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MoMo Athens – April 8th – mHealth Linking 3 Cities

We’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it one more time. mHealth and all its derivatives are hot in the mobile sector. Everyone is interested in the future of mHealth, apps, ideas, inventions, who will benefit and how the ecosystem will get over all the obvious obstacles the sector beholds. The stakeholders are many… Pharmaceuticals, Doctors, Hospitals, Patients, Organisations and the barriers even more…policies, FDA, data protection  and so on.


Linking 3 Cities

There is a shift. Something is happening in Greece; tech savvy medical professionals are trying to make a change or at least open up a conversation on the eHealth status in Greece. A conversation we want to listen in to. So next Monday, 8th of April 2013 we will be linking live with #opnHealth hosts TEDxNijmegen. MoMoAth will be hosting it’s own simulcast with Nijmegen for the TEDx and a second link with Thessaloniki, from 9:00 am in the morning till dawn.

The speaker line up from both cities is very impressive; TEDxNijmegen has planned over 20 speakers, while #opnHealth has signed on a few important players in Greece. George Dafoulas is an old acquaintance to MoMoAth, from when he presented his app during our last mHealth event. So, is Nikos Papachristou a speaker, in the previously mentioned event, and co-organiser for the #opnHealth event in Thessaloniki. Let’s not also forget Kathy Apostolidis who supports MoMoAth and is an patient rights advocate.

So join us next Monday at coLab Workspace Petraki 28, Athens 1st Floor, after 9am. It’s an all day event, so you’re welcome to join during the day. We will watch the simulcasts and chat over the topic of  mHealth.


Meanwhile, we will have a little ‘mHealth’ treat for our visitors by supporting company Vidavo. They’ll be there with their telemonitoring devices to measure your blood pressure and other metrics and show you what the company is doing over the mobile.

Sign up here MoMoAth listens in: #opnHealth meets TEDxNijmegen. Limited seats. 

MoMo Athens – Oct. 22nd – Cross Screen Dev. Intl. Competition

We’re back and ready to go further than the mobile!

Keeping up with trends in mobile development, MoMoAth will be diving into the cross-screen development vertical. Mobiles, tablets, Screens, TVs…you name it, we’ll have it! Our next event is planned for the 22nd of October. We will be announcing speakers and venue quite soon but meanwhile we have an international competition for you with a huge interest from many developers.

It’s the ‘webinos rewards creative cross-screen apps‘ competition and if you want to enter, win one of the cool prizes and get known outside your country, don’t hesitate to take part. After our last mHealth competition which opened up the doors to international competitor participation with a final winner from France, we’re happy to see more intl. competitions taking place right here in Athens!

So here’s the announcement from webinos, along with details on entering the competition. The final show will go down, here, in Athens on the 22/10/2012 with an outstanding judging panel from Samsung, BMW, Sony Mobile, W3C, Deutsche Telekom. Quite a challenge and we’re looking forward to seeing some state of the art applications taking part.

webinos rewards creative cross-screen apps
Berlin, August 22 – Cool apps and cool prizes: the European research project webinos is holding a competition for cross-device applications. The best proposals will proceed to the finals in Athens.

Using a smart phone to zap through the television channels or using a tablet PC to configure the car system – the webinos technology allows for cross-screen services, i.e. web apps that can be used by devices to jointly access media, data, and functions safely. With the new developer platform, the international webinos project offers free access to the necessary tools. Particularly creative apps will now be rewarded: the webinos consortium is holding a developer competition. The best entries will have the chance to receive great publicity, meet the webinos partners & win “cross-screen prizes”: from Android-on-a-USB-stick to state-of-the-art smart phones and tablets.

Event with international experts
A webinos jury of domain experts will select up to ten best ideas and the announcement of the finalists is scheduled for October 8th. The finalists will get the chance to present their apps in the next Mobile Monday Athens “Cross-screen apps” themed event which is scheduled for October 22nd. The winners will be voted by the audience. The precondition for participating to the competition is that the apps are using the webinos platform and APIs and integrate functionality of more than one devices – i.e. that the apps are cross-screen. Further information about the competition, the prizes, the terms and conditions and how to participate are available at: http://webinos.org/appchallenge. Downloads & Information about developing on webinos platform can be found at: https://developer.webinos.org/. Information about the Mobile Monday Athens event series: http://momoath.com


About webinos
webinos (Secure Web Operating System Application Environment) will deliver a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices. The project receives ten million Euros co-funding, under the EU FP7 ICT Programme, No 257103, and will run for three years starting in September 2010. webinos has been initiated by a research consortium with the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS at the helm. More than 30 partners are represented within the consortium.

MoMo Athens mHealth Review: App Competition Winners

Our third Mobile Monday Athens event, themed around mHealth, is now at an end. The event (April 25 @ Eugenides Foundation) played host to four speakers, who discusses the mHealth sector and the opportunities emerging in this innovative market, as well as a competition for mHealth apps.

The event was highly successful, with over 120 people attending and nearly 50 people watching it online, via live streaming! So, we’d like to thank you all; those who attended – in person or online – as well as the participants, who joined our competition and presented their apps! Also, a big thanks to the event sponsor, SAP Hellas, as well as StartersFund – who supported the app competition.


Here are our speakers for the event – their presentations can be found online, here.

- David Doherty (3G Doctor): How mobile is disrupting the health sector
- Sophia Salenius (RegPoint): Apps vs SMS in implementing mobile health
- Dimitris Hagigeorgiou (SAP): Mobille health solutions today
- Nikos Papachristou (eHealthGr): The reality and challenges of mHealth in Greece (interactive session)

App Competition

During the competition, our participants presented their ideas – one participant had come all the way from France to attend the competition, while another presented his app online, via Skype! The competition was crowdfunded, i.e. each member of the audience was given 500 Mobile Money (our own version of the Euro – see here) and asked to vote for whomever of the contestants he/she felt had the best ideas! Our audience could spread their money on multiple apps, put it all on a single app or just keep them to themselves (you know who you are!!).

So – here are the winners of the competition, as voted by our audience (ranked in terms of Mobile Money received):

1. DiaLog, by Gangadhar Sulkunte – France (Twitterwebsite)
DiaLog is an app for users suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and provides a guide to the symptoms and treatments.

2. XrcizeR – Greece (TwitterFacebookwebsite)
An app designed to address a significant problem of modern living – the sedentary lifestyle.

3. Medical Monitor, by Manolis Chountasis – Greece (Twitter)
Medical Monitor is an app that sends the user timely, configurable reminders for their medicine or pills.

Click here to see the full list of contestants.

Pics from the event

Some pics from the event – you can see the entire album online. Thanks to Paul Uza, the founder of StartersFund, for being our official photographer.



MoMo Athens – April 25th – What’s up in Mobile Health?

We have an update on our upcoming Mobile Monday event that’s taking place on Wednesday 25 April, from 18:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m. (yes, we’re aware of the irony of a Mobile Monday event taking place on Wednesday!). Thanks to the support by Idryma Eugenidou, we’ll be able to hold the event there – you can subscribe here.


The theme of the event is mobile health – an up-and-coming sector in the mobile industry. Aside from our speakers, we’re also organising a crowd-funded competition for mobile health apps. We’ll have a few, short presentations from the competition finalists and then it’s voting time! We’ve got a surprise on how the voting will be held…

Looking to submit your idea/app?

Hold your horses! The competition won’t be open until Monday, April 9. We’ll be accepting submissions until Sunday, April 15 – after which time we’ll do a shortlisting of the candidates and decide on the final 6, who’ll go on to present their app at the MoMo event.


We also have some great speakers lined up for the event – who hail from the health industry and will provide a unique view of the emerging mobile health market. Here’s our list of speakers:


1. David Doherty – “3G Doctor”

2. Sophia Salenius – RegPoint

3. Nikos Papachristou – eHealthgr

4. Dimitris Hagigeorgiou – SAP


Last, but not least, we’d like to thanks our sponsors for this event:

Our main event sponsor:- SAP, the competition sponsor:- Starter’s Fund

We also want to thank Idryma Eugenidou and Mr.Vassilis Papakonstantinou for showing candit interest in supporting our mobile community.


If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to our upcoming Mobile Monday event – we’ll also be sending a newsletter next week, so subscribe to stay up to date!







MoMo Athens – April 25th – Mobile Health App Competition

The MoMo Athens team is fervently preparing for the upcoming event – themed around Mobile Health. The upcoming event will be held on April 25th – location yet to be determined.

As in the previous event, we’ll be hosting an app competition – the twist is that we’re looking for mHealth apps. We feel that this is an underdeveloped sector that will play a critical role in the mobile industry in the years to come – and we’re interested in introducing this sector to the Greek audience.

So – if you’re interested in participating in the competition, start working on an idea. We’ve created a page with all sorts of resources on the topic that should help you come up with some great ideas on Mobile Health and how to make a meaningful contribution to the field.
We’ll start accepting submissions just 2 weeks before the event, so you should be prepared!

We’re also looking for more sponsors for the event – send us an email at hello (at) momoath.com if you’re interested.

MoMo Athens – Feb 21st – InfoCom Apps Convention

MoMo Athends a Media Sponsor @ Infocomm AppsHi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that we are media sponsors for the upcoming InfoCom Apps convention (February 21 @ Divani Caravel Hotel).

This is the 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference, themed around smartphones, tablets and applications. The conference aims to become, once again, the meeting point of all market players: operators, manufacturers, developers, platforms, investors, marketing agencies, smartphone and accessories makers, media, marketing- sales executives, consultants and more.

Here’s a brief list of the conference’s session:

Session 1: Smart it All!
Mobile operators, will be asked to present their strategy on applications, smartphones and tablets, as well as the level of their implication in the new environment.

Session 2: Apps for Business
During the 2nd session, large companies and institution will be asked to present their experience on implementing mobile applications in their field of work.

Session 3: It’s an AppWorld!
The main core of 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference, could be nothing other, than developers and their applications.

Session 4: Apps as a Business
The last session of the Conference will host an open discussion between market executives, institutions, investors and business consultants.

We hope to see you there – come and meet us!

For more Mobile Monday Athens news & events, subscribe to our mailing list.

MoMo Athens Prize winners, presentations and pics from Jan 16th

Hi all,

We’d like to thank all of you who attended our latest event, on January 16, but also those of you watched us online - we hope to see you all at the next event! Thanks to you, our even was a big success, with well over 200 people attending!

First of all, we’d like to announce the winners for the Nokia App Competition, hosted at our last Mobile Monday Athens event.

Nokia Mobile App Competition

Big prize winner (1,500 Euro check + Nokia Lumia 800)

Feelzer – an innovative app that introduces a new way of searching through facets based on the emotional stimulation of the user.

Runner ‘apps’ (Nokia Lumia 800 phone each)

2nd place: Eclipsis - a Facebook Client for the Visually Impaired. It acts as a fully specialized Screen Reader for Facebook, offering ease of navigation and use through Voice Recognition and Text to Speech technologies
3rd place (shared): Eventora - from an all-around solution for events to a social commerce platform, built around events. Available for your desktop or smartphone
3rd place (shared): Life Avatar - a game that keeps track of your eating habits and provides motivations for a healthier lifestyle

We’d like to thank our final contestants (Eclipsis Project, Eventora, Feelzer, KWINBO, Life Avatar, SBOING, So-Nav) for joining us – as well as all of you who submitted an app!

Check out the full profiles of the seven finalists.


As promised, here are the presentations from the January 16 2012 event, held at the Classical Imperial Athens hotel.

1. “10 non-textbook lessons for entrepreneurs copy”, by Maria Dramalioti-Taylor (x.Million Capital Ventures)

2. “From impressions to engagement”, by Nikos Moraitakis (Upstream)

3. “Making money with mobile data as a digital utility provider”, by Antonios Drossos (Rewheel)

4. “Making money with open source”, by Constantinos Bairaktaris (Transifex)


Here are some pics from the event – see our photo album on Facebook for more. We also have some videos for the event – just click here.

Mobile Monday Athens - Jan 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens pic1Mobile Monday Athens meeting - January 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens Hotel - pic 2

Mobile Monday Athens meeting - January 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens Hotel - pic 3Mobile Monday Athens meeting - January 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens Hotel - pic 5

Mobile Monday Athens meeting - January 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens Hotel - pic 4Mobile Monday Athens meeting - January 16 2012 @ Classical Imperial Athens Hotel - pic 6

MoMo Athens 7 finalists for Nokia Mobile App Competition

We are proud to be hosting Nokia’s Mobile App Competition in our upcoming Mobile Monday Athens event (January 16 2012 @ The Classical Imperial Athens Hotel).

The final stage of the competition will be played out during the event, where the 7 finalists will present their apps to the panel of judges. The winner gets a Lumia 800 phone plus 1,500 Euros, while the two runner ups receive a Lumia 800 phone each.

Here are the seven finalists:

Eclipsis, by Project Eclipsis


Eclipsis_logoEclipsis is a Facebook Client for the Visually Impaired. It acts as a fully specialized Screen Reader for Facebook, offering ease of navigation and use through Voice Recognition and Text to Speech technologies.



eventoraEventora: from an all-around solution for events to a social commerce platform, built around events. Available for your desktop or smartphone



feelzer_logoFeelzer is an innovative app that introduces a new way of searching through facets based on the emotional stimulation of the user.


Life Avatar


Life Avatar is a game that keeps track of your eating habits and provides motivations for a healthier lifestyle



sbNavi, by SBOING

sboing_logoSboing is an application for global, offline GPS-navigation, based on OpenStreetMap maps





So-Nav is an application that helps people navigate unfamiliar urban environments, in an innovative way



Transito, by KWINBO

kwinbo_logoTransito is an app that will help you find your way around the complex and often erratic Athens public transportation system



MoMo Athens – January 16 – Making Money in Mobile

We know you’ve already missed us and were looking forward to our next Mobile Monday Athens event. Well, here it is!

The next event is taking place on Monday, January 16 at the Classical Imperial Hotel. We have four great speakers lined up, ready to talk about “Making Money in Mobile”, which is the theme of the event.

But it’s not all theoretical… Nokia, our sponsor for the event, is running a mobile app competition, with lots of nice prizes (winner gets a 1,500 Euro check to fund her app and a Lumia 800 phone, two runner ups get a Lumia 800 phone). Click here for more.

Here’s the essential info for the meeting:


Monday 16th January 2012, 6pm.


Classical Imperial Hotel, Plateia Karaiskaki

What’s the theme?

Making money in Mobile

Who’s speaking?

- Maria Dramalioti-Taylor

AngelLab UK

- Nikos Moraitakis

Upstream Dubai

- Antonios Drossos

Rewheel Finland

- Konstantinos Bairaktaris

Transifex Greece

Who’s paying for all this?


What else is going on at the event?

Nokia mobile app awards (read more here)

Sign me up already! (just follow the link below)



Mobile Monday Athens = Launched!

The first Mobile Monday Athens event is at an end. More than 120 people showed up and had the chance to network and attend some great presentations (which are now available here).

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who turned up, to all of you watched us online via live streaming and especially to our speakers: Tor Bjorn Minde, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Hendrik Koekkoek and Vaggelis Rekkas.

We’ve got lots of feedback from everyone and will strive to make the next event even better. So, stay tuned for the next Mobile Monday Athens event – see you all there!

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