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MoMo Kiev – April 23rd – Mobile Payments and Profits

April 23 at the conference hall “Arena City” will be the fourth meeting of the club’s Mobile Monday.The main question event, “How else can you earn in a saturated market of Ukrainian mobile communications?” Opens with reports on topics such as non-standard additional services for pre-paid subscribers receive timely and accurate information about the client, mobile payments and electronic money.

Will open the meeting, Yuri Korzh – Director of Corporate Management and Control of GlobalMani. Yuri tells about the key features and differences between electronic and mobile payments, market trends and opportunities of e-money in the context of mobile payments. You will receive the most current information on the functioning of electronic money in Ukraine.

The theme of mobile payments will continue to CEO Alexander GlobalMani Tyutyunov. The report will be disclosed by Alexander Key features of the legal regulation of electronic payments in Ukraine and the EU.

Headlining the event will Iymen Mehmet( Mehmet Iyimen ) – Director ofMicroCDP . Mehmet has an impressive experience, he was regional director ofMicrosoft in the Middle East and Africa, the regional managing director of Sun Microsy stems in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Director of Strategic Management of Oracle . At the meeting of Mobile Monday in Kiev Mehmet raskazhet of additional non-standard services and new models of partnerships aimed at launching services for an additional cost . In addition to the theory, Mehmet provide practical success story AvansAir ™ – service allowing prepaid subscribers to lend without the cost and risk for mobile operators.

Do not forget that in order to create successful products and services you need to know and understand your customers: who they are, what they like, what they want and how many are willing to pay. This, in its report “Information about the client – the most valuable asset of the business” and tell Max Gore , Director of Business Development Citia BTC .

And of course, will be held after the official part of the traditional banquet , during which you will be able to communicate with influential and interesting people in the market of Ukrainian telecommunications and IT in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

We look forward to the fourth meeting of the club representatives in Ukraine telecom operators, content providers , companies – software developers, IT-vendors and HW manufacturers, startups , companies – manufacturers of mobile equipment . If you are full of energy, try to know everything about Digital and telecom market, interested in international experience and an innovator – welcome to the club of Mobile Monday!

The general partner of the event : GlobalMani

Partner event : the company Citia BTS

Participation in pre-registration.

Participation fee : 350 hryvnia, excluding VAT. Seats are limited. For more information or to register for the event you can call (044) 492 94 69 or by E-mail info@acctiva.co.uk .

Mobile Monday Ukraine: Modern Mobile Trends

Date: March 21, 2011
Place: Kiev, Bessarabia Square, 2, Restaurant Jean-Claude Brasserie

Target Audience

General directors and deputy directors of Ukraine’s telecom operators, content providers, leading companies – software developers, IT-vendors, consulting companies, representatives of the mobile and digital distribution
The purpose of the event
Create an open innovation platform for the telecommunications sector
Provide the conditions for dialogue between all market players
Help national companies to build partnerships with major international corporations
Provide innovation, forecasts and trends of the telecommunications market

19:00 – 19:20 Registration

19:20 – 19:40 Opening Remarks (Jari Tammisto, founder and CEO of Mobile Monday)

19:40 – 20:40 The main trends in the telecommunications market (Tommy T. Ahonen)

20:40 – 22:00 Informal communication, reception


You need the freshest information from the first hand, but you do not know how to get it?
Tried everything, including the radical methods (seduction, violence, intimidation, soldering necessary to you personalities), but nothing works?
In addition, you are convinced that nothing good on Monday is not worth waiting?
Then you just here!

We invite you to the first meeting of the International Telecom-club * MOBILE MONDAY *
When: March 21 (Monday), 19:00
Where: The restaurant Brasserie Jean-Claude (Bessarabia square 2)

MobileMonday – is informal meeting of professionals and opinion leaders in the telecommunications industry. During its existence, MobileMonday has been visited by more than 150 000 mobile industry professionals. And now, regular meetings are held on Mondays in more than 50 countries around the world!

Participants of the Mobile Monday – CEOs and deputy director general of telecommunications operators in Ukraine, content providers, leading companies – software developers, IT-vendors and HW manufacturers, etc.

They are already coming: the directors of companies “Kyivstar »,« Google »,« Astelit! Would you like to join them?

Special guest of the club – Tommy Ahonen
Tomi is already for more than 10 years a head of consulting department Nokia, he is responsible for the business model, market research and management consulting of the company. As an independent consultant working with Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Vodafone, Buongiorno, NTT DoCoMo, etc.
(See the video of Tom: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8502798154954743870 #)

Program activities
19:00 – 19:20 Registration
19:20 – 19:40 Opening Remarks (Jari Tammisto, founder and CEO of Mobile Monday)
19:40 – 20:40 “Advanced Trends” (Tommy T. Ahonen)
20:20 – 22:00 Cocktail

Why you should go to an event?
You will become a witness (and participant!) of Creation of telecom industry of Future!
You will learn about the latest trends from Tommy Ahonen – a representative of the mobile industry, one of the fastest growing countries in the world – China – and a professor at Oxford University
You will get “access to the body” the most influential and interesting personalities in the market of Ukrainian telecommunications in a relaxed, informal atmosphere

Translation via: http://trn.com.ua/trainings/15836/

Original Here: http://www.momoukraine.com.ua/events/25/

Mobile Monday Ukraine celebrates 1 year Anniversary on November 19

Mobile Monday Birthday Awards

Representatives of the following companies came to congratulate us on November 19:

Acision Lavina Digital
ArMOBI life :)
Beeline Media Agency "Portfel"
CDMA Ukraine Mobido
CNews Mobile2Bel
Dialog MTS Ukraine
Eyeline Communications Netsoul's Zone
Fontel Olympia
Gas-games Patisson
GFI mobile Point Com
Golden Telecom Polygon Ukraine
GuardSec QArea
i-Free Schneider Electric
iKS-Consulting Solvo
Infon Ukraine Start Mobile
Inform-mobil Telenor
Intellecom Tsifrograd Ukraine
IntellectTechnologies Ukrinform
INTERSOCIUM Unicom Systems
KOAN Games VideoRadar
Kyiv Post Viewdle
Kyivstar Wireless Ukraine Association

The companies that participated in Mobile Monday Birthday Awards Contest organized in honour of the first Mobile Monday Ukraine anniversary:

Solvo with project BrodiMobi
Download presentation

NETSOFTWARE with project 3D Technology

ArMobi with project Mobie advertising network MobileAds
Download presentation

Patisson with project Repka.tv

Utel with project Video communication

Unicom Systems with project UKRSHOP.COM
Download presentation

GuardSec with project OMNIUS
Download presentation

Point Com with project Mobile mail from MTS
Download presentation

According to the much respected Jury, the contest winners are Point Com in nomination The best project from the Ukrainian content provider and Unicom Systems in nomination The best novelty for the Ukrainian market.

The audience also chose Point Com in nomination The best project from the Ukrainian content provider and Utel in nomination The best novelty for the Ukrainian market.

We would like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who participated in the contest! :)

The Jury consisting of Sergei Samokrik (MTS Ukraine), Roman Savvin (Kyivstar), Natalia Lymar' (life :)), Tatiana Usenko (Beeline), Sirous Kavehercy (Acision) and Eric Franke, the event moderator (now an independent consultant on the CIS market formerly running large telecom companies in Kyiv and Moscow) noted the novelty of each presented project as well as high level of the speakers' preparation. The event guests representing all major players of the mobile market asked each speaker a lot of tricky questions paying special attention to prime cost of the presented solutions, the cost of services for final users, convenience and availability of each solution for current subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators.

It should be noted that the contest winners deserved their title by right as they managed to present the most interesting for Ukrainians solutions. Thus, mobile mail by Point Com allows getting messages from several e-mail addresses, working with address book and attached files of various formats, setting frequency of receiving SMS-notifications as well as “working with mail during vacation in any part of the world which removes the necessity of bringing laptop with you everywhere” as mentioned Arkady Mazin, Director of Point Com. UKRSHOP.COM, mobile discount systems, from Unicom Systems was chosen by the jury members as the best project for mass market owing to which brands and their fans get more mutual pleasure and benefits from loyalty programs, discount systems and targeted mobile marketing. Besides, users of mobile discount system don't need to carry a pile of discount plastic cards with them. And finally, video communication from Utel became the audience's favorite due to the possibility of not only hearing but also seeing your friends and close people which was demonstrated by the Utel representatives in real time during their presentation.

Also at Mobile Monday Ukraine Anniversary event Irina Piven' representing IKS-Consulting spoke about this year tendencies and market changes. According to Irina the major events on the Ukrainian telecom market became saturation of mobile communication market (penetration by the beginning of 2007 was 105%), activation in 3G segment, quality improvement  and cost reduction of mobile Internet services, test launch of mobile TV which is forecast to be launched in revenue service in 2008.

Organizers and constant Mobile Monday visitors hope that Mobile Monday contests will become a good tradition due to which the best solutions will be always noted by experts and potential users while the market leaders will have an opportunity to share valuable experience with their colleagues.

MobileMonday Showcases Industry Innovators at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

15 January 2008, Helsinki, Finland and Barcelona, Spain—MobileMonday, the global community of mobile innovators, visionaries, and developers, will present the most exciting young mobile industry innovators at the MobileMonday Peer Awards during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 11, 2008. This year, the Peer Awards will showcase early stage and emerging start-up companies. The event, which will be held at Espacio Movistar, is expected to attract participants from over 30 countries. Mr. Pekka Ala-Pietilä, former president at Nokia Corporation and currently chief executive officer of Blyk Corporation, a virtual mobile operator in the UK, will be the keynote speaker.

MobileMonday Global Summit 2008 to be held in Kuala Lumpur

December 13, 2007 -- Helsinki, Finland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- MobileMonday (MoMo), the global community of over 70,000 mobile industry visionaries and developers, today announced it will invite the worlds most exciting and innovative mobile companies to attend the 4th annual Global Summit in Kuala Lumpur from May 18 - 22, 2008. MobileMonday's unique cross-border platform has proven to generate real business opportunities via cooperative relationships with the Open Mobile Alliance and GSMA, which represents 700 mobile operators and 200-technology partners worldwide. The upcoming event, the first ever to be held in Asia, will be co-located with the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2008) conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur next year.

SingTel plans to lead in mobile and Internet advertising space

Integrated platform offers advertisers and consumers a targeted and rewarding advertising experience.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) today announced its plans to lead in the mobile and Internet advertising space in Singapore within the next five years.

Hello Mobile Developers and Entrepreneurs!

Nokia's Premiere Business Plan and Application Competition is counting down.

The goal of the competition is to seek out the developers and entrepreneurs who are creating new value, new revenue and services for mobile workforces and the mobile lifestyle. The Mobile Rules! is a “two-track” competition:

Creating Success in MMS

Aram Krol, Product Marketing Manager, Acision

Five years ago we all looked in awe as the first camera phones rolled off the production lines at Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Following a succession of fast-paced improvements in colour screen technologies, these devices seemed to hold entire business strategies in their power. They would be single-handedly responsible for hockey stick upward curves in data traffic revenues, changing the way consumers interact with their handsets. Not only would they put traditional camera makers out of business but users would inevitably all send each other all of their exciting holiday snaps, thereby driving data traffic through the roof…OK, so we now know that despite the popularity of camera phones MMS has not taken off as expected or as hoped, but it may not be such an impossible dream.

Acision survey confirms the Middle East is ready to embrace targeted mobile ads

According to a new survey conducted by Acision, the world leaders in mobile messaging and charging, mobile advertising is exhibiting strong potential in the Middle East, with 64 per cent of respondents believing it will mirror the successes of Internet advertising. The Mobile Advertising Survey was conducted at Gitex 2007, with almost 300 delegates from across the region responding.

Internet Convergence Dominates MobileMonday Global Summit

Lending it a resemblance to a United Nations conclave, flags flew high at the MobileMonday Global Summit, held September 10 in Helsinki. The image befits a thoroughly international event. Corporate executives, MobileMonday chapter heads, developers, early stage companies, financiers and vendors from around the globe gathered to assess the mobile industry, generate new business, and network. With dozens of countries represented, interconnectedness remained the watchword—panel discussions, presentations and pitches reflecting the community’s scope. But the event was dominated by variations on a theme: mobile's inevitable convergence with the Internet.
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