #20 Photos

The photos were made by Daphne Channa Horn.

Introducing Tim Heineke

Tim HeinekeTim Heineke (@timheineke) is the co-founder Shuffler.fm, prior to that music start-ups Twones and Fuga. Also co-owner of indie record label Kindred Spirits and co-organiser of Music and Bits and Music Hackday Amsterdam.

1) Who/what is your source of inspiration regarding the things you do?

I love design from graphic design (or art) or furniture, it inspires me me a lot. I guess in general any kind of art inspires me; ranging from food (cooking) to design/art to fashion to the web (which is one big canvas of creation). Off-course music and, especially lately, music blogs. Music blogs are just like labels/talent scouts. They A&R, and thus select, all the shit which is out there.
As a former skater (i try to ride sometimes), skating or skate culture still inspires me, in general my friends and peers in the niche ,where i’m in, inspire me a lot.

2) What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?

In Twones we tried to listen to to many people and please to many people. We thought feedback was always good and that we should react on it as soon as possible. While releasing early and then incorporating feedback is the right way to go (lean start-up model), we did this way to early and started creating features which where not – yet – a priority. In it’s essence the product should be simple and solve something which you (and your co-founders) think is cool.Period. Then launch that in it’s most simplest form; it’s essence. If you don’t get it right, something is wrong somewhere else, don’t start adding other features.

3) What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Hard one. I’m not really satisfied yet. I was with our record label, but it was small and very niche. We where on our own island and that was great. But it was not a business success in terms of money / users or listeners. It was one of the most rewarding times and where we had a lot of recognition from our peers and that was nice. So my biggest success is yet to come. I’ve been close many times but never to made it to the finish line.

4) What do you believe to be the biggest hype at this moment? Why?

If you mean in terms of overrated, or overhyped, then i would way that there are to many players in the location and “check-in” space. Copying either foursquare, or a vertical, of it, or getglue is trying to check in products/services. Although i think there is a lot or room in that space for more verticals i also think it’s very crowded.

5) What do you expect from the event?

I hope that at the end all of the people in the room know what Shuffler.fm is and i convinced them about the importance of curation, filtering and serendipity for online music or any kind of content.

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