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MoMo London – Nov. 4th – MWC 2014 Stand Competition

The UKTI MWC 2014 Stand Competition Live Final is on Monday 4th November in partnership with ICT KTN. For the 6th year in a row working in association with ICT KTN, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Cambridge Wireless we are pleased to invite you to the Mobile World Congress 2014 stand competition finals event.

See what two of last year’s winners said about their experience at Congress: http://www.mobilemonday.org.uk/2013/03/momolo-members-on-mwc-2013.html

At the final, each company gives a quickfire presentation (no Powerpoint) and is then questioned briefly by the panel of eminent judges.

After the presentations the judges will choose up to 3 companies from those presenting – the prize being not only space on the UKTI Stand at MWC but also stand branding, listing in the UK event directory, complementary exhibition passes and assistance with press and media activity to maximise the impact of being in Barcelona.

This has always been an exciting event, and discussions can rage as to whether the judges got it right – or not! Either way the prize is certainly worth winning, so come along and see who the lucky winners are…

6.00 Arrival
6.30 Live Final
8.00 Networking (with light buffet)
9.30 Close
As usual attendance is free, but Registration is Required and is now open.

The CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, the very tall building immediately above Tottenham Court Road tube station, on the Central and Northern Lines. Please use the entrance at street level under the bridge formed by the building itself.

We will share your registration details with our event partner ICT KTN.

MoMo London – Oct. 22nd – At Apps World for HTML5

Autumn is well and truly upon us, the leaves are on the turn and we’re feeling particularly rebellious.

Here comes the list of differences to our usual events:

1. It’s on a Tuesday

2. It’s at Earl’s Court 2, at Apps World, not at Centre Point

3. The drinks reception comes first and is at 5pm

4. No panel discussion, but lectures plus Q & A with two of our community’s leading experts – both are tutors at The Mobile Academy which we have re-located to Apps World for the night.

First up is the inimitable Bruce Lawson. Bruce is the author of Introducing HTML5, an expert on radical hair colouring, and very funny indeed. Rebels aren’t we, bringing HTML5 to an Apps Conference?

Next up is Tim Green of Mobile Money Revolution. Tim will race through 35 insights into the mobile payments space, including thoughts on biometrics, NFC, pay by social media, QR codes and more.

Access to the the Apps World Exhibition, Mobile Monday London drinks reception and The Mobile Academy Open Session are all free.

Thanks to Apps World, if you do want to attend the Conference portion, which includes a keynote from Steve Wozniak, we have 25% off: discount code MOMO25 which you need to enter when you register here: http://www.apps-world.net/europe.

Remember, this event is on Tuesday, not Monday – and that it’s at Earl’s Court 2 thanks to our friends Apps World!

5.00pm – 6.30pm: Drinks
6.30pm – 7.30pm: Bruce’s Session on HTML5
7.30pm – 7.45pm: Short Break
7.45pm – 8.45pm: Tim’s Session on Mobile Payments

Earls Court 2, Drinks at the Parse Bar followed by tutorials at the Developer World Stage, one row away.

Register here: http://momolo-2013-10-22.eventbrite.com

MoMo London – Sept. 9th – Demo Night Returns!

All too soon the summer holidays are drawing to a close, but never mind, the MoMoLo Autumn season kicks off on Monday 9th September with the ever-popular Demo Night! Registration is open.

Demo Night returns on 9th September in partnership with ICT KTN and The Mobile Academy. Seen as one of the most entertaining events on our calendar, we look forward to hosting a variety of 3 minute demos and fielding audience questions for the brave presenters. If you want to demo, you need to move quickly – Full Details Here, applications to demo will close on 2nd Sept (next Monday).

Also alumni and tutors from The Mobile Academy will be around all evening to answer any questions you have about our third programme which runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 1st Oct – 3rd Dec.

6.00 pm – Doors Open
6.30 pm – Demos!
8.00 pm – Networking Drinks
9.30 pm – Close
Register to attend here:https://momolo-2013-09-09.eventbrite.co.uk

As usual this event is free to attend and will take place at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, the very tall building immediately above Tottenham Court Road tube station.

MoMo London – July 15th – Operating Systems Challenge Goliaths

A panel session on how the arrival of new mobile platforms affects the choices that face creators of apps and services – plus a chance to get your hands on the new Ubuntu Mobile and Tablet editions, together with the unveiling of the conclusions of Developer Economics 2013, the latest survey of sentiment about current platforms.

Just when we thought the question “which platform shall I develop for” had narrowed to a two horse Android/iOS race, with Android’s rise and rise over the course of the last year seeming to set the tone for the future, the ever-inventful mobile industry has changed things around on us again.

Following the turn of the year BlackBerry 10 has finally arrived, and it looks as though people like it.  Mozilla’s Firefox OS looks interesting and Tizen brings together various earlier threads – both appear to be a kind of antidote to the Web vs Native debate. Very interestingly, to my mind, a further new player in the space is Canonical with their Ubuntu Mobile and Ubuntu Tablet editions.

Just when people thought it was down to a two horse race, why, all of a sudden, are we seeing a sudden blossoming of new offerings?  What are the motivations of those who are bringing them to market? The old mix looks like it is well and truly being shaken up. But how will the new players win over a public that may by now just about have got to grips with “It’s Apple or Android”. Crucial to the success of all of these players will be partnering with operators, who must constitute their major channel to market.

Most of us would agree that innovation is good, yet most of us would also agree that fragmentation is bad. New entrants to the market necessarily means more fragmentation, or does it? Is this just a spring flowering or are we witnessing a enduring change to the market? Will one or more of the Davids successfully take on the Goliaths, or is there in fact room  for them all to live together? If so, what are the consequences for product platform choices?

Supported by our lovely friends over at Canonical, which is of course the company behind Ubuntu (they actually know a thing or two about being disruptors in the cloud and computing industries) we’ll be examining these issues and more in our event on July 15th. They’ll be demonstrating Ubuntu on Tablets and Phones … so this is your chance to get your hands on this exciting innovative user experience … but if you can’t wait for that check out the videos: phone and tablet.

Our panel for the evening will be chaired by Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight, and he will be joined by:

Alex Sinclair – CTO at GSMA
David Wood – Principal at Delta Wisdom and formerly the prime mover behind Symbian
Andreas Constantinou – Managing Director at Vision Mobile
Victor Palau – VP of Phone and Hyperscale Delivery at Canonical

6.00pm Doors Open
6.30pm Introductory remarks by Victor Palau
6.35pm Presentation of Developer Economics 2013 by Andreas Constantinou
6.45pm Panel Discussion led by Geoff Blaber
8.00pm Networking and Demonstrations of Ubuntu Phone and Tablet Editions
9.30pm Close

As usual the event is free to attend but registration is required – and as usual the event will take place at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, right above Tottenham Court Road tube station. Entry via the doors under the bridge formed by the building itself.

Registration is now open at momolo-2013-07-15.eventbrite.co.uk

MoMo London – June 24th – Mobile, Maps and Geolocation

If you thought Mobile and Maps was about a pin in a map showing where you are, well, you’re not wrong – but needless to say, Mobile, Maps and Geolocation have much wider application than just helping you find your way to the pub. Important though that is, of course. Helping us navigate a journey that might just end up in the pub, we’re delighted to be visiting this topic with the help of our venerable supporters, the UK mapping agency Ordnance Survey.

Sneak Preview Pre-Event Workshop

Our event will, in fact, be two events – and you are most welcome to come to either or both, whichever takes your fancy. There will be a panel session, as usual, starting at 6.30 pm. In addition, starting at 4.30 pm, OS will be giving us a sneak preview of their new OpenSpace SDK and API (Web and iOS – followed by Android).

If you want to come to the preview and you’re a coding type of person, Ordnance Survey tell us that you might want to bring your laptop to follow along with the examples … I, for one, am looking forward to finding out about the depth of features and the unsurpassed level of detail that 222 years of mapping experience provides – so I’ll be taking a product and commercial perspective.

Panel Session

Following that, as usual, we’ll be holding a panel session with the traditional MoMoLo audience participation-to-the-max! In that session we’ll be looking at opportunities for geolocation and mapping as a complement to apps of various kinds and to a very wide range of sectors: a powerful instrument for lobbying and social change, for big business like insurance and retail and for smaller businesses like restaurants too …

… Old themes and new seem to combine here – we’ve been talking about location, mashups, user generated content and so on for ages – now that real and useful examples have emerged, where is this all going? The much talked about intersection of physical and virtual worlds now seems here, so what are some good examples, what comes next and how does this all relate to the Internet of Things and next generation sensors? How might you choose between many different mapping providers, and what’s the trade off between open and proprietary data? How can we link the different data sets together to make compelling application and service experiences? And now that PRISM has emerged, it’s undoubtedly timely to think about privacy.

To lead us through this rich landscape Gary Gale @vicchi , Director of Global Community Programs for Nokia’s HERE, and a veteran of the mobile and mapping scene will chair our distinguished panel, comprising:

Christopher Osborne @osbornec, currently at AlertMe, and founder and organiser of GeoMob.
Ian Holt @IanHolt, Head of Developer Outreach at Ordnance Survey
Jeni Tennison @JeniT, Technical Director at the Open Data Institute and member of the W3C TAG
- Harry Wood @harry_wood, currently at placr.co.uk and OpenStreetMap volunteer

Location and Registration

As usual the event will take place at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point. Please use the entrance at street level. Nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road (Central Line and Northern Line).

Both the Pre-Event workshop and the Panel Session are free to attend, but registration is required and registration is now open at Eventbrite. http://momolo-2013-06-24.eventbrite.com

Sneak Preview Workshop Agenda

4.00 pm Registration
4.30 pm Workshop
5.30 pm Workshop Close, Coffee

Panel Session Agenda

6.00 pm Doors Open
6.30 pm Panel Session chaired by Gary
8.00 pm Networking
9.30 pm Close

MoMo London – 3 June – Mobile Marketing: Truth & Wishful Thinking

Infobip LogoMobile Marketing looks like it is changing and moving on. But separating out fashion and sentiment from hard facts can be a problem. Take the following statements: there’s a massive underspend in mobile (compared with other channels, especially print). SMS, once a hot topic in Mobile Marketing is now more or less dead. One is true, the other isn’t.

Our wonderful sponsors for this event, Infobip, certainly know a great deal about the mobile space and connecting people through the mobile medium. With their help we’ll be looking at what the emerging trends in Mobile Marketing are, what remains the same, what’s no longer true. It seems that we have been saying since the dawn of time that mobile is a personal channel, that it’s perfect for having a dialogue and that when you get it right, the ROI exceeds other channels. Did that memo ever got circulated? Even now, it’s hard to put your finger on who is using these powerful properties of the medium effectively. There are plenty of examples of mobile being used as a replacement for broadcast and push of canned messages. Amazing that “Do Not Reply” might feature in a channel made for dialogue.

This looks like it’s going to be a wide ranging discussion, I would not be at all surprised if we touched on Apps as an engagement channel, the role of mobile operators, and how mobile marketing and the retail shopping experience are shaping up to be the next big thing.

I know that our chair for this event, Alex Meisl of Sponge, won’t take offense at being described as an Industry Veteran! Former chair of the Mobile Marketing Association in the UK and current board member at the Institute for Promotional Marketing, Alex will be joined by an eminent panel featuring:

Rube Huljev – Global Operator Partnerships at Infobip
Ben Scott-Robinson, Sapient Nitro
Gregor Smith, Comscore

As usual the event is free to attend (Registration is Required) and as usual it will take place at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point. In a departure from the usual, though, as Mobile Marketing is mostly about personalization, we will try to personalize this Mobile Monday night with some Croatian flavours in the form of great wines, straight from the coasts of Adriatic!

6.00 pm Doors Open
6.30 pm Panel Session
8.00 pm Networking
9.30 pm Close

MoMo London – April 15th – BYOD: A Faustian Pact?

Mobile is now ubiquitous, isn’t it? And we have all become used to the idea that it reaches into every corner of our lives, haven’t we? So we’re instantly on call and can access our office data and email everywhere all from the convenience of our own mobile device.

While mobility is a boon to the self-employed and to people running small businesses, it creates a fair number of challenges that tend to be noticed sooner by larger, and certainly by enterprise companies. Answering those challenges is an opportunity, potentially, for app developers and service providers alike.

Employees are now likely to have their own computers and mobile devices and may well have chosen them for virtues of usability, friendliness of interfaces, access to software that would not be permitted on office equipment, even if it was provided. The security issues abound, and even for small companies a Pandora’s box of issues is thrown open. And it’s not just software and devices. Many of us enjoy the freedom of hooking up our devices to cloud services, Dropbox is a favourite, and many may be tempted by the convenience of sharing work files using services like that. But having done that, the data genie is out of the bottle.

There are very many trade offs that are involved both on the employers side and the employees side in either allowing users to choose their own devices or on the other side allowing your employer to intrude on your personal time and space.

Together with our event partners, ICT KTN , we’re going to explore those issues at our next event on Monday 15th April. Chaired by MoMoLo regular and security and standards industry maven David Rogers, of Copper Horse, who will be joined by a leading panel of experts representing a wide range of views on everything from device security, to implementation of BYOD in a corporate environment.

Panelists will include:
*Caroline Maloney from Telefonica
Charles Brookson of Azenby
* David Arnold from BlackBerry
* Gemma Coles from Mubaloo

As usual there should be plenty of lively debate and opportunities for the community to voice our opinions, no matter what sector we consider ourselves to be in. The event is free to attend, but registration is required and registration is now open at Eventbrite.

MoMo London – March 18 – Finance, Incubators and Accelerators

The Mobile AcademyWith MWC behind us and sunshine in the streets of London, with seed funds, accelerators, incubators and more popping up like spring flowers is it a Spring-like outlook for companies seeking investment?

We return to the subject of funding for start-ups and SMEs on Monday 18th March having last visited it back in November 2011. Back then we foresaw the arrival of a range of new seed funding and other initiatives as well as the re-emergence of incubators, after a long absence … with many such initiatives well under way, how has the picture changed, what difference have we seen and what can we expect by way of further initiatives of this kind?

In this context, Mobile Monday London and UCL Advances have been doing our own bit in this area, and started The Mobile Academy, teaching the business, design and technology aspects of mobile.The Mobile Academy opens its doors for its second course on April 25th, and to celebrate is supporting this event.

John Spindler, CEO of Capital Enterprise – who so brilliantly chaired the last event has kindly once again agreed to chair this event. He’s going to set the scene by outlining the options all the way from grants through seed investment and more … in an update on his comprehensive whirlwind tour at the last event.

Following that, John will be joined by a distinguished panel representing a range of perspectives on funding, to discuss where we are and where we are going.

Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research (speaking as an Investee)

Nic Brisbourne, Partner at DFJ Esprit

Sitar Teli, Managing Partner at Connect Ventures

Michel Sabatier, Managing Partner at Crelligo

Inmaculada Martinez, Partner at Opus Corporate Finance

We’re looking forward to another extremely lively discussion with the typical Mobile Monday London contributions and questions from the floor – where we expect several alumni from The Mobile Academy to be present and contribute some of their own experience of their journeys.

As usual the venue is CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point. Please use the entrance at street level. Nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road (Central Line and Northern Line).

Also as usual, the event is free to attend – Register Here


6.00 pm Doors Open

6.30 pm Presentation by John Spindler

6.45 pm Panel Discussion chaired by John

8.00 pm Networking

9.30 pm Close

MoMo London – Jan. 21st – Demo Night Returns!

Mobile Monday London in partnership with ICT KTN is pleased to announce the return of Demo Night on 21st January 2013!

If you’re not familiar with the demo night format, well, it looks like this. Each of roughly 10 participants gets to speak about their idea, product or service for exactly three minutes and field questions from the audience for a couple more minutes. There are no special qualifications, you may have a ready to roll product, you may have an interesting idea, you may be a large company or small company… check out last April’s demo night write up for an idea of what it is all about. Past demoers have gone on to do all kinds of interesting journeys, so we’ll ask a couple of them to talk about their experiences too.

Importantly, if you’d like to do a demo, then please fill in the form here asap. Lots of past demoers have found the experience of having to put their message across in 3 mins very helpful, but even more helpful has been the feedback, encouragement and suggestions from members of the community that they get. Apply now! We will be closing applications to demo no later than 14 January.


6.00 Arrival

6.30 Demo night

8.00 Networking

9.30 Close

As usual attendance is free, but Registration is Required and is now open.


The CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, the very tall building immediately above Tottenham Court Road tube station, on the Central and Northern Lines. Please use the entrance at street level under the bridge formed by the building itself.


We will share your registration details with our event partner ICT KTN.

MoMo London – Nov. 26th – UnPanel 7th Anniversary

It’s that time of year again – Mobile Monday London is seven, and as has now become the custom we’re going to be looking back over the events of the past year and looking forward to the next.

What’s not quite so traditional is that we are going to do this in the form of an unpanel.

That means a panel in which is made up of members of the audience and whose topics are the ones we, the audience, choose. So, bearing in mind that the topic is not really very restrictive we’re hoping for a very lively and varied debate.

To help us with the logistics of this, which is a first for us, we would appreciate if you’d drop us a note at contact@mobilemonday.org.uk to let us know that you’re keen to take the stage for one of the slots.


6.00 Arrival

6.30 Unpanel

7.45 Networking

9.30 Close

As usual attendance is free, but registration is required and is now open.


The CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, the very tall building immediately above Tottenham Court Road tube station, on the Central and Northern Lines. Please use the entrance at street level under the bridge formed by the building itself.


We are very grateful to our annual sponsors BlackBerry for supporting this event.

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