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MoMo Berlin – July 1st – How Mobile Affects Your Business

The MobileMonday community is all about CONNECTING, DOINGLEARNING (and drinks). It’s a platform for meeting new people and developing partnerships and business.

We will introduce the MobileMonday Accelerator program and have job board and at the end a 5 minuites open mic, where you can announce stuff fast.

Sebastian Küpers will talk about his journey as a suit guy (as Director Planning at Pixelpark AG and founder of The Otherland Group) starting to code again to make his vision of a context engine reality. Teaching his-self python, running on the Google App Engine, he won with his partner the Evernote Hackathon.

Ramzi Rizk is a bad ass software developer and co-founder of EyeEm with a sense for beauty and management. He will talk about his experiences organizing Hackathons and building a community around your product. Matias Castello is a product rockstar at EyeEm and the creator of the Hackathon project Snapcat. Always wondered how to get to 50.000 downloads? Matias will tell us more about his discovery of a new target group for apps ;-)

Mariane Della Rocca is marketing strategist at contentful, a new content management platform for the app economy. She will share insight into contentful’s fresh beta opening. Before joining the contentful team Mariane positioned Pressmatrix, the Berlin-based B2B digital publishing startup.

Niklas Jansen is the CPO and Co-Founder of Blinkist. He will share his experience running into a dead end with tons of specs, escaping it by rapid prototyping and a lean mindset and creating a beautiful app for their customers.

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#MoMoGermany).

Thanks to our friends at PayPal.

MoMo Berlin – Dec. 3rd – Predictions and Resolutions for 2013

It’s almost 2013 and time for predictions and soon for New Year’s resolutions. Mobile is mainstream. There is always this strange feeling that everything is already said and everybody has a strategy, a plan and has giant success with their mobile offers. But somehow all the trends, budgets and projects are like New Year’s resolutions too often behind our expectations.

Mobile Marketing spendings and enterprise adoption are raising and smartphones are becoming mainstream. Gartner published there relevant IT Trends for 2013 just one month ago. We will talk with trend and digital researcher and IT strategists about the next developments in the platform, cloud and app market.

What can we learn from digital research for the future of media usage?
Daniel Rieber

Daniel, Head of Digital Research at Interrogare, will talk about their research in the field of tablets and smartphones and the implications for our future media consumption.

A new era of platforms – how mobile application platforms are driving change
Frank Fischer

Frank, a former Microsoft Developer Evangelist and now Head of B2B2X at Deutsche Telekom, will present the newest developments in the area of Mobile Enterprise Applications Platforms, Private Clouds and the API Economy. Where should big corporates position themselves in the future?

Mobile Marketing in it’s infancies – the latest steps of a child
Heiko Kasper

Heiko is currently the Director Business Development for Sponsormob and will give a new look on Mobile Marketing. Spendings are going up, but basic infrastructures we know from Online Marketing are missing. Will be 2013 the year of a big step in the right direction?

There will be food and drinks. It’s the last MobileMonday this year, so it’s also somehow the X-Mas Party of the Berlin Mobile szene. We are looking to see your there :)

Thanks to our friends at PayPal and Developer Garden.

MoMo Berlin – Sept. 10th – Mobile & Social: Where Will We Go?

1 billion people use Facebook, 1 billion Dollar Facebook paid for Instragam, Groupon was worth 12 billion dollar and if we follow the falling share prices we think, yeah, there is a hype, there is may be a bubble. But is it true?In the end, the question asked most is: can Social Media and mobile function as a profitable business model? Together we discuss future models in the consumer and enterprise space.

From Pistachio to Might – A product discovery in the field of mobile social networks
Anthony Barba

Anthony and social is a long story. In 2009 he fall in love with Berlin and the company iliketotallyloveit until it was sold in 2011. Since then he want to rebuilt how we meet people and be more social and begin his work on Pistachio and later Might.

Echofy.me how we failed to find the right pattern
Alexander Oelling

Alexander built sones from 2005 to 2011, a big data company. With Echofy.me the aim was to help you discover things you want to do next. He will talk about his experience and about the new frontier pattern detection.

How mobile and social are challenging the enterprise software market
Mikko Alasaarela
Mikko is a creative cosmopolitan entrepreneur and occasional angel investor focusing on user experience and artificial intelligence based startups. He currently server as the founding chairman of Dealmachine Inc, a mobile enterprise software startup

Developing true customer relations in the local market
Finding the products that other people love and building true relationships with local shops are still an unsolved problem. Favor.it will give their own view on the local field and how to overcome the challenges like scattered business customers and competition.

Date: Sept. 10, at 6pm to 10:30pm
Location: Köthener Str 44, Berlin
Please Register in Advance Here

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MoMo Berlin – 11th June – Rising Stars of the Mobile Market

The first half year in 2012 is gone and the industry had huge announcements like the Motorola and Instagram acquisition, the Facebook Appstore or SAPs App strategy presented at Sapphire Now. Mobile is now in every bodies hands.

Our Aim is to bring the industry together and that’s why we will give you even more time to connect.

This Time we speak with Andreas Leo (Car2Go) about the connection between mobile and mobility and the connected future of both. Sebastian Fallert (JustBook) will talk about the revolution in the tourism industry through mobile-first. We will announce a special guest, who talks with us about the developing of our industry and the app economy.

As always, networking drinks and music by the bar will conclude the evening.

Time: June 11, 2012 from 6pm to 11pm
Location: Köthener Str 44, Berlin

Thanks to our friends at PayPal for continuing to sponsor the 2012 series of Berlin MoMos – without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this!

MoMo Berlin – 12 March – Drivers of the Mobile Ecosystem

As this year’s Mobile World Congress is about the transformation of the mobile industry, we too want to talk with you and our guests about the mobile world today and the drivers for its future development.

Today, Mobile is all about our everyday lives, our consumption of goods and media. That’s why at the beginning of the first 2012 Berlin MoMo, we will cover the latest buzz directly from MWC, Cebit and ITB and talk about our favorite apps.

With Christian Inatowitz (Pilot Berlin), we will explore the media usage of teenage girls. With Jan Gräwen (YOC) and Sascha Kruse (Inmobi) talks about the current situation of the mobile industry from an advertising and monetization point of view. Florian Resatsch (Servtag) will explain the showcase of Mobile Shopping for Real,- supermarket chain.

Together, we will examine the trend of local shopping. To round off the evening, we will have Uwe Kaminski from Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden explaining how their latest tools and APIs help to drive the Mobile Ecosystem.

As always, networking drinks and music by the bar will conclude the evening.

Time: March 12, 2012 from 6pm to 11pm
Location: Berlin
Street: Köthener Str 44
City/Town: Berlin

Thanks to our friends at PayPal for continuing to sponsor the 2012 series of Berlin MoMos – without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this!

MoMo Berlin – 5th Dec. – Next Gen. Mobile Gaming

To conclude an eventful 2011, MoMo Berlin takes another look at what has always been the most successful mobile content of all: games. However, in the time since the first downloadable mobile games became available almost exactly 10 years ago, much has changed. Lately, new approaches through connecting mobile games with the Real World (e.g. Augmented Reality), with communities (social gaming), or with other gaming platforms are set to ever more expand the impact gaming has on the way people use their portable devices.

Speakers will highlight usability, target groups, marketing approaches, and innovative new game concepts and enablers that will shape mobile gaming in the years to come.

The speaker list:

  • Mobile gaming legend Sven Morawek (Nokia), ex-Gameloft MD, talking about 10 years in mobile gaming
  • Sina Kaufmann (wooga) presenting the Berlin social gaming giant’s latest endeavours in bringing “social” to mobile
  • Alexander Krug, Softgames and PlaySocial CEO, talking about the game-changing role of publishing on mobile browsers
  • Magdalena Böttger (Founder, lookmommy.com) explaining how to improve family happiness through mobile gaming
  • Hamed Ketabdar (T-Labs) showcasing technology that is about to change the way we play.

Time: December 5, 2011 from 6pm to 11pm
Venue: Homebase Berlin, Köthener Straße 44
City: Berlin, Germany — RSVP Here

Thanks so much to our local sponsors PayPal and qwertz media to make it all happen!

MoMo Berlin – 5 Sept – Making a Difference in Real Life

On September 5th we’re taking a look at apps and products from a broader field of “mobility” which make a difference in the real world, making everyday life easier in a hands-on way.

Great speakers are waiting for you. We present:

Time: September 5, 2011 from 6pm to 11pm
Location: Berlin
Street: Köthener Str 44
City/Town: Berlin
Website or Map: http://www.homebase-berlin.net

Special thanks go to our Event and Location Sponsor PayPal!

MoMo Berlin – 29 August – Vodafone Mobile Clicks Finals Germany

Vodafone, Windows Phone and MobileMonday Berlin invite you to a special pre-IFA event.

Time: August 29, 2011 from 6pm to 11pm
Location: Berlin
Street: Köthener Str 44
City/Town: Berlin
Website or Map: http://www.homebase-berlin.net
Event Type: networking
This event is brought to you by:


During a contest in front of the MoMo Berlin community, the Top 5 need to convince the German MobileClicks jury that they have what it takes to not only take Berlin, but the Global Vodafone Mobile Clicks Award, too.

Die 5 von der hochkarätigen Jury ausgewählten deutschen Teilnehmer sind:

BookletMobile – http://www.bookletmobile.com/
Das Berliner Start-Up bookletmobile bereichert das Smartphone mit dem neu entwickelten Booklet-Format um handliche Informationen, für jede Gelegenheit und erschließt Unternehmen, Organisationen und Privatleuten so das mobile Internet.

MyMobai GmbH – http://www.mymobai.com/

MyMobai ist Vorreiter und deutscher Marktführer im Mobile Couponing. Consumer Insights durch patentiertes und anonymes Tracking. Eine aktuelle Reichweite von mehr als 5 Millionen Nutzern macht diese Lösung zu einem hocheffektiven Kanal für mobiles Marketing.

playSocial – http://www.playsocial.de/

playSocial´s Vertriebs API ermöglicht es Entwicklern von Browser-basierten Handyspielen ihre Produkte weltweit schnell und einfach auf mobilen Portalen, sozialen Netzwerken oder bei Netzbetreibern zu veröffentlichen.

wahwah.fm – http://www.wahwah.fm/

wahwah.fm ist eine App für das iPhone, mit der Benutzer unterwegs gemeinsam Musik hören können. Einmal installiert, kann mit der App die eigene Musik gespielt und gleichzeitig gesendet werden. Andere Benutzer können sich einklinken und live mithören.

Wunderlist – http://www.6wunderkinder.com/

Das von sechs Freunden in Berlin gegründete Software-Startup 6Wunderkinder entwickelt seit August 2010 cloud-basierte und plattformunabhängige Apps wie den populären Taskmanager Wunderlist.

Den Finalisten herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Am 29.August werden die Finalisten auf einem MobileMonday Special Event in Berlin persönlich vor der Jury um das Ticket zum internationalen Finale von Vodafone Mobile Clicks gegeneinander antreten.

MoMo Berlin 6 June Drivers of the Mobile Ecosystem

This MoMo, we’re looking at trends and technology with the potential to create new Mobile businesses. On the one hand, there are more and more enablers that let developers create “mashups”, i.e. integrate several 3rd party APIs into an application in order to add functionality. On the other hand, broadband, multi-platform entertainment is starting to enter the mobile domain, too. From these two areas, we have three speakers talking about the way they are driving the Mobile Ecosystem with their offers.

Time: June 6, 2011 — from 6pm to 11pm
Street: Homebase Berlin, Köthener Straße 44 ( http://goo.gl/I4aZ3 )
City/Town: 10963 Berlin

1. HRS explaining how they’re both creating reach and enabling developers to upgrade their apps and make money with a hotel booking API

2. Immobilienscout24 talking about innovation and developer enabling through mashable APIs around location awareness and real estate

3. bitbop, the multi-platform entertainment service run by Jesta Digital (the guys who bought Jamba), presenting how their approach to TV shows will leverage Mobile.

Special thanks go to our Event and Location Sponsors bitbop and PayPal!

MoMo Berlin Mobile First! – Mobile Service Creation

On the next event, MobileMonday Berlin aims to take a different approach to mobile service creation. It’s not about coding, it’s not about cloning what others have done, it’s not of churning out versions 5, 6 and 7 of a product originally launched years ago – it’s about coming up with stuff that’s new and adequate for the mobile medium.

To that end, we’re going to take a look behind the obvious and have four speakers to shed some light on input and trends that have potential to inspire new services.

  • Katrin Hamatschek, Service Design Director Fjord Berlin, will tell us how the open format at “Fjord kitchen” serves to bring inspiration from media arts into service creation
  • Conrad Fritzsch, CEO Tape.tv, will talk about how presenting media (and related advertising) on mobile demands a whole new approach to content packaging and format creation on mobile
  • Jochen Doppelhammer, former CEO of Simyo Spain, now CEO at yuilop.com, has interesting stuff to tell on how a profound change in communication behaviour among school kids may influence mobile services
  • Prof. Oliver Guenther, Dean of Economics at Humboldt University, on how data security and privacy concerns need to be taken into account when creating new services

Time: March 7, 2011 from 6pm to 11pm
Location: Berlin
Street: Köthener Straße 44
City/Town: 10963 Berlin

See you all there – and thanks again to our event sponsor iQuest:

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