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MoMo Frankfurt – Nov. 18th – Mobile Data Security

Mobile (Data) Security

NSA and GCHQ – Prism and Tempora – IT Security is finally on the medias radar and Mobile Security is not just for experts only anymore!


06:30 p.m.

Registration and get-together

07:00 p.m.

Mobile Security – The tricks of the data thieves

Roman Schlenker, Sophos GmbH

In the business world iOS, Android & Co. are increasingly used, although on these platforms security and management functions are missing. Usually this would actually disqualify these devices for secure business use. We show new threats which are specifically target to mobile platforms.
07:30 p.m.

Mobile Device Management – Much easier than you think!

Jens Dreger, DREGER Consulting GmbH

All actual Mobile device management solutions look complex and confusing. Jens Dreger will explain what are the issues when integrating Mobile Devices into a secure network to lose its complexity for the users.

08:00 p.m.

Mobile Security in Practice: An Example

Sebastian Fiene,  Sophos GmbH

Learn integrating MDM based a real world case study.

08:30 p.m.

Q&A with the 3 speakers and Rainer Richter, Ipsilon Consulting Group

Raise your questions regarding Mobile security, our experts will guide you

Rainer Richter, Ipsilon Consulting Group

Afterwards we will invite you to good drinks and food and networking.

Event Sponsor: Sophos GmbH

Event Location: Frankfurter Löwen Lounge

VIP Zelt Frankfurt Löwen, Eissporthalle, Am Bornheimer Hang 4, 60386 Frankfurt am Main

MoMo Frankfurt – June 10th – The Future of Mobile Payments

Let’s discuss with representatives of traditional banks, how the ecosystems will change for Mobile Banking.What kind of challenges will providers face and what is the benefit for each client?


18:30: Registration


@Starfinanz GmbH

Mr. Sebastian Tiesler | Head of Mobile Solutions
“Mobile Banking in the Future”


@MyWallet, Deutsche Telekom

Mr. Manfred Rothemund, Senior Manager
“Your Smartphone is your Portemonnaie”


@Millicom International

Mr. Gerhard Romen | CMO Mobile Financial Services
“Emerging Markets, a El Dorado for Mobile Payments.”

20:00: Dirk Rausse, Regional Sales Manager, Enterprise DACH @ Nuance Communications
“Nina – the first virtual Assistant for mobile Client Service”

20:20 Discussion

After: Networking and free drinks and food at the invitation of Nuance

MoMo Frankfurt – Nov. 19th – National Summit 2012

The post-PC era All things mobile? – Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple – everybody needs a mobile strategy – otherwise they don’t need a strategy at all..

Large companies name “mobile first”-strategies, currently more smartphones & tablets than stationery PC‘s & laptops were sold every month – so the right time for us to ask: “..where is it all going?”

Therefore we asked the leading players in the market to share their mobile strategy with us, to discuss what are the expectations and predictions for the “future of mobile“?

Time: November 19, 2012 from 1pm to 11:45pm
Location: Frankfurt
Street: Messe Frankurt Area, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
City/Town: 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Website or Map: http://www.messefrankfurt.com

Enjoy an exciting day @MobileMonday National Summit 2012 in Frankfurt with lots of exciting presentations, discussions & networking!

National Summit Main Sponsors:

Event Sponsors:

Demo Sponsors:

MoMo Frankfurt – Sept. 17 – Mobile Games End Traditional Consoles?

Is mobile gaming the end of traditional gaming consoles?

As one of the hottest topics from gamescom 2012, we want to continue the discussion in our next Mobile Monday Session at www.walden-frankfurt.de. Let’s discuss with leading game developers from both worlds and industry experts, who will be the winner of the “big game”!

Evening Sponsor is Deutsche Telekom’s Portal “Developers Garden” – Thank you!

Speaker and Agenda – Register and Location Details Here:

18:00 | Opening and Registration (Entry is free and included drinks and finger food)

19:00 | Speaks and discussion (a.o. Deck13,Frankfurt am Main, Telekom, ..)

Dr. Florian Stadlbauer,


DECK13 Interactive GmbH, Frankfurt

Sabine Irrgang, ITSMY.com with HTML5 mobile games will make every device to a console

Frank Fischer

Chief Evangelist, Developer Garden

Welche neuen Verdienstmöglichkeiten und Geschäftsmodelle geben sich beim Mobile Gaming im Vergleich zu traditionellen Konsolen?

Location: Walden

See you soon: Monday, 17th of September, 7:00 pm at Walden Frankfurt

MoMo Frankfurt – 26th March – M-Couponing Future Market

Important Update: Please Note Event Date Changed from 5th of March to 26 March

Speaker: Kai-Roger Herzberger, CMO Daily Deal

No question, couponing polarized. The argument about Groupon’s IPO and the acquisition of Daily Deal by Google to make waves.Hardly a week goes by without headlines currently. The bold letters all too often avoid the confrontation with the actual business model.We are very grateful that we at the Mobile Monday, the opportunity to draw attention to some facets of public discussion and present our view of the business model as part of the Mobile Internet.

Who, as we offer the couponing model, companies the opportunity to win new customers with discounts between 40 and 80 percent, consists of the accusation, especially to attract bargain hunters. Critics have long questioned the sustainability of the business model and deny all too happy to benefits for companies that advertise with Daily Deal. We take the criticism seriously and have taken it as an opportunity to deal intensively with the sociogram of our customers.The many thousands of records that we have gained through our own surveys speak for themselves: Daily Deal clients have mostly children living in stable partnerships and are on average 34 years old. 32 percent have a college degree.

The question of the sustainability of the business model can be answered with other numbers: 17 million users every month visit our site every week and we win new customers in the mid five figure range. The pool of advertisers has grown over the past two years, from initially 0 to approximately 9,000 companies. In the pool there are chains and corporations such as Air Berlin, Best Western, German Post, Schlecker and Rossmann, but also many small and medium enterprises, especially in industries such as restaurants or spa. 97.6 percent of our advertising partners are satisfied with our cooperation. Daily Deal, and they use our strong local coverage and often successfully regularly to attract new customers with introductory offers for their products and services. On average, Daily Deal gives new customers every day 5600.

Of course we can not and will not rest on our laurels. Already, Daily Deal in the future market “mobile commerce” with their own applications for Android, iPhone and iPad Europe set the tone. The continued expansion of our mobile sales channels in addition to the personalization of the offer but still a challenge that we in the future and then make love with the help of Google. Local advertising for businesses and service-term success only if it is received on the Needs and habits of the target group. Not only the national and international market is dynamic couponing. Also, our lifestyle is quickly become hectic. It is important to think ahead and to local worlds in the future success and especially through mobile solutions on the spot and in the temporal interests of end users. We want to give the participants of “Mobile Monday in Frankfurt,” an insight into the topic of instant couponing and thus a future line of our business model.


06.30: reception with free drinks
07.00: M-days and MWC@Barcelona 2012
A short overview by Markus Huber and Jens Klemann.

7.30 M-Couponing a future market
Speaker:Kai-Roger Herzberger, CMO DailyDeal

07.30: Regional Offers via Mobile
Speaker: N.N:

08.15 Networking and catering by invitation of Daily Deal

Time: March 26, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm
Location: Kleiner Hirschgraben 7, Frankfurt
See full details and Registration Here.

MoMo Frankfurt – 12 Sept. – Consumer Centric Mobile Solutions

Consumer Centric Mobile Solutions – we care about the mobile user, not devices or platforms

Mobile Internet changed the way we use media and (brand-) communication.

But it has been shown, that the view onto “Mobile” has to be changed. Not the mobile device is the key to sucessful marketing but the user!

Our Heroes at this show



Registration and Welcome Drink



Mobile Attitudes

presented by Maurice Racz, Strategy Director, MRM Worldwide Germany



Case Study: Recruting Campaign

presented by Nicola von Tschirnhaus, Recruiting, Gleiss Lutz

Afterwards famous MobileMonday networking is guaranteed!


WALDEN – Frankfurt
Kleiner Hirschgraben 7
60311 Frankfurt

Event Sponsor is

MRM Worldwide

MoMo Frankfurt 21st March Mobile Social Media – Slides

Download the Slides from our "Mobile Social Media" @MOMO Frankfurt Event of 21st March 2011

The Future of Mobile Social Media and Marketing - Trend Report from SXSW 2011
by Sebastian Gerhard, Social Media Strategist from Hundert Grad Kommunikation GmbH
Download Slides PDF

10 years of  Mobile Social Media without Apps
by Marcus Ladwig COO und Co-Founder of Peperoni GmbH
Download Slides PDF

Mobile Customer Loyalty using the example of Lufthansa Miles & More MemberScout
by Stephanie Renda, CEO of match2blue holding GmbH
Slides could not be presented because of customer rules

Usability is king at Social Media
André Lönne, Executive Director DACH at HTC Corp
Slides are on it´s way - stay tuned

MoMo Frankfurt 21 March Mobile Social Media

Interested in social media and/or mobile, their past, present and future connections? Fancy amazing stories and experiences of experts in this field?

The next MobileMonday session is for you!
On the 21st of March, MobileMonday proudly organizes an evening program devoted to Mobile Social Media.

Social Media ist the biggest online revolution since the invention of the Internet
80% of all Social Media usage is through mobile phones
Learn about Lufthansa Miles&More, Peperoni and the learnings from the Texas event SXSW 2011

Event Sponsor is

Hundert Grad Kommunikation GmbH


WALDEN – Frankfurt
Kleiner Hirschgraben 7
60311 Frankfurt

Our Heroes at this show



Registration and Welcome Drink



The Future of Mobile Social Media and Marketing -
A Trend Reposrt from SXSW 2011, Texas

by Sebastian Gerhard, Social Media Strategist from Hundert Grad Kommunikation GmbH



10 years of  Mobile Social Media without Apps

by Marcus Ladwig COO und Co-Founder of Peperoni GmbH



Mobile Customer Loyality using the example of Lufthansa Miles & More MemberScout
by Stephanie Renda, CEO of match2blue holding GmbH



Usability is king at Social Media
Jakob Feyissa, Product Manager DACH at HTC Corp


Afterwards famous MobileMonday networking is guaranteed!

MobileMonday Demo Night @M-Days 2011

MobileMonday Demo Night happens 2011 for the 5th time and is a well known format to many MobileMonday followers. At the Demo Night, we look for startups to present products, services, technologies and projects (not ONLY apps, but apps, too) that:

  • provide new opportunities, information and insights to the community
  • are likely to play a significant role in the mobile industry’s ecosystems
  • offer innovative ideas, processes and business models
  • have something new to announce
  • can be demonstrated LIVE in just 5 minutes

The steering group will select some ‘projects’ it believes are most likely to be of interest to the mobile community. MobileMonday submissions will be selected by topic and availability. Slots are limited.

In 2011 it is not just our first event, but also happens the 2nd time during the M-Days, which gives the startups an extended reach and exposure!

Time: January 27, 2011 from 5pm to 7pm
Location: Frankfurt
Street: Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 (Messe Frankfurt GmbH)
City/Town: 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Website or Map: http://m-days.com/

The high quality location Messe Frankfurt on top is something special for itself.

Attendees, if you register NOW (I WILL ATTEND), the entrance to the MoMo event is free of charge! We will transfer your name to the M-Days organizers for issueing a free of charge fair ticket! YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR TICKET AT THE COUNTER IN FRANKFURT!***

*** Legal note: By clicking on Will Attend you have given MobileMonday Germany the right to transfer your name to the M-Days organizers in order to issue a free of charge fair ticket 2011.

Of course you can also book another part of M-Days, that requires a payment.

Our event partner & event sponsor:

MoMo Frankfurt – Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

What can be seen today is a real App Hype.
The decision in companies to develop an App often is not integrated in a clear mobile Strategy nor a detailed concept that puts Mobile in a Corporate Communications Strategy.
At the same time when mobile websites are business, Apps are expected to be the highlight of it.

At least it looks like that everybody is counting on Apps.

The companies at this event want to show us real examples of successful apps and how they are integrated in a corporate strategy.

* What is the future outlook of Apps?
* Benchmarks of successful Apps
* Apps beat the Mobile Web?

Keynote from Deviceanywhere:
Testing Mobile Applications in a Fragmented World
Short Abstract

The mobile world has fundamentally changed as consumers are embracing new smartphones and downloading applications like never before. In this new world, developers and carriers have unprecedented opportunities… and new challenges.
For developers, one of their biggest challenges is ensuring the quality of their applications, making sure they work flawlessly across different devices, different networks and different geographies.
This is where DeviceAnywhere comes in. DeviceAnywhere provides any organization interested in bringing a product or service to the mobile platform a range of solutions for testing and quality assurance… ensuring a user experience that is consistent and positive.


18:00 Registration and Get together
19:00: Testing Mobile Applications in a Fragmented World
Leila Modarres, VP of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere™,
19:35: Augmented Reality on Apps
Thomas Nindl, Business Director Biz Dev Central Europe, Qualcomm
20:10: Dragon Dictation – Press, Speak, Send
Reimund Schmald , Director Business Development
20:40: Networking and Get together

WALDEN Frankfurt
Kleiner Hirschgraben 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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