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MoMo Kampala – Oct. 4th – Impact of Internet in Africa

As a part of the 2nd annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week, Google Uganda, in partnership with Mobile Monday and GBG Kampala, are excited to host Dalberg Global Development Advisors to present findings of their 2013 study and report on the impact of the internet in Africa. The keynote will be titled “The Impact of the Internet in Africa: The good, the bad, and the unfulfilled potential.”

This report describes the role of the Internet on the socioeconomic development of Sub-Saharan Africa and its potential going forward. It builds atop a body of research that has sought to identify and measure the economic benefits of the Internet and broadband. These previous reports, most of which have found a positive relationship between economic development and the Internet, provide helpful starting points, because they have aggregated a wealth of data from an array of countries across the globe. However, previous research has tended to focus on macro-level data, which has limited ability to provide actionable recommendations for policymakers. Further, available studies typically lack detailed analyses of the social and political value of the Internet, especially across Sub-Saharan Africa. Finally, most reports have thus far focused on developed economies, rather than low-income countries, or have defined “economic development” narrowly, by focusing on the contributions to gross domestic profit (GDP) by traditional large, commercial industries.

In contrast, this report defines the scope of economic benefits broadly, including opportunities to drive inclusive growth and to address social and inequality goals. Although it uses a macro-economic analysis to review the underlying enabling conditions, it relies heavily on a broad based survey of African businesses. It aims to understand the opportunities the Internet has brought these small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the barriers business owners face as they try to tap opportunities, and the Internet’s potential future impact on them. The report includes a micro-level impact analysis of the Internet’s current and potential impact on socio economic development across seven sectors.

Sheraton Kampala, Ternan Avenue
Kampala, Uganda
Friday, October 4, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Please Register in Advance Here


9:00 am to 10:00 am: Arrival of Guests, Networking, and House Keeping Announcements

10 am to 10:15 am: Welcome Note by Elijah Kitaka, Google

10:15 am to 10:30 am: A word from Event Partner by Joyce Tonda, GBG Kampala

10:30 am to 10:45 am: A word from Event Partner by Daniel Stern, Mobile Monday

10:45 am to 11:45 am: Keynote By Dalberg Global Development Advisors.
The Impact of the Internet: The good, the bad, and the unfulfilled potential.

11:45 am to 12:30 pm: Panel & Floor Discussion moderated by Elijah Kitaka

12:30 pm to 1:00 pm: Thank You’s, Upcoming MoMo & GBG Events, Closing Remarks and mixer.

MoMo Kampala – Sept. 2nd – Healthcare Resources Harmonization

You are cordially invited to join our next MoMo Kampala meeting to be held Monday 2nd September, hosted by Hive Colab starting 5:30 PM on the theme, Healthcare resources harmonization is critical: How do we achieve it?

Uganda has been called the “perfect storm” for aid. In the past decade the number of health and development initiatives (public, private, social entrepreneurial, NGO, etc) has skyrocketed. There are over 10,000 NGOs in Uganda. The expansion of projects within the mHealth sector alone was so rapid and uncoordinated that the Ministry of Health was compelled to issue a moratorium on mHealth/eHealth projects until systems for harmonization between the tech and health sectors could be put into place.

Lack of harmonization (i.e. coordination, transparency, & focus on comparative advantage) among global health efforts is a major obstacle to project impact, sustainability, and scale. Harmonization of existing resources (evidence, work force, technology, and funding) is often overshadowed by calls for more resources and new innovations.

Our distinguished panel of speakers will attempt to light up the landscape, explore the issues, discuss ways of moving forward to avoid similar problems in future, and stimulate and provoke delegates to suggest solutions or help answer the question, “Where do we go from here and how do we get there?”

The evening will be capped by MoMo’s usual high energy informal networking, allowing delegates and speakers to mingle and talk, form partnerships, do a deal – or create a company.

MoMo Kampala – June24th – Prelude to Pivot East

You are cordially invited to participate at our next MoMo, hosted by Outbox, Monday 24th June from 5:30, a prelude on the eve of Pivot East.

The informal parley by a speakers panel of key players and moderator will explore issues to do with building out the mobile app developer-entrepreneur start-up ecosystem in East Africa: Where are we now; what are its strengths, weaknesses; what is missing; where do we go from here, and how do we get there? We are inviting business leaders within the mobile entrepreneurship space, from neighbouring countries and abroad, to share their views, and expect careful scrutiny of issues and lively debate.

Get the inside track on emerging trends in what promises to be a memorable event. The evening will be capped by MoMo’s usual high energy informal networking, allowing delegates and speakers to mingle and talk – and form partnerships, do a deal and develop a company.

MoMo Kamapala – April 29th – The Power of Tech for mHealth

You are cordially invited to participate at our next MoMo mHealth meeting to be hosted by Hive Colab Monday 29th April starting 5:30 PM.

Mobile phone ownership by health facility workers is quickly becoming universal. With advances in the electronic management of human resources and powerful SMS communications tools, it is now possible to eliminate the traditional bottlenecks of distance and time. Whether mobilizing health workers for an immunization campaign, polling them on whether the most recent delivery of medicines arrived, or simply connecting them with their District supervisors to answer basic questions, mobile phones have already changed the way in which we communicate.

New opportunities call for new strategies, as the mobile phone revolution in Africa has opened doors that didn’t exist even a few years ago. In our next MoMo event, we will be discussing with Government, United Nations, Non Government Organizations, and the Private Sector emerging strategies and best practices, as well opportunities to create further synergies between existing tools.

An international panel of experts will describe the current state of play,  emerging trends, and will want to hear your views. We expect a good turnout so please register if you intend to participate.

MoMo Kampala – Feb. 11th – How Can ICT Help Farmers?

You are cordially invited to attend MoMo Kampala’s next meeting on the theme How can ICT help farmers?, to be hosted by Victoria University, on Monday 11th February starting 5:30 PM.

Agriculture is critical to Ugandans — probably our most important sector.  Almost 70 percent of Ugandan households farm for their livelihoods.  Our farmers’ productivity is far lower than it could be for a variety of reasons, many out of their control.  But things can improve if farmers know about better cropping techniques, know more about what types of seeds and fertilizers to use, and what do to if a disease breaks out.  Even knowing their plot sizes can help them apply the right amount of inputs and save money.   Sharing local knowledge and solutions also helps.

Our next Mobile Monday Kampala meeting will focus on ways public and private sector players are trying to harness ICT to help Uganda’s farmers.  This includes mobile phone applications for entry level, feature or smart phones, but also better ways to use radio, images and low cost video.  Our speakers will discuss what they have learned, what the biggest challenges are, what appears to be working in Uganda and across sub-Saharan Africa.  They will touch on how hard it is to make such ICT applications sustainable without on-going donor support and scalable to the millions of farmers who might benefit.  They will also zero in on efforts to measure the impact of these ICT applications and determine whether or not they are just “cool” or actually cost effective approaches to helping farmers.

MoMo Kampala – Nov. 19th – The Democratization of Mobile

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”

You are cordially invited to attend MoMo Kampala’s next meeting to be hosted by Hive Colab, catering sponsored by Smile Telecom, at the Hive on Monday 19th November starting 5:30 PM.

Our panel of speakers will help us to visualize the possibilities, in our increasingly connected world, brought to us by broadband. These include new ways of working, tools that enable us to Work from home, video conferencing, cloud based storage and backup. How will images and sounds be brought to us by faster Internet to stimulate our minds and souls, IPTV, music downloads, streaming movies, online multi-player gaming, mobile education? And consider how mobile diagnosis, health consultation at home or on the move will help keep us healthy and happier.

And how will improved access to the Internet of things, digital interactions between people and things, make our lives simpler and enable us to manage our affairs more effectively, by our making better decisions more easily, and our transactions more convenient? How will E-commerce, m-agriculture, mobile financial services actually create wealth, especially in under served communities, with Mobile Broadband as a key Business Enabler?

Our mobile phones have become a key social object capable of empowering us to multitask. Mobiles influence our patterns of behaviour, consumption, in all-pervasive ways. Internet-enabled mobile phones now exceed desktop computers; mobility, touch-screen devices have revolutionized how we find and view content, how we get things done, and act as a motor for change and innovation.

What are the prospects for ubiquitous broadband; what are the obstacles and how can we overcome them? Come get a glimpse of the future of broadband in Uganda. Please Register in Advance Here.

MoMo Kampala – Oct. 8th – Technology for Poetics and Politics

You are cordially invited to How technologies can serve the poetics and politics of everyday life, hosted and sponsored by Victoria University Monday 8th October.

Technology is usually framed in terms of efficiency and productivity. Happily, life has much more to offer, and paying attention to the particular, the ephemeral, and the contentious, can lead to significant innovation. The Center for Civic Media built technologies for geographic communities, and resulted in well-known enterprises such as publiclaboratory.org andsourcemap.com. His other research group, the Computing Culture group, focused on technologies of poetry and politics.

Prof Chris Csikszentmihalyi will describe the work of his two research groups at the premiere technical campus in the United States, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and how they used inspiration from art, activism, and politics to create popular new sociotechnical systems.

An Xiao Mina, a renowned expert on Internet memes, will also talk about the role of memes in both China and the English-speaking world. Mina is known for her work as designer, as well as her contributions to the studio of Ai Wei Wei. Mina is currently a graduate student in the Media Design Practices department at Art Center.

Csikszentmihalyi and Mina are part of a larger group of researchers from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. They are working with UNICEF to prototype new designs for youth engagement and expression, so they will also talk about the projects they will be conducting in Uganda, and what they are hoping to learn from the local technology community.

Please register at: http://momoklatechpoeticspolitics.eventbrite.com

Sure to be one of the highlights of the year!

MoMo Kampala – Aug. 13th – Get the Vision: Geospatial Infrastructure

You are cordially invited to Get the vision: Geospatial Infrastructure Points the Way to more Efficient Development, to be hosted by Outbox on Monday 13 August starting 5:30 PM. The aim of our next MoMo Kampala meeting is to help us to better appreciate the concept of geospatial information and its relevance to our daily lives.

Outbox Hub, Soliz House, 4th Floor
Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda
Monday, August 13, 2012 at 5:30 PM
Please Register in Advance Here.

Do you have any idea how tremendously valuable geospatial information is to national development and planning? Indeed it is a powerful force for good for your own family’s prosperity.

In a nutshell, Spatial Data Infrastructure, SDI, and Geographical Information System, GIS, are closely related tools that can assist us in visualizing the world around us, improving our visual acuity, as it were, as one who is near sighted may do simply by being fitted with a pair of eyeglasses. And it is through the accurate mapping of those blank spaces you may have noticed on Google Maps or Open Street Map, that we pave the way ahead for more efficient development.

Mapping parties organized by indigenous youth groups such as the Scouts or Rotaract Clubs identify the names and locations of streets, schools, water points, health facilities, latrines, fuel stations etc., complete with contact details, one town or village after another, until the map has been populated and we see more clearly what infrastructure is already in place there and what may be missing.

These improved views afford us opportunities to work together in greater harmony as a community and as a nation. They enable us to be more circumspect in our planning, in scouting out and selecting better ways to move forward. As a consequence we will have greater confidence in our development planning abilities.

It’s all about mapping, and one of the exciting things about SDI and GIS is that it should soon be literally at our fingertips; we shall all have a role to play in this venture, so plan to get mapping today! Please note that you do NOT need to print out tickets.

Incidentally the Urban TV Innovate programme broadcast about our MoMo on How can innovative mHealth strategies improve healthcare in Uganda is available online here.

MoMo Kampala – 25 June – Innovative mHealth Strategies

You are cordially invited to MoMo Kampala's next meeting  on the theme, Can innovative mHealth strategies overcome bottlenecks in delivery of healthcare in Uganda? Hive Colab Monday 25th June, starting 5:30 PM

To ensure healthy outcomes in underserved communities, households need to be able to access essential health, HIV and nutrition information and services for pregnant mothers and their children along with the continuum-of-care. To bridge the access gap to basic healthcare, the Ministry of Health is increasingly reliant upon front-line Community Health Workers to link mothers & their children to the larger healthcare system.

Mobile technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to address longstanding bottlenecks that have long been a barrier to healthy outcomes. Strategic use of these technologies can solve problems of time, distance and coordination in the delivery of health services. The Ministry of Health and development partners have demonstrated that integrating mobile technologies into health systems can help overcome bottlenecks.

Solving these issues can provide opportunities for linking community health services to the formal health system in underserved and remote communities, and offer the ability to directly target and interact with even the most remote health consumers.

Yet challenges remain. Many of these mHealth initiatives have focused on addressing bottlenecks within a single vertical programme and may not always link to foundational eHealth systems such as DHIS2 (District Health Information Software) being adopted by partner governments. Others lock government into systems that have hidden costs, or require extensive support.

In light of the recent moratorium on new eHealth initiatives in Uganda, we have an unprecedented opportunity to step back and reflect on what guiding principles should be adopted; what support can be provided to the Ministry of Health for developing policies and coordination mechanisms required to guide development partners and the private sector.

Some key questions to consider include:
What is the national vision for contributing effectively to the growing eHealth ecosystem; what guiding principles need to be adopted with regard to governance, ownership, costing, sustainability, piloting and scale-up? What role should the Ministry of Health play in ensuring that newly emerging eHealth tools will fit into an overall scheme of healthcare guidelines, and ensuring that they will be interoperable? What role do institutional capacity building initiatives such as DHIS2 have in mediating healthcare outcomes? How do we empower government to help create an enabling ecosystem that provides a space for innovation and testing, while allowing outside interest groups to assist in mapping the way ahead?

These are some of the issues we will address through our presentations and panel discussions.

For more details and to register visit: http://innovativemhealthstrategies.eventbrite.com/


MoMo Kampala – May 14 – Mobile Startup Showcase

You are cordially invited to attend Mobile Monday Kampala’s Startup Showcase to be hosted by Victoria University on Monday 14th May starting at 5:30 PM.  Ten startups will each be presenting a five-minute elevator pitch about their products.

After the pitches our Chair and Moderator will ask pertinent questions, and then we will pass the cordless mike around to our delegates for further questions and comments.

See below the list of ten companies, click here to download/view the Programme .pdf

Please register early as seats will be at a premium!


Looking forward to another scintillating Mobile Monday Kampala.  Thanks go out to Victoria University for their kind hospitality!

Kind regards, Daniel

We shall enjoy elevator pitches for the following ten applications:

DataBud              MyZiki           Bet OTM          2chakale          Mambu Mobile Credit Union

Sonda                  Story Spaces          mPoultry          Easy Order          Wordbook

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