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MoMo Brussels – Nov. 4th – Mobile Policy Guidelines with GSMA

Exclusive session on guidelines regarding policy; Global, European and Belgian viewpoints on app guidelines and frameworks.
This event is co-organised with the Agoria App Alliance and will be hosted at the European offices of the GSM Association.

Speaker Topics:
European and World-wide privacy recommendations and other initiatives like the Smartappsguidelines by GSMA, Belgian Etic Charter by e-Tic Charter, Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative from the Mobile Manufacturers Forum and Privacy Guidelines applied in Belgian context by Agoria APP Alliance.

November 04, 2013: 16.00-20.00
Park View, Chaussée d’Etterbeek 180, 1040 Brussels

MoMo Brussels – Sept. 19th – Apps Marathon Event 2013

The Tech Startup Day, with over 40 organization contributing, gathering the Belgian tech startup scene in The Egg with participation of Mobilemonday in following 14h Workshops – series 1 Start to app – hosted by App Alliance (Agoria), Mobile Mondays, MIC Vlaanderen, iDEAXIS 19h Plenary session App demos – hosted by App Alliance & Mobile Mondays Appsmarathon.

You can vote for the Appsmarathon public prize, candidates here, during the whole day of 19/9 the Appsmarathon-Tech Startup Day Selected apps: Belfius Brussels Transport Djump Golve Kinderkribbe Roadsmart To attend live Register via Eventbrite.

Startups.be is a consortium of 45+ organizations, all actively supporting starting tech entrepreneurs. We are once more joining forces to offer you the best of the best of what we have to offer and showcase many entrepreneurs willing to share their experience with you. During the event you will have plenty of opportunities to meet all the coaches, experts, investors and entrepreneurs that are working hard every day to help make your business into a success!

MoMo Brussels – June 24th – APIs and Mobile

This MoMo event has been set up to demonstrate the importance, benefits and value of API’s.

Mobile applications are more than ever dependent on rich and complex data sources, which allow them to be as useful and eminent as they are today. With API’s, developers can quickly and inexpensively launch useful tools to benefit both the business and their customers’. With an increasing number of businesses creating and adopting API’s into their systems, the best is yet to come.

– Welcome and drinks 18:00 – 18:30
– Welcome by host Belgacom 18:30 – 18:40
– Intro to GSMA OneAPI 18:45 – 19:15
– Open ERP and OpenAPI 19:15 – 19:45
– Backend as a Service 19:45 – 20:15
– How API’s and Open Data are used in the pharmaceutical sector 20:15 – 21:45
– Drink and Networking 21:45 – 22:30

Please Register Here in Advance.

Belgacom Towers
Avenue Koning Albert II laan 27, 1030 Brussels

MoMo Brussels – April 15th – Mobile (Serious) Gaming

Registration open for 15/4 MoMo event on Mobile Games: Register directly via our new Mobile App!

- Valentijn Destoop – Little Miss Robot : Storytelling and UX/UI

- Stefan Colins – Bazookas : Can all games go mobile ?

- Wim Wouters – Grin : Mobile technology & touchscreens for all ages (especially the youngest)

- Mark Brill, Formation, So you’ve built your app, but with nearly 1 million apps in iTunes alone, how to promote it?

- Ioannis Koumaras, Games2Gaze, Serious Games Are Becoming Serious Business

Location Host Cronos
Adress : Oude Brusselsestraat 10-12
2800 Mechelen, Mechelen

MoMo Brussels – Jan. 21st – Mobile Strategy for Social Networks

As social networks usage on mobile is increasing, different online networks are striving to capture this audience and in the meantime transform their own business model. What do these social networks have to offer for mobile app developers and marketeers?


  • 18H – Welcome
  • 18H30
      • Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO Mobilosoft “setting the scene
      • Dorien Aerts, CMO Mobile Vikings , “How a mobile operator uses social networks”
      • Ruben Van Goethem, Senior research marketeer, Corelio Connect  + Surprise Guest
  • 20H15
      Stefan Vadocz – intro Mobilemonday Bratislava
      Demo of the APPmarathon bratislava winners Workinfield.com (Richard Voda) and Instando.com (Peter Komornik)
  • 21H – Networking and update Mobilemonday activitie

Hosted at Corelio
+ International Guest from Mobilemonday Bratislava – APPmarathon

MoMo Brussels – Nov. 26th – Mobile Strategy for Social Networks

As social networks usage on mobile is increasing, different online networks are striving to capture this audience and in the meantime transform their own business model. What do these social networks have to offer for mobile app developers and marketeers?

o Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO Mobilosoft “setting the scene
o Dorien Aerts, evanglist Mobile Vikings , “How a mobile operator uses social networks”
o Ruben Van Goethem, Senior research marketeer, Corelio Connect
0 + tbc Viadeo

Hosted at Corelio – Please Register in Advance Here.

MoMo Brussels – 24 Sept. – 3rd Annual AppsMarathon

ANNOUNCING THE THIRD APPSMARATHON! This festive evening event will put a spotlight on developers, platforms and companies that innovate, stimulate and support the world of mobile application development.

This event is based on the previous editions of bringing the best of the Belgian Mobile application field in one scene, and adds for the first time two linked round table events APPS-discover (how to start an app project) and APPS- clinic (how to develop apps).

With two thirds of the audience present over the streaming and interacting over the tweetwall, the event remains a landmark that attracts a highly engaged audience. appsmarathon is looking for developers who want to present their project and of course partners to support this innovative event! Check this website for more info http://www.appsmarathon.eu

MoMo Brussels – June 4th – Mobile Payments: Plug and Pay?

Mobile payment has been passing the hype curves several times over the past year. At this moment large players like Paypall and Google are making investment announcements in that area; up to now this has not changed our payment habits.

Are digital wallets more than a digital pocket for credit cards as de facto payment tool? Will NFC simplify the transactions in a secure way? What is the role of a mobile operator?

During this Mobilemonday session we will look at this topic from different angles: overview, mobile operator, e-money license holder, technical party and bank player (tbc).

Schedule: 18:00

Mobile Payment Overview: Tim Wulgaert – Ernst & Young – Director

The point of view of an incumbent operator: Frederic Lhoste – Belgacom – Director M2M Integrated Solutions

E-money as a service: Jan Van Wijnendaele – Tunz – Managing Director

Mobile Shopping / Paypal: Kristel Verhasselt – Magento – Sales Manager South Europe

Tie in by : Ulrich Seldeslachs – CEO LSEC : Mobile payment ecosystem

Content coordination: Boris Lemaire

Diamant Building
Bd. A Reyerslaan 80

Event made possible by MOBES, LSEC, Innovatienetwerk and Interreg IvB

MoMo Brussels – 16 April – Mobility and Transport

The term Mobility has triggered for long ambiguity between mobile phones and human beings’ movements. Through cars, public transport, planes, bikes or by feet.

In a world in increasingly fast transformation, we would like to have a look at the junction of these meanings. Transportation enablers are increasingly using smartphones for improving the experience of their users. New screens are emerging on glass, mirrors, inside cars and anywhere relevant. Big Data, the Cloud and Ubiquitous Computing allow users to remain connected at all time, in every place… but also cities to be more smart and to improve human beings’ mobility.

We will have 2 discussion panels covering these issues through both an inside-out and an outside-in perspectives. First Technologists, User Experience Designers and Car Makers (tbc) will discuss possibilities and challenges of moving apps from smartphones to the vehicle.

Start-Ups, Sustainable Mobility enablers, Public Transportation representatives and Developers will see the positive and negative impacts of improving human beings’ mobility through technology. And the role that Mobile plays in it.

Full Details and Registration Here

MoMo Brussels – March 26th – Mobile App Economy

To have a succesfull business in mobile applications you need more than coding your app. More and more the practical dos and don’ts in terms of structuring the business and looking at legal issues are part of the success as well.

Thanks to our legal partner Stibbe, and in cooperation with AGORIA, Mobile Monday Brussels organises a first round table session, with at each table a specialist lawyer of Stibbe present to moderate the following topics:

  • Leveraging your Expertise: can I recycle features in future app development projects? Who owns the Intellectual Property? What about legal protection?
  • Are you selling fixed price or time and materials? There are other interesting options! Pricing Schemes for Apps Development contracts and their legal implications.
  • Market & Sales: different revenue models for your apps – issues about mobile payment legislation in app stores, app promotion, what about refunds..
  • Data usage and privacy: user generated data collection, (user) data management, storage, info in the cloud.
  • Fundraising, tax and liability: how to protect against liabilities? What kind of company structures work well with investors?
  • Fiscal benfits for innovative companies: reduce costs for employees working in R&D.

The invitations are limited, details and registration here, so we’ll make a waiting list as well.

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