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MoMo Duesseldorf – Nov. 18th – The Mobile Hub

Dear MoMo friends,

In the past 20 years Duesseldorf has been very successful in settling companies of the Mobile Eco-System – from global players like Network Operators and infractructure giants to SMEs and start-ups. Duesseldorf developed into a truly international Mobile Hub and successfully uses this positioning in the constant effort for industrial locations.

After the very successful inaugural Mobile Capital Duesseldorf event last year, we from MobileMonday and our partner, the Office of Economic Development from the City of Düsseldorf invite you to Celebrate With Us the 3rd year of this global campaign. Duesseldorf Mobile Matadors will give you several insights alongside such topics as Connected Devices, Mobile Security and Entrepreneurial Climate in Düsseldorf.

For the full agenda follow the image link

HEADS-UP: New start time and location!!!

Take Off: 5 pm, Monday, November 18th

Location: DAS RESERVAT (more above!!)

How to get there?
Use tram ”Rheinbahn” line U 74 and U 76, stop “Lohweg”, limited parking slots at the Reservat, additional parking slots at Heerdter Lohweg

We thank our partners:

The Location:

MoMo Dusseldorf – Sept. 30th – Advertising 2.0: Pure Mobile

Native Ads On Mobile: How they make Mobile Advertising Spending skyrocketing!

We are in the post-PC era, and more and more people are carrying around mobile devices and are always connected. Mobile audiences have exploded as a result. The advertising industry still wonders how to advertise effectively to these audiences. Many mobile ads are simply banner or search ads bought inadvertently as advertisers aim for digital audiences. Native ads on Mobile as in apps or on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and such will bring real depth and differentiation to the mobile ad market. But what exactly is a native ad on mobile? Who are the new players in this ecosystem? We are discussing this hot topic with German heroes in this arena.

  • Björn Wendler, MD & Martin Esters, KAM West, madvertise media
  • Christian Henschel, Co-Founder & CEO, adeven
  • Francis Trapp, Founder & CEO, Brandnew IO
  • Gregor Fellner, Country Manager Germany, Millenial Media

Come and join us for this fascinating topic. We are back at our Grey location at ‘Platz der Ideen 1′ and gather on September 30th at 18:00 – as always.

MoMo Dusseldorf – July 8th – Startups Conquer the Mobile Capital!

The city of Düsseldorf (sadly) has no longer a team in the German 1st football league, but nevertheless it has a good chance to climb up to the champions league when it comes to startups in the mobile arena. Our next MobileMonday on the 8th July features startups, incubators and new collaboration concepts such as Coworking, Service Design Thinking, Lean Incubation, Effectuation and a lot more.

We will surely get answers to questions such as … “Is Duessedorf a good place to foster the mobile Internet?” “Can traditional companies still learn something from the startups or vice-versa?” and of course – your own question.

Our champions of the evening are

  • Mobile Capital Düsseldorf – Jürgen Gerreser
  • Petfindu (9grad) – Alexander Thal
  • K-LAN – Melanie Grüneke and Bernd Thomsen
  • 1st Mover – Dr. Klemens Gaida
  • TellBird – Christoph Stössel
  • Appseleration GmbH – Dirk Hemmerden

As usual, after the presentations and discussions there is plenty of time for networking while enjoying snacks and refreshments.

This time we will be in the K-LAN (aka Knowlegde Netzwerk) in Düsseldorf Heerdt:

One this note, we also would like to thank you K-LAN for being the Event Sponsor!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Your MoMo Dusseldorf Team.

MoMo Dusseldorf – May 13th – The Mobile OS Platforms War

Smartphones are now everybody’s darling and the number of users are growing continuously. This makes it an interesting market for device manufacturers and software vendors and all those companies are fighting in the battle for market shares.

Some of the “old heroes” are standing with their backs on the wall and they are teasing the developers to help them create their app ecosystem. Apps are important for particular platforms but at the same time mobile web is getting becoming mature.

Time (again) for MobileMonday to take a look at a hot topic – the burning mobile platform.

So far, we have the following confirmed speakers :

- Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle – CEO Secusmart
- Marc O. Schmoeger – Project Manager M-Commerce Fressnapf
- Dirk Heitepriem – Government Relations Manager BlackBerry
- Malte Lantin – Technical Evangelist Microsoft

Happy to see you at our event location at Grey – Platz der Ideen


MobileMonday Germany


MoMo Dusseldorf – March 11th – Bring Your Own Device

The BYOD movement is truly shaking up IT.  Now, more than ever, employees are bringing their own devices to work. Not only that, on average, employees carry more than two devices each. The proliferation of devices and the additional traffic are putting big demands on the corporate network, as well as increasing the risk of data security breaches.

Employees today expect the relevant information they need for work, to be accessible on their mobile device. This is true whether the device is company-issued or a personal one.

The information they need goes far beyond email and PDF files; they want access to real-time data, CRM, and ERP applications, to name a few. Employees also want similar user experiences as well, regardless of the device.

As they see it, the mobile work experience should be no different than if the employee was at a desktop at a company site.

Share fresh insights and lively discussions with our panel of experts at the next MobileMonday.

  • Christian Heintz, M-Way Solutions
    MDM and Enterprise AppStores
  • Armin Kobler, Amagu GmbH
    Important questions to identify the appropriate Mobile Device Management solution in BYOD context
  • Jan Holzberg, Vodafone
    Testimonial for BYOD – example: Vodafone
  • Michael Koch, Enough Software
    Mobile cross-platform development: the answer to BYOD?
  • Stephan Schmidt, TCI Law, Specialized Lawyer for IT Law
    Die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen von BYOD für Unternehmen?
  • Klaus Düll, Pretioso GmbH
    Bring Your Own Device, Mobile Application Management, App Wrapping.
    Nobody wants BYOD, needs it, uses it! Right?

    Panel Discussion w/ (even more) experts:

  • Christian Heintz, M-Way Solutions
  • Armin Kobler, Amagu GmbH
  • Jan Holzberg, Vodafone Qatar
  • Stephan Schmidt, TCI Law
  • Klaus Düll, Pretioso GmbH
  • Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, Secusmart GmbH
  • Michael Koch, Enough Software
  • Tobias Dreyschultze, Keynote Systems / DeviceAnywhere
  • Peter Leppelt, media Test DigitalModerator: Franz Haslbeck, m-ACADEMY

Discussion objective

Experts will examine the topic “BYOD” from different perspectives and contribute their own business experience and expertise.

The audience will be provided with overview and insights including important aspects w/ decisional relevance.

Happy to see you on board!


MobileMonday Germany


MoMo Dusseldorf – Sept. 3rd – Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment has been all the rage since NFC (Near Field Communication) entered center-stage some 18 months ago at MWC 2011 in Barcelona.

But now, since we are learning that people start to shop around, compare prices and and actually buy things with their mobile hand-sets this trend has become a vital necessity – for users and providers alike.

But who will make the race and win the Mobile Payment Trophy – probably worth Billions of Dollars and Euros? Will it be banks like Sparkasse with their NFC enabled chip-cards? Or Online Payment-Services like Paypal with their proprietary solutions? Or even handset-makers like Apple with a worldwide customer-base of hundreds of million people?

Share fresh insights and lively discussions with our panel of payment-experts at the next MobileMonday.

Some speakers still have to be confirmed:

  • Mobile Payments in Germany- State of the Industry & key success factors, Jens Kohnen, PwC
  • Sparkassenorganisation, n.n

Nonetheless even today reason enough to dig deeper into the subject at our next MoMo DUS and to Reserve Your Free Seat.

Time: September 3, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
RIVERLOFT, Konkordiastrasse 20, Dusseldorf

MobileMonday Germany


MoMo Dusseldorf – 2nd July – Mobile Enterprise

At first we would like to thank our sponsor:

For a long time, mobile email was the most dominant service delivering perceivable value to the enterprises: Professionals could take mobile device anywhere and have access to their business email and calender whenever and wherever it is needed.

There is no doubt that the value of mobile email is still important today, yet other mobile solutions are emerging for enterprises and smaller businesses that are worth to take a closer look at, such as device management, mobile order management, mobile business intelligence, to name a few.

The next MobileMonday in Düsseldorf will have both speakers from the solution providers camp but also the users of the solution can give their testimonials in their own case.

Our speakers so far:
- Michael Heuer – Akamai
- Sebastian Diehl – Emmas Enkel
- Benno Eiwen – Sigocon

Time: July 2, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: RIVERLOFT, Konkordiastrasse 20, Dusseldorf

Reason enough to dig deeper into the subject at our next MoMo DUS!

MobileMonday Dusseldorf

MoMo Dusseldorf – 14 May – Mobile’s Coming to the Cloud!

When we started talking about “Cloud-Services” people thought of Corporate IT. But wait, think again: The more we got used to storing all our contacts and dates, pictures and files in the cloud to make all that accessible from where ever we might be the more we all started using cloud-services – from Google to iCloud, from Dropbox to Instagram to name but a few.

But cloud-services are more than just a cheap and reliable way to to store away all your personal data. They can give you anything from enterprise-software to personal music, from time-management to social games. But will all those services really be as reliable and safe as your usual desktop-software?

Reason enough to dig deeper into the subject at our next MoMo DUS!

Speakers so far are:

  • Rudolf Schmidt – CGI
  • Peter Decker – Symphony Teleca Corporation
  • Tiemo Winterkamp – Arcplan
  • Malte Lantin von Microsoft und Christian Klasen  von Vela Entertainment

Time: May 14, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: RIVERLOFT, Konkordiastrasse 20 Dusseldorf

MobileMonday Germany


MoMo Dusseldorf – March 26th – E-Commerce Everywhere!

As e-commerce has come of age (it’ll be a 20 something this year) it’s little sibling m-commerce is still struggling to reach the critical mass needed for exponential growth.

But wait: There’s commerce literally everywhere: You could be out in the streets and check Qype for a restaurant near you. Or you could be sitting on a train organizing your next holiday trip with recommendations of your social network contacts. And you might even enjoy the coziness of your living room shopping around for the best deals on spring fashion from your iPad.

Digital commerce happens everywhere, from all your (mobile) devices. And we will discuss opportunities and threats imposed by that development onto retailers as well as e-commerce providers and other players in the field.

Time: March 26, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: RIVERLOFT, Konkordiastrasse 20
City/Town: Dusseldorf Register Details Here.

Of course with the help of our esteemed panelists, as there will be:

- Ercan Killic of GS1 presenting the latest trends of Mobile in Retail

- Stefan Janssen, Head of Mobile Commerce Solutions at Metro Systems

- Jens Kohnen, Manager Payment Solutions at PwC

Come and join us at our next Mobile Monday in Düsseldorf’s new hotspot Riverside for new insights, cool drinks and lots of networking.

MoMo Dusseldorf – Feb. 6th – Mobile Social Networking


Time: February 6, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: Dusseldorf
Street: RIVERLOFT, Konkordiastrasse 20

Social networking has become an indispensable part of our digital life. Not a single day passes without an invitation to enter somebody

else’s circles, “friends” or other networks:

‘Social’ has become a currency in the global fight for eye balls and advertising dollars.

And now social has gone mobile: From Online giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter to Mobile-only Players like Foursquare and Qype, to name but a few.
Where is ‘mobile social’ going? Who has run successful campaigns in combining social, location and mobile? Time for MobileMonday to take a closer look at

“SoMoLo” in our next event in Duesseldorf on the 6th of February!

Speakers on the schedule will be

-          Ossi Urchs (Internet Guru and MoMo Co-Founder)

-          Holger Mannweiler (Match2Blue)

-          Patrick Bosteels (TCS Digital World)

-          Felix Schul (Coupies)

-          More to be announced!

MobileMonday Germany e.V.

Chapter Dusseldorf

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