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MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – May 6th – ICT and Tourism

Join us on Monday, 6th May 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to discuss about the uses of ICT in Tanzanian Tourism sector. More details and Registration Here.

Speaker will include:

- Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) representative
- Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism (MNRT) representative
- Dickson Ng’ang’a – From Zalego (Mobile Apps for Tourism – Demo)
- Paul Shilla – Swahili Stores (Online platform to sell art products – Demo)
- Goodluck Akyoo – Singira (Online store for selling art products – Demo)
- Vinjari.com – One stop destination for travelers interested with Tanzania

The event will be held at COSTECH Inovation space starting from 18:00 to 20:00

MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – April 8th – ICT in Education

Join us on Monday, 8th April 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to discuss about the uses of ICT in education sector.

Speakers will include:
- Emanuel Feruzi: Lecture at IFM & EASTC
- Faith Shimba: E-Learning spcialist at COSTECH
- Joel S. Mtebe: Assitant Lecture at UDSM & PhD candidate at UTA Finland
- Loyala Students: Projects demonstration

The event will be held at KINU space starting from 18:00 to 20:00 – Register Here!

MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – March 11th – ICT and Entertainment

MoMo is back at KINU!

Join us on Monday, 11th March 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar. This month we are going to look at the impact of ICT on the Tanzanian entertainment industry. The discussion will focus on the intersection between technology and gaming, music and social media, in the Tanzanian context.

Speakers include:

1. Ilunga Khalifa/CPwaa: IT Adminstrator & Project Management and Bongoflava artist.
2. Rashid Shamte: Head of Group Strategy Six Telecoms.
3. Luca Neghesti: Entrepreneur, Founder of Bongo5 and Co-founder of KINU
4. Charles Matodane: Head of Value Added Services (VAS) & Internet at Vodacom
5. Hussein Mkwazi:  Final year student at IFM / part-time programer(Developed  Bao game)

The event will be held at the KINU space starting from 18:00 to 20:00. Register Here

MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – Feb. 12th – ICT and Agriculture

Hi All,

What role can ICT play in enhancement of agriculture sector in Tanzania, are there any major initiative which societies have take to utilize ICT in order to improve the agriculture sector. What should be done so that we can explore more on the field of ICT and agriculture?

Mobile Monday Dar-es-Salaam in Conjunction with 2Seeds Network & COSTECH presents the opportunity in discussing and debating on how ICT can improve agriculture sector in Tanzania. The event will take part on 12th February, 2013 at Sea CliffPlease Register Here.

The panel will include the following speakers:-

Erick Mutta

The Apps4Africa 2011 winner for climate challenge, Eric has several years experience in building mobile application aimed for rural development.

Benedict Tesha

Founder and Director of Product Development at Jamaa Technologies, Benedict is an experience software developer with the passion on helping the community through the use of ICT.

Ernest Mwalusanya

Vodacom AppStar Mobile Application 2012 national level winner, Ernest will be demonstrating his awarding winning application the Farming Instructor”.

Hezron Makundi

Assistant Lecturer, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at University of Dar es Salaam. Hezron has been doing research related to ICT and poverty reduction in rural areas.

John Kagaruki

Chief Operation Officer at Nuru Infocomm, John is an experienced social entrepreneur. He has experience in developing mobile application for social development.

Please note that the event starts at 1800Hrs so please keep time.

Best Regards,

MoMoDar / 2Seeds Organizing team

MoMo Dars-es-Salaam – Nov. 5th – eGovernance in Tanzania

Mobile Monday Dar-es-Salaam in Conjunction with KINU (http://www.kinu.co.tz/) presents the opportunity in discussing about eGovernance in Tanzania and the ongoing e-Government initiatives.

The next event will be on 5th November, 2012 at KINU space — Register Here

The Panel will include the following presenters:

Dr Jabiri Bakari
Chief Executive Officer of eGA, e-Government Agency (eGA) is responsible in oversight and provision of e-Government initiatives and enforcement of e-Government standards to Tanzania Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Government Authorities. Dr Bakari will talk about “e-Government Agency and On-Going e-Government Initiatives”

David Sawe
Country General Manager at IBM-Tanzania, Mr David will discuss about “Challenges and prospects of e-Government in Tanzania”

Godfrey Magila
Chief Executive Officer of MagilaTech, Mr Godfrey will give a pitch and demo about “e-Voting system”

Julius Theodory
Student at Loyola High School, Julius together with his colleagues will share with us about their constitutional review application

Please note that the event starts at 1800Hrs so please keep time.

MoMo Dar Team

MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – June 11th – ICT Security Awareness

For the past few years we have witnessed how ICT has transformed our lives. The computers, the mobile phones, the internet, mobile payments etc, all these have shown a considerable impact on the lives of the Tanzanians. Despite of their great positive impacts on the lives of the people, it is important for us to remember the negative sides what all these technologies comes with.

Cyber-crime has increasingly become a serious problem throughout the world. Being the users of these new technologies our personal lives, business & the government have been in great danger. The best way to achieve a significant and lasting improvement in ICT security is not by throwing more technical solution; rather it’s by raising awareness and education.

By realizing this Mobile Monday Dar es salaam in Conjunction with COSTECH presents the opportunity in discussing various issues regarding ICT security in Tanzanian perspective. We will be having a wide variety of audience from senior government officials, Mobile Network operators, financial sector, educational institution, ICT specialists etc.

The panel will include the following speakers:

Noah Maina
-Chief Network Architect (WiA)
-He will briefly talk about Cyber Security and then build up with introduction to CERT and its importance.

Zaituni Mmari
-IT Security Specialist (IBM/Airtel)
- She will talk about the introduction of ICT Security into the government of Tanzania.

Edith Turuka
-Telecoms Eng (Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology)
-She will talk about reconnaissance, countermeasures, LAN security & Organization IT Security Policies

The event will be held on 11th June 2012 at the COSTECH innovation space.
Please note that the event starts at 1800Hrs so please keep time.

Registration is required as seat are limited, so reserve yours quickly:

Best Regards,
The MoMo Dar organizing team

MoMoDar April 2nd Recap – Great dialogue on mHealth

Last week Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam brought together 40 people interested in mHealth. We had three great presentations: Mr Marcos Mzeru from Ministry of Health and Social Welfare started with an overview of mHealth in Tanzania, followed by Peter Lubambi from D-Tree International sharing their experiences from reducing maternal mortality in Zanzibar with an mHealth approach, and finally Freddie Manento from Push Mobile Media Ltd brought the business perspective into developing mHealth apps. We were requested to share the presentations and all presenters agreed to share them online, so here you have are all the presentations and slides.

After the presentations there was active discussion and even a bit of colourful debate on what the audience exactly understood with the term mHealth and also what are the barriers of entry for mHealth applications to become more widespread. There have been and currently running many projects, but few are run on commercial basis. Freddie gave a great tutorial on what to think about when you want to build a successful commercial app. Just go through his presentation to see for yourself - It can be done! 

Many of mHealth applications are providing connectivity, guidance and information on health issues. This was the case for D-Tree’s mHealth application, which is reducing maternal mortality on Zanzibar. They created the app for traditional birth attendants (TBAs), not the mothers directly themselves. This was because the TBAs have respect in the communities and they are traditionally giving pregnant mothers advice and support. They can identify risky deliveries and arrange transport to hospitals for safer deliveries with the app. So far about 400 deliveries have been supported with the app and feedback from TBAs has been encouraging. Especially with this example, it was interesting to note that though most of the discussed health apps were targeted at women, there were quite few women in the audience.

Click on the image to see more photos of the event by TANZICT

What was great news to the mobile app developers, is that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is strongly involved in mHealth Tanzania Partnership – a public private partnership program where they hope to connect with mHealth application developers early on in the process so the Ministry’s interoperability and scalability requirements for nation-wide use would be considered in the development. In turn they can finance the development and buy the applications that are developed together. Mr Mzeru went as far to say that they will be happy to meet with any developer even with just an idea to see if it could be implemented under the partnership. They have also set up a community of mHealth practitioners to share knowledge and experiences, and they are communicating via an open Google Group called mHealth Tanzania that anyone can join.

It was a sweet event, but where should we go from here? What should be the theme for the next MoMoDar?

PS. In case you’re wondering that the television crew was doing in the event, they were filming the MoMo and interviewing some presenters and participants for a TBC program called ‘Tanzania Beyond 50 Years’. Maybe you’ll see yourself soon on television?! ;)

MoMo Dar-es-Salaam – April 2nd – mHealth

Where are we now with mHealth in Tanzania?

mHealth is a hot topic and there are many exciting initiatives taking place all around Tanzania. Do you want to know where we are now? Come to the next Mobile Monday! We have an extremely impressive lineup of presenters sharing their views, experiences and knowledge: Ministry of Health, D-Tree and Push Mobile.

The speaker lineup is now confirmed for the next Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam on mHealth, and what an exciting event it’s going to be! We have the guest speakers from the Ministry of Health, D-Tree and Push Mobile giving us an overview of the mHealth initiatives in Tanzania, experiences on reducing maternal mortality with mHealth, and a business perspective to creating mHealth applications.

The event will be held at the Innovation space in COSTECH (Kijitonyama, Sayansi-building), on April 2nd, 6pm-8pm. Seats are limited, so you need to register to secure your participation:

Check out the program from the invitation and invite your friends as well!


MoMo Dars: Great opportunity to learn mobile app development

We just heard of really good news for everyone who wants to learn mobile app development!

Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) is organizing a 6-week full-time course on mobile app development in cooperation with Nokia. The course is starting on April 2nd and is offered free of charge!

You need to be familiar with software development but no prior mobile app development experience is needed.

Download the information letter for more details and apply online on the DTBi website!

Deadline for applications is March 26th. Women are especially encouraged to apply!

Mobile Monday Dar – March 5th – Girls’ Night Out!

Download flyer and Share

Mobile Monday happens every first Monday of the Month, but this March we are having a different kind of Mobile Monday since the last Mobile Monday was held in conjunction with Pivot Competition from Nairobi on 27th February, 2012.

The next Mobile Monday will be for Girls only with the Theme “Social Media and What it can do for You”.

Girls nite out event will be on Monday, 5th March, 2012 from 6:00PM-8:00PM to discuss on how Social media can assist in business, daily activities and personal.

We know Girls are also excited about technology, they tweet a lot, post status on Facebook, visit blog sites and blog a lot too. In that fact, we want all girls interested in social media in one room to socialize, inspire and network among themselves and find their inner interest in technology especially in social media as women love communicating.

There will be a presentation from female bloggers in Tanzania and a great network of women representing the government, business, private sectors (telecoms,banks,NGO etc), Entrepreneurs and Students.

Come join us for a night of learning and networking. Learn about Facebook, Twitter and Blogging and how it can help you. Some of Dar’s famous bloggers will be there Pernille- Dunia Ni Duara , Biche- Chick about Town  and Elsie- Mikocheni Report & Change Tanzania!

Free Entrance!!!
Register through Eventbrite: Girls’ Night Out


Don’t Dare to miss and tell your friend. And don’t forget to register.

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