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MoMo Hamburg – Nov. 4th – NFC is All Around – 2013 Follow Up

NFC was associated with long only mobile ticketing and mobile payments. This has changed: now more than 300 NFC phone models and many applications that use NFC are available.

This MobileMonday provides an overview of the diversity of applications and current trends.

Enjoy with us:
Ideas and actions , Tanya Kruse Brandao, “SmartMedia – NFC for agencies and publishers + Status NFC evolution”, supported by NXP
mobile vision , CEO Klaus von den Hoff, “NFC – Not For Commerce?”
GolinHarris , Jan-H. Eick Meier, senior manager, “Communication in the NFC environment – experience since the introduction of MasterCard PayPass”
Telekom , Fabian Schreiber, Telekom MyWallet – Status & Outlook
Schneider pens, Holger Schaffer, Director of Business Development, blukii – Open hardware platform for the next-generation app – including NFC, and Bluetooth ® smart motion and temperature sensor
GMRS, Nora Hentrop, www.seenotretter.de & Twingle , Fabian Schreiber, www.mcdonalds-kinderhilfe.de “Mobile Donations via NFC – Project Update”

We sincerely invite back to the Business Club Hamburg to a stimulating conversation, drinks and finger food.

04th November 2013
18.30 bis 22:00 clock (19:00 bis 20:30 clock talks and panel discussion)

Business Club Hamburg, bch.de
Elbchausee 43, 22765 Hamburg

Thanks to the support of the Mobile Monday Event participation is free. Thanks to:

MoMo Hamburg – Sept. 26th – at Reeperbahn Festival 2013

This Mobile Monday is once again on a Thursday and planned together with our friends from MLOVE and takes place at the first evening of the famous Reeperbahn Festival.

This MobileMonday event is starting with an an expert panel with music / technology experts. Evening then turns into a relaxed get together plus some food & drinks, where you can mingle with the Movers & Shakers of Mobile x Music!

Location: Cowboy & Indianer, Reeperbahn 25 – across the street from Schmidt Theater

About Reeperbahn Festival

Whether music lover, industry professional, art enthusiast or avid festivalgoer – Germany’s largest club festival presents more than 400 wide-ranging events in over 70 venues. Featuring international newcomers, an extensive arts programme, a business platform for companies and organisations in the international music and digital industry.

The Reeperbahn Festival is one of the three most important music industry platforms in Europe and an indicator for the state of the international musical culture and creative industries.


“The MLOVE  ConFestival  cemented  its  reputation  as  a ‘TED  for  Mobile’  by  spoiling  attendees  by  three   days of inspirational talks and workshops” stated Will Samson, Editor at Contagious Magazine.
“Best Event in Mobile“ WIRED – “Meetup of the IT Avantgarde” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).
MLOVE (www.mlove.com) is a community and media platform for passionate creators & makers interested in the future of mobile and a lifestyle of mobility.

MoMo Hamburg – 3 June – Mobile Advertising for Premium Brands

There’s no doubt 2012 was a breakthrough year for mobile advertising. Time people spend on mobile is dominating the web and challenging TV. Cisco study on Internet habits shows 9 out of 10 Gen Y respondents check their smartphones as part of their morning routine, many before getting out of bed. That sums it up: We are all obsessed !


18.30 Doors open

19.00 Keynote Nugg.ad

19.30 Keynote MillennialMedia

19.50 mLOVE 2013

20.00 Roundtable, plus Food & Drinks

Keynote Markus Breuer – nugg.ad 


Advertising on mobile platforms is often an ongoing balancing act: Limited screen size means either smaller ad formats or disturbing the customer experience. So relevance takes the leading role: choosing the “right” ads and addressing the right target groups is crucial especially in the mobile market.

Markus will provide current insights on the practical use of mobile targeting and will make a passionate plea for intelligent, mobile audience targeting, whose core concept can also be used for delivering individual mobile content to users.

Keynote MillennialMedia – Ronny Harders

MoMo Hamburg – March 18th – High Noon on The High Street

Brick and mortar retail is struggling with online. High inner-city rents are driving costs, while increasing popularity of couch surfing via online mail-order puts pressure on sales. Many traditional retailers will disappear as soon as online is getting stronger.

Retailers need to develop cross-channel strategies combining the best of online and high-street. Has mobile the chance to become the missing link between high-street shopping and couch consumption? Probably yes. But we see, that limited know-how, organizational silos, as well as lack of technical infrastructure are impeding the path of traditional retailers to mobile innovation.

What to do? How could we apply mobile channels to engage high-street shoppers?
On Mobile Monday Hamburg’s session of March 18th, Axel Hoehnke, Jens Otto Lange and Jens Nitzschke will provide some answers.

  • Axel Hoehnke opens the discussion with best practises from other MoMo chapters, how traditional retail leverages mobile to build one-to-one relationships to customers.
  • Jens Otto Lange explains, how Design Thinking and Service Design are helping companies to develop engaging cross-channel solutions.
  • And Jens Nitzschke shares insights into the technical pitfalls, and how retailers could support business by a mobile infrastructure serving customer needs.

Time to find out how mobile is closing the gap between the high street and online retailing. To learn more, sign up now to meet us on March 18th, 18:30 at Business Club Hamburg. See you there

Best regards
Axel Hoehnke, Jens Otto Lange, Jens Nitzschke

Thanks to the support of sponsors, the participation is free.

In partnership with

MoMo Hamburg – Oct. 29th – NFC IS ALL AROUND!

One associates with NFC mobile payments and has only perhaps even mobile ticketing. That will change in a short time, because: It not only service over 200 mobile phone models with NFC on their delivery – at least as many apps and applications are in the starting blocks.

The upcoming MobileMonday provides an overview of the variety of applications and current trends. Above all, he shows how many points to NFC will simplify our lives.

Questions like these are answered:

  • Makes NFC mobile phones now truly a universal device, ie I will unlock with my phone the house to regulate the heating, buy my newspaper kiosk, start to open the car and is, my phone is the key to the VIP lounge of the HSV and my phone Now the bus ticket and how do I keep the phone on the Sammelschiffchen the GMRS to donate?
  • NFC provides revolutionary new business models?
  • Who will be the driver – innovative start-ups or established names?

Look forward with us to inspiring speakers and discuss with us and:

- Fabian Schreiber , twingle, www.twingle.de + Nora Hentrop , DGzRS,www.seenotretter.de – Mobile Donations

- Charles Dannies , www.hsv.de – Mobile Contactless Ticketing

- Ahmet Sancak , eLock, www.elock.de – Mobile Access

- Giancarlo Cultrignelli , NXP, www.nxp.com – Smart Media

- Christoph Fondrier , highQ, www.highq.de – Mobile in Public Transport

- Nn , Samsung – Mobile Devices (invited)

- Nn, Telekom , www.telekom.de – Mobile Wallet

We invite back to the Business Club Hamburg Stimulating conversations, drinks and finger food.

29th October 2012
22:00 bis 18.30 clock (19:00 20:30 clock lectures and panel discussion)

Business Club Hamburg, www.bch.de
Elbchaussee 43, 22765 Hamburg

Thanks to the support of sponsors, the participation is free.

Hamburg @ work is the Hamburg Initiative for media, IT and telecommunications. The more than 2,500 members from more than 650 companies of the digital economy with Hamburg @ work form the largest national network of the industry.

MoMo Hamburg – Sept. 20th – with mLove at Reeperbahn Festival

This MoMo event is on a Thursday and planned together with our friends from MLOVE. It takes place at the first evening one of the HotSpots of Reeperbahn Festival 2012.

Technologies changed the way we interact with music. From the device that we play music from; to the way it is recorded and published. iTunes and the Internet revolutionized the music industry and inspired others to get creative. We have learned that the key to outstanding disruptive changes and new business ideas is not necessary found within the music industry itself.

MoMo event is starting at 6 pm. Highlight is an expert panel with music / technology experts (names will follow) and a get together with some food & drinks, where you can mingle with the Movers & Shakers of Mobile and Music!

Later in the evening the Reeperbahn you can enjoy great music as the Reeperbahn Festival turns into one big party. So you are at the “place to be” for having a great evening.

Thanks to the support from our sponsors the Mobile Monday evening is free. However, our recommendation is to make it more than one MobMo evening. Reeperbahn Festival is a three day party and a great reason to travel to Hamburg.

Click here to register for the whole Mobile x Music Event day.

Your Special Promo Code to save 20% off: “MLOVE-MxM-Monday”

Your MoMo Hamburg Team

And a big Thank You to our Sponsors:

MoMo Hamburg – Feb. 13th – MWC 2012 Preview

The Mobile World Congress is one of the most important international trade events in the mobile industry. Here, trends are set by technology and visions meet. Just two weeks earlier – on the 13th February we will discuss in the context of mobile monday the expectations of the world’s leading trade fair.

  • The start of the evening at 18.30 makes Jeff Haynie , Appcelerator whose company is one of the most respected companies in the current app universe.
  • The second speaker is Martin Adam before, such as augmented reality technologies mCRUMBS Junaio, Metaio and Layar brings together in one app. This is obviously succeeded, because his app is the official AR App at Mobile World Congress 2012th

Keynote Speaker:

Schedule: 6 pm: Check in and network | 6.30 pm: Keynotes / Panel and Discussion, MoMo Hamburg Roadmap 2012 | 8-10 pm: Drinks & Snacks & Fun

We are proud to be partners of:

MDC – Mobile Developer Conference 2012 and Hamburg Media Net and Smaato

Hamburg @ work is the Hamburg initiative for media, IT and telecommunications. The more than 2,500 members from over 650 companies in the digital economy is formed by Hamburg @ work is the largest national network of the industry.

MoMo Hamburg – Nov. 8th – Gamification Anytime & Anywhere

Gamification is simply a way to use game elements (levels, points, trophies) to encourage website visitors to complete actions (make a purchase, fill out their profiles, etc.) and return to the website. Most gamification systems use points, virtual trophies, and badges to reward customers when they complete certain actions.

Time: November 8, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Hamburg
Street: Elbchaussee 43, Business Club Hamburg
City/Town: Hamburg
Website or Map: http://bit.ly/momo-hh-location
Phone: +49.173.952.8000

/ Registration starts at 7 pm

/ Presentation starts at 7.30

/ Event language = English

/ Link to – Welcome Deck

Welcome & Introduction

Axel Hoehnke & Dr. Rainer Giersch

The keynote speakers:

Hillary Samson, VP, Marketing

Pug Pharm Productions Inc.

“Gamification” – WhitePaper

Create a unique “Gameplay Ecosystem” where brands, companies and organizations can create individual or cross-property social entertainment that attracts and retains customers and builds brand recognition and loyalty.

The Canadian company Pug Pharm developed a system that achieves the same goals as a regular gamification product, but also grows more useful over time—with built-in brand-awareness and customer acquisition components. Pug Pharm have developed their own IP, a dynamic and scalable Social Network Online Game Engine that allows businesses to transform their corporate website into a powerful tool to increase visitor engagement and acquire new customers.

Tim Vasko, Founder & CEO

BizAbacus – 1to1REAL Process Technology | Presentation

Another Canadian company, 1to1REAL is at the forefront of integrating social media into corporate websites with an evolution in the HUB for Business Social – a cloud based platform that aggregates social and media feeds on the web and offers enterprise level management, governance & compliance patented process flow technology in the background to allow corporations to manage, message and measure ROI on all forms of social, email and text media.  The structure allows companies to keep the presence, control their business messages, measure and immediately react to what happens in the social media driven market.


British Columbia

In cooperation with the German-Canadian Business-Club

Hamburg@work ist die Hamburger Initiative für Medien, ITund Telekommunikation. Die mehr als 2.500 Mitglieder aus über 650 Unternehmen der Digitalen Wirtschaft bilden mit Hamburg@work das bundesweit größte Netzwerk der Branche.

MoMo Hamburg – Oct. 18 – Mobile DevCon 2011 (Tuesday!)

Event Deck:

Time: October 18, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Hamburg
Street: Intercontinental, Fontenay 10, 20354 Hamburg
City/Town: Hamburg
Website or Map: http://g.co/maps/p4ug
Phone: +49.173.952.8000

This event is open and free to developers, start-ups and any other individual or organization with apps on any platform. Registration starts at 18.30. (Sprache vor Ort = Deutsch)

Our plan for the evening:

  1. NUANCEReimund Schmald
    • 1.  “Launch Experiences of Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search, Dragon Go!, FlexT9, NDev mobile: Motivation, Business Rationale, Goals and Results“
    • 2.  Goal definition for our consumer mobile apps.
    • 3.  How to measure success/non-success
    • 4.  Business Case/Business Rationale for Nuance
    • 5.  Way forward with NDev mobile: Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech for mobile developers
  2. adsmobiAlexander Voss - App Market Update: International Trends & Metrics
  3. Best Practice / GigaLocal – Kevin Waschescio
  4. Best Practice / Fishlabs
  5. Food & Drinks

In cooperation with mobile DevCon, smaato and HH @ Work    

Hamburg@Work ist die Hamburger Initiative für Medien, ITund Telekommunikation. Die mehr als 2.500 Mitglieder aus über 650 Unternehmen der Digitalen Wirtschaft bilden mit Hamburg@work das bundesweit größte Netzwerk der Branche.

MoMo Hamburg 30 May Mobile Retail 2011

Today consumers use their smart phone inside the retail shop. But instead of buying on-site, they browse, order, and buy products online. The PoS becomes an expensive shopping window. How retail should react to this dilemma?

Time: May 30, 2011 from 6:30pm to 10pm
Street: Elbchaussee 43, Business Club Hamburg
City/Town: Hamburg


Klaus Jansen-Knor, Senior Vice President at CellPoint Mobile. “Mobilize the Enterprise!“
Klaus oversees CellPoint’s EMEA business. He has worked for more than 17 years in the telecommunications sector post his masters program. During the last 12 years in business development in director or senior positions for companies such as Axel Springer, Mobileway, and Sybase.

Bernd Scheibe, Co-Founder and Head of Product & Marketing at adHOC.com. The Hamburg based ecommerce start-up operates hyper-local marketplaces, enabling seemless eCommerce between local businesses and consumers.  Core concept of it´s marketplace platform is the unique combination of deals, location & mobile, social and real-time. Prior to adHOC the team has founded OpenOffice, StarFinance and was responsible for Yahoo!´s worldwide mobile endeavors. adHOC is backed by serial entrepreneur Marco Boerries.

Schedule: 7 pm: Check in and network | 7.30 pm: Mobile Retail Keynote and Discussion, MoMo Hamburg Roadmap 2011 | 9-10 pm: Drinks & Snack will be served.


Hamburg@work ist die Hamburger Initiative für Medien, ITund Telekommunikation. Die mehr als 2.500 Mitglieder aus über 650 Unternehmen der Digitalen Wirtschaft bilden mit Hamburg@work das bundesweit größte Netzwerk der Branche.

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