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MoMo Bogota – Nov. 21st – Creative Cloud Tour

Meet the Creative Cloud offering equipment (Full) and Creative Cloud individual app (Single Apps), the services offered, storage and much more, come and enjoy live news from the DC version of the Adobe products.

These workshops are part of Creative Cloud Tour Colombia, coming to cities like Pereira, Cartagena, Cali and Bogota. See Full Details Here.

Additionally Ivan Sosa, Diego Parra Wilder Bolaño and will be teaching a workshop on Development of mobile apps using PhoneGap and Dreamweaver CC.


  • Speaker: Ivan Sosa, Opening Event
  • Speaker: Diego Parra:
  1. Introduction
    1. History
    2. What is it?
  2. Start – IOS:
    1. Dreamweaver CC
    2. Phonegap Build
    3. Register
    4. Create Project
    5. Compilation
  3. Phonegap API
    1. Device
    2. Camera
    3. Geolocation
    4. Average
    5. Connection
    6. Events
    7. Notification
  4. Compilation store:
    1. firms
  • Speaker: Wilder Gomez Bolaños
  1. What is Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. How it works (Demo Console)
  3. DC News (General)
  4. Adobe Muse and Edge Demo Animate


Ivan Sosa


@ Ivansosa

Hi CTO of Digital Media.

With over 15 years of industry experience working in ICT (Information and Communication), Ivan has worked for companies such as Gaming Culture, Wunderman, Leo Burnett Colombiana, among others where he has served as Project Manager, Director of Technology and other organizational positions.

It is a frequent speaker on technology events in Colombia, as well as Co-Director of the Adobe User Group Colombia, Nokia Developer Champion, Adobe Certified Professional, Blackberry Elite Member, Founder and organizer of the local chapter of Mobile Monday, Blogger and active member of initiatives such as IGDA, Colombia 3.0 and others.

Wilder Gomez Bolaños

@ WbolanosCo

Adobe Solution Consultant in Nexsys of Colombia

Expert pre-sales and Solution Consultant in design solutions, web, photography, video and digital publication Nexsys. With over 7 years of experience in the Adobe universe, specialized in the field of video.Wilder is passionate about Adobe and audiovisual production technologies, video clip music director, notes and TV programs, commercial 3D animator also issued in local TV, Instructor in Digital Audiovisual Production, Design for Graphic Communication, 3D Animation and Game Development provided with visual emphasis to the SENA. Adobe Certified Software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Premiere, and Adobe Influencer Partner and Adobe Community Professional with experience and certifications in education. Now part of Adobe in Nexsys team and for more than one (1) year is one of the main speakers and communicators at conferences and seminars Adobe.

Diego Parra

Diego Parra 2

@ Aledeveloper_

BlackBerry Evangelist at the BlackBerry Innovation Center in Bogota, Colombia.

Telecommunications Engineer, developer of web and mobile applications for more than four years, has developed applications for different mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry OS and Firefox, among others. He has achieved certifications in Android, IOS 5, PHP and MySQL, Rails / Ruby, Django / Python, Node.js, 7. HTML5, CSS3 and JQuerry, PhoneGap and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.

Diego, belongs to the research group in Telemedicine (Tigum) of Nueva Granada Military University. Where has developed mobile applications for health care, physical activity and heart rate in Android. Two of these applications were nominated at the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) in Japan where he was awarded and won recognition for excellent work in Health applications in mobile devices.

MoMo Bogota – Aug. 8th – Mobile Business Edition

Bienvenido al primer Mobile Monday Bogotá  del año.

Mobile Monday es una comunidad global materializada en  eventos que  se  realizan  alrededor  del mundo,  con el fin de  explorar  nuevas y emocionantes oportunidades de la industria, una plataforma que  da paso a la solución  de estar conectado  con la evolución de la comunidad móvil.

En esta ocasión el Ministro de Telecomunicaciones Diego Molano explicará el programa Vive Digital con énfasis en el componente de fortalecimiento de la Industria de contenidos digitales que esta implementando el Ministerio.

El ministro estará acompañado por Andres Barreto, colombiano co-fundador del popular portal de música Grooveshark y de OnSwipewww.onswipe.com ) , startup que acaba de recibir 5 millones de dólares para potencializar su negocio de publicación de contenidos en tabletas.

Fecha: Lunes 8 de Agosto de 2011

Lugar: Restaurante La Puerta Grande. Carrera 12 No. 93-64

Hora: 19:00


19:00: Bienvenida y presentación
19:10: Presentación programa Vive Digital del ministerio TIC.  Ministro Diego Molano
19:50: BlackBerry: una oportunidad para promover su marca. Rafael Jimenez
20:05: Libertad del App Store: Beneficios de las aplicaciones web para móvil. Andres Barreto
20:45: Socializacion y Networking
21:45: Fin del evento

* Evento  Gratuito = http://es.eventbrite.com/event/1990735343?ref=etckt

* La presentación de este registro impreso es obligatorio para el ingreso.

* Como muestra de respeto a nuestros conferencistas, empezaremos puntualmente.

Welcome to the first Mobile Monday Bogota Edition Businesses of the year.

Mobile Monday is an event that is realised around the world, with the purpose of to explore new and exciting opportunities of the industry, a platform that takes step to the solution to be connected with the evolution of the movable community.

In this occasion it would be realised in Bogota, where Minister of Telecommunications Diego Molano will explain the program Lives Digital with emphasis in the fortification component of the Industry of digital contents that this Ministry.

The minister will be accompanied by Andres Barreto, Colombian Co-founder of the popular vestibule of Grooveshark music and OnSwipe (www.onswipe.com), startup that finishes receiving 5 million dollars to potentialise its publication business of contents in tablets.


19:00: Welcome and presentation
19:10: Presentation program Lives Digital on the ministry TIC. Minister Diego Molano
19:50: Intervention RIM
20:05: Freedom of the App Store: Benefits of the applications Web for moving body. Andres Barreto
20:45: Socializacion and Networking 21:45: Aim of the event

* Gratuitous event - http://es.eventbrite.com/event/1990735343

* The presentation of this printed registry is obligatory for the entrance.

MoMo Bogata – MoMoLab – June 30th

Modelos de Negocios para Desarrolladores de Aplicativos Móviles


4:00pm Bienvenida MoMoLab Bogotá
4:30pm Presentación: “Mercado colombiano de Aplicativos” (Ivan Sosa – Hi Media)
4:40pm Caso de éxito: “Colombia Games” (Juan Nates, CEO)
4:50pm Presentación del “Developer Economic Report 2011″ (Andres L. Martinez, BlueVia Marketing Manager, LATAM)
5:10pm Monetización de aplicaciones y estrategias de Network as a Service (Andres L. Martinez)
5:30pm Mesa de preguntas/respuestas
6:00pm Networking por cortesia de BlueVia

Patrocina: BlueVia
Apoyo: TecnoParque Colombia – SENA
Organizan: Editacuja, NetworkContent, HiMedia

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