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MoMo Lagos – Sept. 30th – Impact of the Internet in Nigeria

The Internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change. Not only has it unleashed new forms of connectivity, but it has also provided an outlet for new forms of innovation, entrepreneurship and social good. The Internet has also proven a dynamic tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank reporting that a 10% increase in broadband correlates to a 1.38% increase in GDP growth

Beyond GDP growth, the Internet also provides opportunities to pursue social and developmental objectives. Throughout the developing world, the Internet is connecting remote populations to markets and strengthening the overall efficiency of service delivery in areas such as health, education, livelihoods and financial inclusion, as well as creating access to government services for the most marginalized populations.

“The Impact of the Internet in Nigeria” report gives an insight into how the Internet has facilitated change in different sectors of the Nigerian Economy. A representative from Dalberg will be available to present the report.

This report provides detailed assessments of the current and potential impact of the Internet on socioeconomic growth across seven sectors: agriculture, education and labor, energy, financial inclusion, governance, health and small and medium enterprise (SME) growth. It also examines the role that government, private sector and donors have played in building the ecosystem for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovation and driving this impact.

Also there will be a panelist session with some of the leaders in the Nigerian IT Industry giving their own thoughts about the findings of the report. Please Register via Eventbrite.

Join us at the E-Learning Centre (Odunlami Street, Lagos Island) and IDEA Hub (Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba) for the event on the 30th of September, 2013.

This event is sponsored by

MoMo Lagos – July 29th – LBS Benefits to Nigerian Business

Location Based Services are starting to prove to be an essential part of our daily lives. From Turn-by-turn navigation services like Google Maps to crowd sourced Traffic applications like Waze (recently acquired by Google for 1.3bn dollars), Location based services have always helped people to get from one location to another giving them services such as Route Suggestion and Traffic Information to help them get to their destinations on time. Locally focused Traffic Monitoring Apps like traffix are coming up to provide crowd-sourced traffic data in Nigeria.

Location based Services have evolved from the traditional navigational services model to the discovery model which allows people to find places based on their location and friend recommendations. Other ways that Location Based Services has been utilized is in the targeting of potential customers based on their location which in turn helps advertisers to provide better content that is relevant to their intended audience.

At this event, the speakers will be discussing the benefits that Businesses can get when they use Location Based Services to reach their customers. They’ll also give insight into Location Based Services based on their experience.


Elo Umeh

Elo is the Managing Director and CEO of Terragon Group Limited – A new media business. Terragon Group comprises of Twinpine Network, Terragon Media Services and  Terragon Limited.  Before Terragon, Elo was responsible for Marketing and Knowledge  Management at MTech Comm PLC.

He has gained valuable experience in the Telecommunications industry in different countries in Africa namely; Kenya,Uganda, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Elo has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and he is also a member of The Project Management Institute. Find him on LinkedIn here

Jacquiline Rajuai

Jacqueline is a Program Manager at Google. She is the Operations Lead for Nigeria responsible for SMB Projects and Geo in Nigeria. Her role entails improving and enriching Google Maps for Africa while also exploring Geo Case Study Projects and Creating Scalable & Customizable Processes for them.

Her achievements include: Building Africa Maps, Driving directions for Africa, SSA Map domains & Google Maps for Mobile, Korogocho Mapping project, Ladies Map Ups, Navigation launches in Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and Ivory Cost. She is passionate about Knowledge, Education and Empowerment. Find her on LinkedIn here

Date, Time and Location

Date: 29th July, 2013

Time: 5:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: The Lagos State E-Learning Centre, Odunlami Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

You’ll also get the chance to meet other industry professionals to network and exchange ideas with!

MoMo Lagos – June 24th – Nigeria Hackathon with VConnect

Entertainment Now!: To help users discover great locally available movies based on their existing location and friend recommendations.

To engage a community of Developers and Facilitate the creation of a ‘Movies WAP Application’ utilizing VConnect’s data for movie timings and cinema halls in which it is playing and leveraging other freely available ‘social’ and ‘local’ APIs to make the application more interactive.

Coding Environment
Developers are expected to use ASP .NET or PHP as the coding platform with SQL as the database platform.

Overview of Task
VConnect will provide database structure with sample data on the day of the hackathon. Developers are free to modify it or use their own database structure.

In addition, Free versions of Google’s Maps API or any other Maps API can be used to make the application more interactive.

Social Elements for sharing (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) can be added in order to make the site social.

Reviews, Ratings and Trailers can be pulled using API’s of websites such as IMDB ( http://www.imdb.com ), Rotten Tomatoes ( http://www.rottentomatoes.com ) and Youtube ( http://www.youtube.com ). Features like commenting can be integrated to increase user interaction.

Team Size
The Team size is four. You are expected to form teams at the venue or come with your own team.

First Prize: $2,000 30 Day Development Contract to complete the app
Second Prize: $1000
Third Prize: $500

You will be required to fill in an Intellectual Property Transfer Form before you can participate in the hackathon. Please Register Here!

MoMo Lagos – May 27th – Big Data Benefits for Nigerian Businesses

Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.

Analysis of this data allows correlations to be found to spot business trends, determine quality of research, prevent diseases,link legal citations, combat crime, and determine real-time roadway traffic conditions. This clearly shows the importance of Big Data.

At the May 2013 Mobile Monday Nigeria event, we will be giving a brief overview of What Big Data is, what is required to analyse large datasets and the kind of information that can be derived from it. Also we will be discussing its benefit to Nigerian Businesses.

Join us at the E-Learning Centre, Odunlami Street, CBD (Central Business District), Lagos Island. on the 27th of May, 2013 for this event as we uncover the benefits of Big Data. Event starts by 5:00pm and ends by 8:00pm

MoMo Lagos – April 29th – Showcasing Qualcomm Technology

This event is geared towards Mobile Software Developers who develop for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry who are interested in Developing Applications with Qualcomm APIs

Only the first 100 Developers to register will be selected. And successful attendees will be notified a week to the date.

The April 2013 Mobile Monday Nigeria Event showcasing Qualcomm Technology (sponsored by Qualcomm).Qualcomm

Qualcomm is prepared to train software developers in Nigeria on various software API’s which enable rich mobile app experiences. Here are some of the APIs that Qualcomm has to offer. Note that only the Augmented Reality API will be covered in the training.

Vuforia (Augmented Reality) enables developers to create Augmented Reality App experiences are best in class and creative beyond definition on Mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems, giving mobile apps the power to see.

Alljoyn (Peer to peer connectivity) to enable peer to peer connectivity within devices to create great multiplayer gaming experiences across multiple OS and device types with the ability to leverage different radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM) depending on availability.

2net™ Platform from Qualcomm Life (Wireless Health) It offers a set of wireless health solutions that can elegantly and reliably capture and deliver medical device data to integrated portals or databases from nearly any customers’ or technology partners’ wireless medical device for storage in a system designed for security and interoperability.

Gimbal (Context Awareness) The Gimbal™ context aware platform for Android and iOS enables application providers to deliver more timely, personalized and relevant content to mobile audiences.

When and where is it?

The event holds on the 29th of April, You’ll be notified if you are selected to attend the event.

Why you would want to attend?

  • Get to meet the industry heavyweights in Mobile Tech: Professionals from Telcos, VAS providers, Software Development Companies, Device manufacturers will be at the event to network with people. Come over and meet potential customers, investors and collaborators.
  • Get to hear about the latest software APIs that Qualcomm has to offer and experience real world usage for yourself. Also you get to access training for these APIs through Mobile Monday Nigeria (Annual members only)

Please note: Due to space limitations, we reserve the right to limit the number of attendees. Attending the event is free. Register Here.

If you will not be available to attend this event after registering, Kindly let us know so that we can reserve the ticket for another person

Hope to see you there

Akinbobola Akinola and the Mobile Monday Nigeria Team

MoMo Lagos – March 25th – Unraveling Mobile Monday

We at Mobile Mobile Nigeria are welcoming you to an info session on Mobile Monday. This meeting will provide details on what we are about, what you will gain from being a member and the opportunities that abound from coming to our regular meetings.

We will unravel Mobile Monday Nigeria at the event by discussing the following:

- What Mobile Monday Nigeria is about

- What we have in store for developers

- What we have in store for Students and Corporate Bodies

- How you can collaborate with Mobile Monday Nigeria

- Mobile Monday Developer Academy

- Mobile Monday Nigeria Membership

We will also be providing you with details on our upcoming projects (The online community, Developer benefits and so on).

We hope you’ll be able to make it.


The Mobile Monday Nigeria Team

MoMo Lagos – Feb. 25th – E-commerce Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, E-commerce is a relatively new market that is gradually catching up. This growth is spurred by the wide availability of Payment cards offered by various providers (Interswitch, Visa, Mastercard and E-Tranzact) but even with this, people still don’t trust e-commerce completely because of the policies that online shops have when it comes to returns and shipping.

At this event, we will discuss the various challenges that are being faced by the various players in the Ecommerce space in Nigeria. We will take a look at the various obstacles they have had to face in this market (Order fulfilment, Shipment tracking, Payment and so on) and how some of these companies have been able to overcome them.

Speakers will be announced before the day of the event so follow @momonigeria on Twitter and Mobile Monday Nigeria on Facebook for updates.

There will be a Q&A Session after each speaker comes up. To have a feel of what a Mobile Monday Nigeria meetup feels like, read about the experience of one of our members Osaze Osoba here

The Event holds on the 25th of February 2013 and the Venue is Bogobiri House, 9 Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi. Time is 6:00pm prompt. Make sure you don’t miss it!

MoMo Lagos – Jan. 28th – Technology Outlook for Nigeria

Image copyright (Bill Frymire)

Technology over the years has vastly improved the lives of people globally. In  Nigeria, Technology has improved various sectors of the economy and business and has influenced processes in ways that were previously unimaginable.  Even with these changes that it has brought, We have still not reach our full potentials. Faced with Economic uncertainty, political uncertainty and dearth of infrastructure, Nigeria is yet to become a major player on the global scale in the tech scene.

At this month’s Mobile Monday holding in Lagos, we will discuss the Opportunities that exist in the IT space right now, the challenges that companies have been trying to overcome in recent times and the perspectives that will help shape the industry in the near future.

The event will hold at its traditional venue in Ikoyi at Bogobiri House and will feature a Q&A Session with each of the speakers. Join us on the 28th of January 2013 – Register Here – as we look into the various opportunities that are available in the Information technology field in Nigeria.

MoMo Lagos – Nov. 26th – Future of Mobile Payments

Electronic payment mechanisms have improved in the last few years due to improvements in the technology that is involved. With the emergence of payment gateways like Interswitch and E-tranzact, payments via ATM cards have increased (Interswitch claims that there are now 26 Million e-payment cards out there) and this has in turn boosted sales on various e-commerce websites and at various brick-and-mortar stores that use POS (Point of Sales) machines to collect e-payments.

Mobile Payment is the next frontier.  It will be the redefining moment for the payment industry and we all have to be ready for it. Mobile Payment will allow customers to send money, pay for goods and services, pay bills and subscriptions, all via Mobile Devices.

This month, Rancard Mobility will be joining us again and they will speak in detail about their Mobile Payment Platform called PayApp.

PayApp is a cloud based mobile payment gateway for carrier billing, mobile-payment, subscription management and micro-payments connected to leading operators across Africa and the Middle-East. This solution will help MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators), Content Providers and Developers monetize their content and increase their revenue by allowing flexible ways of billing customers. It also provides analytics and reporting on transactions making it a powerful platform for billing.

We will also be having Industry leaders in the area of Carrier Billing and mobile payment speaking at the event too.

The event will hold on the 26th of November 2012 at Bogobiri House, ikoyi, Lagos from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Make sure you mark the date on your calenders - full details and Register Here. You would not want to miss this because there will be a lot of insights about Mobile Payment that will be shared at the event.

See you there.

The Mobile Monday Nigeria Team.

This event is sponsored by:

Rancard Mobility

Facilitated by:

Mobile Monday Nigeria

MoMo Lagos – Oct. 29th – Innovating within the Mobile Network

Recent studies have shown that Africans access majority of their online services on mobile. The statistics show that people spend more time on their mobile phones than watching TV or using their computers. This is due to the portability of mobile devices and the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology.

These research conclusions clearly show that Mobile is the next big thing and presents a lot of opportunies for Businesses and Investors.

Join us on the 29th of October 2012 as we discuss innovating within the mobile network to access the opportunities of Mobile.

The event is to hold at The Function Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos Island and will start by 5:45pm.

A Team from Rancard Mobility, a leading provider of mobile content delivery and service management software in Africa, will be at the event to enligthten developers and key business decision makers on how products from Rancard can help them leverage Operator API’s and help them create unique solutions for their clients .

As we have always done, there will be refreshments at the event. There will also be the opportunity to network with some of the top industry professionals. We advise that you do not miss out on this opportunity to create new business connections and forge your business ahead.

We’ll be expecting you.

From the Mobile Monday Nigeria Team

This event is sponsored by:

Rancard Mobility

Facilitated by:

Mobile Monday Nigeria

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