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MoMo London Speakers confirmed for Monday night’s debate

I'm very pleased to confirm our speakers for Monday evening - The session will be introduced by Andy Tipton from BlackBerry, chaired by Leila Makki and speakers include Bryan Rieger from Yiibu (heading up Team Web), with Cait Roberts from MePlease, Mauricio Reyes from Flirtomatic, Sam Machin from O2 (heading up Team Apps), with Alex Watson from Dennis Publishing and Rebecca Pate from Tesco.

Our motion is 'this house believes that apps are the new ringtones and therefore have a limited shelf-life for long-term commercial gain'.

Should be great fun so if you'd like to come and you haven't done so already, please RSVP at http://momolo.org/

The drinks are on BlackBerry! [Oh, and there'll be some Playbooks to have a gander at too.]

Hope to see you on Monday.

MoMo London HTML vs. Apps 6 June

Yes, it's the perennial debate. Should you place your bets on apps or the web? Which is better? Where will you make more money? Which do customers prefer? Do they even care? In what direction are we headed? Do we have to all bow at the altar of Jobs in order to make a meagre mobile buck?

These and more questions will be tackled at our upcoming debate on Monday 6 June sponsored by the lovely folks at BlackBerry. Venue tbc but likely to be the CBI at Centrepoint.

We're just finalising the teams but if you're interested to put yourself forward to be on one of the teams, then please drop Helen a line and tell her why you think you'd be good on one of the teams. And if you don't make the team, don't worry, there will be plenty opportunity to make your comment from the floor and to be an active participant.

Oh, and if anyone has a gavel they could lend us, that would be marvellous!

Registration will close at 10am on Sunday 5 June or whenever we're full - whichever comes first. Registration is required at http://momolo.org . All registration data will be shared with our sponsor BlackBerry.


Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start

Each speaker gets 5 minutes to speak and 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Each team leader will have a few minutes to wrap up with their argument for or against the motion and then we will have an audience vote.

Networking and drinks from around 8pm.

Session closes at 9.30pm



Our lovely sponsors for 6 June 2011 are BlackBerry and you might like to check out their BlackBerry Developer Zone and you may also be interested to take a look at this year's BlackBerry Developer Challenge... lots of categories and lots of prizes on offer. And also, don’t forget about BlackBerry DevCon Europe. There’s a call for speakers out at the moment but you need to get your application in before 24 June http://www.blackberrydevcon.com/europe.

Mobile Monday London Partners with Money in Mobile Forum

So what’s this all about then? Well, the BLN are running an event all about making money in mobile. Now that’s perked up your interest I can see! As part of that (and one of the key reasons why we decided to partner with them) is that they are looking for 10 companies to show how they are helping their customers make money from mobile. The entry deadline is 31st May.

The showcase is one element of the day http://moneyinmobile2011.thebln.com/ and the idea behind the conference is to help organisations understand why mobile is a good, profitable business. So even without the showcase opportunity, this looks like it’s worth attending plus we have a MoMoLo members discount available too of 35%. We’re all in this to make some money, right?

So, if you’re interested in presenting at the event and telling your mobile-money-making story and would benefit from being exposed to investors, clients and journalists, then you could do worse than get your entry in. There will be a worthy panel of investors, journalists and buyers who will decide who wins ‘best in show’ http://moneyinmobile2011.thebln.com/mim-award-judges/. Plus if you want some attention from the press and want to meet investors including Accel, Amadeus, Balderton, DFJ, Doughty Hanson, Fidelity, Highland Capital, Intel Capital, MMC, Octopus, Oxford Capital Partners, Pentech, PROfounders Fund, Vodafone Ventures and others, there probably isn’t an easier way to do it. Presenting companies also get a free place to attend the event and the winner will walk away with an iPad, and who knows what else with such an interesting audience. Maybe this will be the investment story of the year?!

Why enter?

  • Being on the shortlist of companies will set you apart and get you in front of some amazing investors and journalists
  • You will be recognised as a business that can help other companies make money in mobile – not a bad selling point when it comes to convincing new customers
  • The 10 presenting companies will benefit from pitching in front of an audience of CEOs, mobile entrepreneurs, corporate users and buyers of mobile technology, as well as investors (angel and VC) looking to finance high-growth companies
  • All pitches will be recorded and posted on The BLN giving the presenting companies additional exposure
How do I qualify?

  • Be privately held

  • Have paying customers

  • err, that’s it.

OK, I’m in. What do I do next?

  • Spend about 5 minutes applying before 31st May at http://moneyinmobileawardentry.eventbrite.com/ and in less than 100 words, tell them how you make money for other companies [OK, I recommend spending a bit more than 5 minutes thinking through what your 100 words are, but the point is, it’s not a complex form to complete – ed].

  • Closing date is midday on 31 May 2011. It is FREE to enter.

  • Companies will be shortlisted and notified by 7 June 2011 by The BLN

  • The final 10 companies will present their product or service during the Money in Mobile Forum being held in London on 14 June, presenting to our audience and panel of judges, and explaining why they have the biggest potential to enable companies to make money in mobile

  • The winner will be announced at the end of the forum and will receive the BLN Money in Mobile Award

Please do spread the word amongst your colleagues so that we have a chance to see the best of the bunch in June. And of course, if you’d like to attend the event, then please take advantage of our special Mobile Monday London members 35% discount using the code MoMoLo.

Good luck and see some of you on 14 June.

MoMoLo – Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 are Go!

vmclicks 2011 bannerYes, it’s that time of year it seems. For the third year, Mobile Monday London is proud to be working with Vodafone on the Vodafone Mobile Clicks start-up competition. With success stories like Roulette Cricket and Woobius from the UK under its belt, this competition can really give a leg-up to a mobile start-up. And it’s free to enter, so you really have nothing to lose by entering. ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’ as someone once said. Vodafone lays no claim on your IP and the prize is a no-strings cash prize. Now, that’s refreshing!

What is it?

Vodafone Mobile Clicks is an international contest to identify and develop the best, most innovative mobile internet start-ups. Already known as the biggest start-up competition of its kind, this year’s Vodafone Mobile Clicks is open to seven markets. Any start-up in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Turkey or the United Kingdom that has a mobile site, service or application can compete for the €225,000 prize fund.

Judging will take place over three rounds. Firstly, each competing market will draw up a shortlist of their five best submissions, then a local winner will be selected. Lastly, all seven local winners will be invited to represent their country in a live final at the PICNIC festival in the Netherlands on 15th – 16th September 2011, where the overall winner will be chosen.

This year’s high-profile judges include Peter Barry, Head of VC and Start-up at Vodafone Ventures; Paul Jozefak, Managing Partner at Mobile VC; Reshma Sohoni, Partner at Seedcamp; Rudy de Waele, founder of Mobile 2.0 Europe and dotopen; and Lee Epting, Director of Content Services at Vodafone Group.

Judging criteria

Each judge will score entries based on five criteria:

  1. Originality, creativity and innovativeness
  2. Technical and operational feasibility
  3. Economic and financial viability
  4. Value to end-users
  5. The quality of the management team (e.g. their experience, knowledge, skills, relationships)

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain expert feedback for your entry, both qualitatively and quantitatively from all of the jury members. And if your entry reaches the finals, then you’ll also benefit from PR and coverage at both national and European level. So it’s not just about the prize money (although that’s important too).

Entry criteria:

  • Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011 is open to all mobile-related start-up companies, businesses, institutions and all other organisations in the joining countries of this years' competition – UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Turkey.
  • Participants must be or must have the intention to become a start-up enterprise/business in the field of mobile internet products or services.
  • Each participant may submit only one entry. Previous entries from Vodafone Mobile Clicks are allowed to participate again.
  • The enterprise/business cannot be older than 3 years since its inception. An enterprise or business older than 3 years may enter the competition provided that the concept entry will become a new entity (a holding may enter only ONE entity).
  • The enterprise/business must have an annual turnover of less than €500k per annum.
  • Concepts are not allowed (a demonstrable solution will be required).
  • It is free to enter
  • You will need to register a Vodafone developer account (if you don’t already have one) in order to enter the competition
  • All entries must be received by midnight CET 12 June 2011.

Definition of “mobile”
What kind of entries are eligible for Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2011? Entries may be linked to the concept of mobile and mobile infrastructure in the most broad sense of the word and are not restricted to only mobile phones. Every device or infrastructure that is related to “mobility” may be considered to enter the competition. Think about mobile content, iPad apps, widgets, design, sites or services leveraging or integrating mobile technology.

At Vodafone we recognise that confidentiality plays a huge part in any organisation, especially in the start-up world. This is why Vodafone will ensure your entry is kept confidential and will not seek to own any IP (intellectual property) from your entry.

  • All entries are confidential and will not be distributed outside of this competition.
  • Vodafone does not seek to own any intellectual property in relation to entries for the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition.
  • Any applications submitted as part of the competition can be used by Vodafone for distribution, advertising and promotion in relation to the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions before you register. It consists of two parts:
    1. The competition (Please read this very carefully)
    2. Terms & Conditions specifically for Mobile Widgets (Only relevant in case you want to enter a widget for the competition)

If you still have some concerns about Vodafone Mobile Clicks, please contact: vmc2011@vodafone.com

If you have the inspiration and desire to be the best, then enter today! You can also follow progress of the competition on twitter.

Best of luck and get those entries in!

MoMo London May 16th The Internet of Things

MobileMonday London brings you M2M, The Internet of Things and more, on the evening of 16th May.

You may or may not know much about this area, but with the kinds of numbers that are being spoken about - like 50 billion connected devices by 2020 - this looks like it really is "The Next Big Thing". We'll take a look at the vision of what's coming, discuss the practicalities of how this is going to be implemented, what this means for consumers and what the opportunities are for developers and entrepreneurs, including new business models. It's a big topic but we have a great panel to help us understand it, so it will have interest for those who are expert in this area and also to those for whom it's new.

Camille Mendler of Informa specialises in this area, as well as Cloud Computing and other Next Big Things, and she's kindly agreed to moderate the panel.

David Wood is Embedded Device Technology Lead at Accenture. David's an old friend of MoMo from when he was at Symbian. He's particularly interested in using smartphone technology beyond smartphones.

Dan Warren is Director of Technology at GSMA. You should check out their recent Smart Cities report.

Tor Björn Minde tweets as @EricssonLabs, and you may very well be one of his numerous followers. When he's not Tweeting, Tor Björn is R&D Manager there, and promises to bring some interesting demos with him. I'm wondering if he will bring a Facebook Connected Vacuum Cleaner.

William Webb is CTO at Neul. Neul has been in the headlines recently for proposing a non GSM based approach to M2M using TV "white space spectrum". They call the idea "The Internet of Everything". Which I suppose would be the Biggest Possible Thing ...

As usual, the event will be held at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, right above Tottenham Court Road Tube station. Doors open at 6.00 for a 6.30 start, followed by drinks and networking from 8.00 to 9.30. Remember that the Northern Line is not stopping at Tottenham Court Road Station - use Leicester Square or Goodge St if you are coming that way. Service as normal(*) on the Central Line.

Many thanks to our sponsor for the evening, ICTKTN

Registration is required, at http://momolo.org/event.jsp?eventid=111 - look forward to seeing you there.


(*) A tube strike has been announced for that evening, we hoping that will be averted and are planning to "Keep Calm and Carry On". We'll post updates on Twitter, Facebook and email if things change.

MoMo London Demo Night Spring Edition Review

What a great night. Loads of energy, a full-house, 16 demos, new devices to play with and free beer courtesy of IntelAppUp. What more could you ask for?!

Our regular columnist, Lauren McGregor has done a lovely round-up of the evening in case you missed it. Over to you Lauren…

Demo night graced us with its presence once again this Monday and it proved to not only be a popular one, but also one full of exciting new ventures. I have to admit that demo night is one of my favourites at Mobile Monday, an eclectic mix of start-ups and big mobile companies dabbling its toes in new and exciting areas. This week we had the very lovely Intel (also our sponsor for the night) telling us all about its app store, as well as some cool app developers and marketers delving in the world of NFC, geo-targeting, gaming, cloud computing and more. I have attached below a short summery of each of the three minute pitches, along with the all important links to their websites and the speakers details. As ever, if you have any questions send them over or post a comment and if you have any video clips then please let us know so we can see them.

Intel AppUp http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/join – it’s free to join and there are lots of benefits You are not anyone if you don't have an app store, or so it seems, and Intel are not one to be left out. Nena from Intel took to the stage to tell us a bit more. Intel's app store contains a core focus of apps, currently around 3,000, based around Windows architecture and directed towards netbooks/laptops and tablet devices. It contains many of the top charters including Tweetdeck and Angry Birds and developers  enjoy a 70% revenue share and a less crowded app store.  Intel has also a few partners within the OEM and retail space, including Dell, preloaded devices, and retailer Dixons, who co-market goods in-store, both in return for a revenue share. So what are the benefits to the consumers, well Intel allows its customers to download their apps on up to 5 devices, a try before you buy system and the security that comes with the brand.

Staying with Intel we had a brief intro to Meego from Sulamita, an open source Linux project sponsored by Intel. This multi-platform network allows developers create just one source of code. One of our audience members was quick to raise the question of Nokia's investment in this project (i.e. it's speculated they may not be very soon) and Intel jumped in and assured us that it is very focused on Meego.

Ribot, Anthony Ribot, co-founder. Ribot is all about customer experience and more specifically, the everyday customer, bringing them the small screen experience. Following research funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Ribot looked into needs for older generation and found that they in fact had just three core needs from a mobile device - independence, simplicity and connectivity.  This led the team to develop the Threedom app, which contains these three needs via three on screen buttons. The app currently sits on Android, but the team are moving to multiple platforms and hope to partner with a handset manufacture to create a device based on Threedom - watch this space.

QRpedia and Terence Eden Mobile Monday regular Terence has teamed up with Wikipedia to create QRpedia - finally a QR code app that stands out from the crowd. Following a trip to the British Museum, Terence noticed that the information available on artefacts such as the Rosetta Stone where somewhat lacking in detail and left him with a thirst for more knowledge. So it came to him, if only there was a way of storing lots of information in a small space that can be transferred onto my mobile device….and so QRpedia was born. This mobile Wikipedia app, allows museum visitors to scan a QR code and receive full Wikipedia info on that item. It doesn't stop there though folks, the app also recognises the language of the phone and redirects to the correct Wikipedia page - thus no issues with tourists from multiple countries being able to use the app.

A member of the audience asked if NFC was on the roadmap to which Terence returned another question…How many of you own or think your next phone will have a camera? and; How many of you have a or think your next phone will have NFC? I think this visualised the answer well - NFC simply is not mass-market enough yet. Another question of roaming charges came up and Terence said that he hopes to work in conjunction with museums to provide wi-fi to alleviate any huge roaming bills.

You can see the video of Terence’s presentation here.

TouchType, SwiftKey http://swiftkey.net/ and www.touchtype-online.com/api Joe Braidwood, chief marketing officer. Swiftkey has for a while now provided Android smartphone owners with a predictive, personal and intelligent text service and the team came to tell us about the next step for SwiftKey. The version 2 scans your internet accounts (Facebook, email, tweets), analyses your conversations and uses this to provide advanced predictive capabilities for your message writing. They also announced that the service is coming to tablet devices soon and that advanced voice integration to the app is on the roadmap. The team is interested in tie-ups with OEMs and has opened up its APIs to other developers interested in taking advantage of the intelligent word prediction.

Poynt http://www.poynt.com/ Poynt initially launched on BlackBerry App World and has since gone cross platform and boasts 7 million unique users, 1 billion interactions thus far and a growth rate of 30,000 users per day. Poynt provides local search functionality on your mobile device tightly linked to the users location, working with business and local amenities to provide special Groupon-esque deals on the go (soon to integrate Groupon and LivingSocial deals-of-the-day to location). The idea being, rather then having one search app for movies, one for restaurants and so on, you have all your searches in one app.  Although the team is not looking at any check-in based integration, it does provide a share function for Facebook.

The Game Creators http://www.thegamecreators.com/ with AppGameKit - Rick Vanner and Lee Bamber After 11 years working in the world of the PC, Rick and Lee decided it was time to move to mobile – and hence created the AppGameKit. During a very comical presentation the guys picked upon one of the most annoying parts of development - multiple platforms for your apps. Fear not, they said for they have a solution - write once and deploy anywhere with zero porting…too good to be true? After showing us a demo of a game written on this platform, Ninja Ski, on a netbook, iPhone, iPad and Nokia device, the audience was more convinced.  The code is written once either in C++ or Basic and you need only deploy one time, any upgrades also sync across platform with no issues and  changes sync across platform. It even automatically recognises the controller type e.g. your on an Xbox or a touchscreen tablet and reacts accordingly to your commands. The AppGameKit is to be released in June and free to try with various pricing models thereafter.

TweetaLondonCab http://tweetalondoncab.co.uk/default.aspx demonstrated by Richard Cudlip, a licensed cabbie. London cabbies have been using twitter to share information on traffic, jobs and general information for some time successfully, but the core idea behind TweetaLondonCab was to provide a real-time booking service via twitter. Now linked up with Taxi Spot, the team is looking to rollout a service where users can search on a map and view local cabs and be able to order the closest to them via twitter or the app. Behind the scenes there’s a complex system to manage the bookings and to allocate the right job to the right taxi driver. ‘Why not call a cab?’ asked one of the audience and the reply is that drivers are all self-employed and independent so this is a way of finding an independent black cab driver in your locality in London.

Local Social from Rococo http://www.rococosoft.com/, Sean O’Sullivan Rococo provides proximity marketing software using short-range location technologies like bluetooth, NFC and wifi to interact with its users - both person to person and person to business. It provides an open API and comes Android and J2ME supported, its partners create the apps and Rococo makes them ‘proximity aware’. Sean’s looking for partnerships that can make good use of their proximity aware technology.

Smart Wifi from Kineto http://www.kineto.com/, Mark Powell (co-founder) This app uses wifi to to run all your usual mobile functionality; calls, sms etc, - even when you don’t have your usual mobile signal. You also won't have to pay for roaming while you are abroad as you will use your home network on wifi and run your calls and messaging over this. The app is to come pre-loaded on all android T-Mobile (US and soon UK) and Orange (UK) - with more to be announced soon. It’s already preloaded on some devices and operators brand the name differently. From the operators perspective, it doesn't lose its customers due to lack of coverage and another huge plus is that it also alleviates capacity of data running on their networks. Impressive.

Nuance Mobile http://www.nuance.com/, Reimund Schmald Nuance gave us a quick intro to its latest creation Flex T9 – advanced text to speech with multi-lingual voice recognition (and Reimund proved this by speaking into various phones in various languages. Nuance is a large company and their system is already in use for games, coffee machines and cars. It is available to buy now in the Android Marketplace for £3.

Insiteo http://www.insiteo.com/ , Tiago Mateus Insiteo is an indoor positioning system that incorporates dynamic mapping to guide users around for example a shopping centre, airport, hospital or an exhibition. The app works by triangulating the users position using wifi access points, with an impressive accuracy of 5m inside. The app can also deliver geo-targeted advertisements and is completely opt-in.

AiRaid – Rise of the Undead , Keith Bauwise This Samsung Bada app is a first-person 360 degree augmented reality shooter game, there is just one goal to survive for a full 2 minutes - which is hard when ghosts are attacking you. The backdrop for the game is the area around you and so you can imagine people fighting imaginary ghouls with their phones thrust in front of them. The team has created a good online community of players sharing high scores and experiences. The game is open source to other developers and they are open for them to overlay graphics and expand on the app. In the future, the team is also looking at ways to integrate GPS to the game play.

NaturalMotion Games and, Torsten Reil, CEO and co-founder With a background in games and animation development (Grand Theft Auto, Backbreaker to name but a few), the team wanted to create a truly social game using the same realistic animation that drives their console games. They’ve now found a way to make that animation engine fast and responsive enough for mobile. And with this in mind they are working with game developers to do this. The Munkyfun app they demoed was one where you can own your own horse, feed it, play with it, tend to it, ride it and as one eagle eyed audience member spotted - it looks like race them too! Through the camera mode, you can view and interact with the horse and take pictures to share and these look incredibly life-like. The revenue streams are not just about paid-for downloads but also micro-transactions within the experience.

Torsten is a former Ted speaker so you might like to take a look at his video explaining how the study of biology can help make natural-looking animated people -- by building a human from the inside out, with bones, muscles and a nervous system.

Parcel Genie http://www.parcelgenie.com/, John Taylor CEO Parcel Genie claims to be the world’s first gift messaging service on mobile, you can send real little gifts without needing the recipients address. All gifts are below £5 for example a chocolate bar or a game and you can pay with either PayPal, premium SMS or a credit/debit card. The recipient receives a message asking where they would like their gift to be delivered and what it is. Once the location is confirmed (99% acceptance rate) the recipient receives the gift the next day with a personal message and the sender pays the P&P. The app is rolling out on Android and iPhone and is already available on Windows Phone 7.

Spark http://www.sparkinspires.com/ with Mindings http://www.mindings.com/main, Stuart Arnott The idea for this came up when Stuart’s mother was very ill. Stuart used to send her photos every day so that she didn’t miss out on seeing her new family and could keep her spirits up during a very difficult time. Sadly, Stuart’s Mum lost her life, but he thought that there must be a better way to do this. And as a geek, he was just the person to do this. And so he created version 1.0 of Mindings which was a picture frame with email upload. Next Stuart integrated flickr uploads for version 2. Now on version 3 the device adds captions for photographs, calendar integration iCal and Google Calendar for alerts, Facebook integration, medication reminders, in-built health devices e.g. blood, glucose, heart monitors. All this information is stored and can be shared with other family members/health care professionals remotely to monitor and interact with the user - a far cry from the original photo frame device. The cost of the device will be around £80 at launch (October 2011) and subscription to the services will cost an additional £5 per month.

LifeSort http://www.lifesort.com/, James Norris This cloud-based service offers one place to store, sort and share your documents within one unique infrastructure that is fully customisable giving more flexibility than the likes of Dropbox. The app can be viewed on an iPhone/iPad and via a desktop browser and all saved material is fully accessible across multiple devices and saved across device. As pointed out by an audience member, this does bear multiple similarities to Dropbox, but James assured us that it is different due to its unique infrastructure and customisation…we will have to try it for ourselves then, trials available.

We’re just experimenting with Lanyrd so if you’re on twitter and attended the event, feel free to add yourself. Equally, if you wrote a blogpost, took photos or video, or did an interview, please add it there too (and let us know in the comments). http://lanyrd.com/2011/momolo-april/ Thanks!

And finally, Daniel Appelquist took a whole bunch of photos on the evening which we’ve put into a slide show for your delectation.

A big thank you to IntelAppUp for sponsoring the event and thanks everyone for coming that made it such a success. Our next events are on 16 May (machine to machine and the internet of things) and 6 June (Web vs. Native debate). Register and RSVP at http://momolo.org

Mobile Monday London Proudly Presents…

Yes, it’s demo night. We’re still getting applications in to demo (you can keep them coming – we’ll choose the last batch of demo companies over the weekend – apply here: http://bit.ly/demorequest ).

However, we have chosen the first batch of demos for your delectation and these are (drum roll please) :

And of course, our sponsors, Intel AppUp will be demoing something too plus they’ll have some new Meego devices with them.

We have many more demo’ers to announce so watch this space. And if you haven’t already RSVP’d for demo night on 18th April at CBI at Centrepoint, then what are you waiting for? Sign up and RSVP at http://momolo.org

MoMo London Demo Night Spring 2011 Edition

Yes! Demo Night is back at MoMoLondon, albeit a couple of weeks later than we’d originally planned.

We'll update the agenda once we know who's going to demo their wares on the night but expect an eclectic mix of mobile applications, products and services. Each presenter will get 3 minutes to demo and then there'll be time for questions and feedback from the audience. We’ll be split into two rooms so we can accommodate everyone without being too squashed up and each demo company will pitch twice – once in each room – so there’s no need for the audience to move around. It also means we’ll have a bit more space so hopefully we won’t have to turn people away because we’re full.

We have room for 12 or more demo companies to show their wares. You can be at prototype stage wanting some feedback, or you can be at fully-fledged service stage able to share insight about getting to market or somewhere in between. It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re interested to show us what you’re up to and share at least one insight during your three minutes (and yes, we have to be strict on time). We are platform and device agnostic and it would be great to see a wide range of platforms and devices covered. And it doesn’t have to be mobile internet or app driven either. Voice and SMS services are also relevant. Just fill in this form http://bit.ly/demorequest or email helen@mobilemonday.org.uk if you'd like to be considered for one of the slots. Don’t be shy. We’ll fit in as many as we can.

This event is kindly sponsored by Intel AppUp Developer Program.

intel appup logo colourAbout the Intel AppUp Developer Program

The Intel AppUp developer program provides developers with everything they need to easily develop and sell applications via the Intel AppUp Centre and affiliate app stores. The initial focus of the program is netbooks and tablets, but is soon expanding to include smartphones, consumer electronics, and other devices. The program supports C/C++, Adobe AIR, Java, Microsoft .NET, and Meego apps. The developer program provides easy to use SDKs, easy deployment and validation along with a vibrant community. In addition, the program provides developers with numerous monetisation opportunities through the AppUp centre, affiliate app stores, in-application advertising, and much more.

Venue and timing

We’ll be at the CBI at Centrepoint. Doors open at 6pm for a prompt 6.30pm start. The demos should be finished by about 8.15pm and then we'll have drinks and networking until 9.30pm. Please note that the Northern Line will not be stopping at Tottenham Court Road from April onwards whilst engineering works are happening. Please use Goodge Street or Leicester Square on the Northern Line, or come via Oxford Circus and get the Central Line to Tottenham Court Road as that’s working as normal.

Please RSVP at http://momolo.org/ if you'd like to attend this event. An RSVP on our Facebook event is not enough as we can't export the data to tally up numbers and create a registration list. Please note that registration details will be shared with the sponsor.

Registration will be open until Friday 15 April at midday or until we’re full up – whichever comes first.

Look forward to seeing you!

Meffys Awards now Open for Entries

Doing something interesting in mobile apps and services? Got a cracking case study in mobile marketing? Innovating in mobile content? Then you should consider entering this year’s Meffys Awards which are now open for entries. These are one of the most prestigious global mobile awards and are definitely worth consideration.

This year’s Meffys categories span the entire mobile content & commerce ecosystem. Now in its 8th year, the Meffys honour achievements across mobile content and commerce and recognise the best innovation around the globe. Entries are judges by expert panels of leading journalists, analysts, academics and VCs. The winners will be announced at a Gala dinner attended by the industry’s most influential players on 7th July at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s famous Covent Garden.

Companies wishing to enter should visit: www.meffys.com and submit their entries by 26th April 2011.

For highlights from the 2010 awards ceremony and a list of 2010 winners, please visit: http://www.meffys.com/about/2010-highlights

Entering the 2011 Meffys

MEF will be accepting entries for the 2011 Meffys from today. Companies interested in entering the awards or nominating a candidate for the Outstanding Contribution Awards should go to the Meffys website at www.meffys.com for full details.

Entry prices for 2011 are as follows: £350 per entry; £150 for MEF Members. This year, MEF is also offering a special developer rate of £75 per entry (3 employees or less, no external funding and in business for no more than 1 year). Please see the http://www.meffys.com/enter/cost-of-entry for further information.

Meffys Categories for 2011

Best Game
Best Music Service
Best TV & Video Service
Best Content
Best Content Discovery & Personalisation Service
Best Social Media Service
Best Ad Campaign
new this year Best Brand on Mobile
new this year Best Mobile Website
Best Blockbuster App
Best Innovative App*
Best Technology Innovation*
Best Innovative Business Model*
Best Innovation in a Mobile First Market*
Best M-Commerce Service
Best Business Intelligence
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Outstanding Contribution Award

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MoMo London Review of Should we keep taking the tablets?

MoMoLo regular, Lauren McGregor from We Are Social, took some notes for us from Monday evening’s event sponsored by the lovely folks at BSkyB (who are on a recruitment drive in case you hadn’t heard already http://workforsky.com). [Image courtesy of Lisa Devaney, Hai Media Group]

Chair - Leila Makki, Video Journalist and presenter on Telecom TV

David Gibbs, director of mobile applications and services at BSkyB – including tablet editions publications

David Roth-Ey – Harper Collins – looking after the transition to digital (additional screen)

Mark Payton, Haymarket consumer media Rimma Perelmuter, MEF – business models, regulation, best-practice

Matt Pollitt, Account Director, Us Two – building and promoting mobile apps on iPhone and Android

There were many themes covered in the event so we’ll go through the topics or questions individually to give it some coherence in case you weren’t there. As much as possible was noted, but inevitably, not everything was captured.

Is there a change in emphasis with the advent of iPad 2 from content consumption to content creation?

Mark from Haymarket stated that forums have been a big avenue for content and is seeing this in tablets and sees it as a huge opportunity. David from Sky told the audience that by allowing customers to consume content QoE is of huge importance – you can recreate experiences on smaller devices like tablets. These are companion experiences such as interactive TV and how you can control your TV.

Apple vs. the world

Matt from UsTwo claims that it’s not just the hardware that gives Apple the edge. UsTwo has looked at Android and other platforms but the great thing about Apple is the instant plug in to users bank accounts via iTunes. This gives the immediate opportunity of getting things paid for easily and without disruption.

Rimma believes that the introduction of tablets has enhanced the smartphone offering as we are now seeing mass market appeal but, importantly, we are only at the start of this. We’re definitely seeing more interest in tablets and there is targeting via mobile devices – especially for the apps market. Content discovery and monetisation is still required and we need to marry up the original content distribution mechanisms with a smart business model behind it. Rimma’s looking forward to other tablet offerings beyond Apple which will create some competition and bring down price points.

David from Harper Collins is particularly excited to see that books are such a significant part of the iPad 2 and that it stretches the book experience beyond the flat page.

Content discovery David Roth-Ey shared that discovery is terrible in the digital world. Even shopping on a kindle or iPad is

terrible unless you know exactly what you are looking for. There’s an opportunity here for developers to create something to help consumers to discover new content.


We’re also seeing that authors are bypassing publishers like Harper Collins and self-publishing with the new digital tools available. And this is always a threat. Publishers need to show their worth to writers. We often fund authors while they are writing their books. We are not seeing this as a huge issue at the moment. We offer the full suite of options, including digital – not just the books themselves, also creating applications for books e.g. SAS survival app at £3.99 included videos, quizzes and social features. This is a major benefit to authors who may not be able to achieve this by themselves. And we sold 100,000 of those apps.

Subscription models

Mark comments on the Apple announcement of taking 30% of subscription revenues. This has made it (as in the subscription model with apps) more attractive to us. Autosport has a loyal online subscriber base already, these customers value a very good service. The subscription model now makes it viable for us to look at this.

Matt from UsTwo reckons that subscribers pay. Certainly that’s the case for the services they’ve built as they give value to the subscribers. Knowing when to charge and when not to is a trial and error process. UsTwo at first failed with a lite version of an app and saw a huge tail off after initial height of downloads but now seeing more with the MouthOff app. As for Android vs. Apple, we see that Apple provides a good way of being able to make your money back. The (Android) marketplace is too fragmented at the moment and is not built into the core UI of the handset. This will change of course, but currently it is so much easier on Apple. Honeycomb is on its way for Android and that should make a difference.

Android and other operating systems

Haymarket has seen mobile booming in growth (11% year on year) and a good chunk of which is iOS still.

David Gibbs from Sky tells us they have 10 million customers and they don’t all have iPhones – Sky has a mobile website that allows reach to many other platforms and mobile devices. BlackBerry has been an encouraging platform for us and is often forgotten. Nokia and Windows? BB Playbook? Each of these offer something different from its users than the iPad. We’re looking at all of them.

Rimma from the MEF is seeing a lot of hype around the apps market, and that it’s possible this won’t be around in the next few years. We need to look at the long term game too. MEF has an initiative called Enablers which is about operators and manufacturers working together to offer a good user experience. This initiative shares behavioural information, e.g. how consumers are engaging, and this helps you to develop relevant mobile services and adapt existing ones. We are not just inhabiting an Apple world – it is about delivering what the consumer wants in the long run.

David from Harper Collins said that an international standard for e-readers was agreed at epub which is a great step forward.This means that you don’t need to rebuild for other platforms as they share the common industry standard and allows for the full range of content to be available to all.

Web apps and HTML5

David Gibbs explained that at Sky, they haven’t really exploited HTML5 as yet because the tech team believe it is not ready yet. Currently, a mobile website is not enough to deliver the highest quality of experience compared with native apps. Sky does a lot of work in mobile web, e.g. checking your account online so it’s not a question of ignoring it. Their services are defined by the customer and currently they are using apps. It’s important to follow the customer.

Mark from Haymarket believes that apps are the way to go for the best magazine design as the tools are not available as yet to deliver what you can currently via an application.

David from Harper Collins say that they know what their customers want and they want to buy content they can use across multiple devices – hence the international standard is very useful.

Business model for tablets

The panel felt that this was not a mature enough market yet to get any real numbers and that the subscription model needs to mature. It’s a time to experiment. Sky certainly wants to extend subscriptions and target new customers. Rimma from MEF agreed that a lot of experimentation is going on and that existing newspaper publishing models were being used – pay per use, subscriptions (monthly, yearly) etc. She noted that we almost saw the mobile games industry die a few years ago and apps and app stores are giving them a new lease of life.

Matt from UsTwo added that it’s not just the business model that’s important but also the move to digital for publications in general and it’s still early days for that. I have bought a subscription and enjoy it, but from a publishers point of view, they are still lost as to what to do. As an example, The Daily has just come out to mixed reviews and lots of budget spent. No one really ‘gets’ what to do with it, just chuck video etc. on there without any real intelligence.

Mark from Haymarket talked about PDF formats. And he’s not a fan of them by any means. But Haymarket recently went with Zinio with a few of their titles and the numbers have been astonishing and it turns out that the PDF format works pretty well on tablet devices. The panel also told us that you’d be amazed at how people will scan in reams and reams of pages and produce PDFs of books and magazines – they have literally spent their free time painstakingly scanning each page individually.

Matt from UsTwo stressed that it is about the content, the drives to purchase and the implementation that is required. Make it more social, think about the environment, where are they (customers) consuming the content, who do I want to target. Rimma also noted that social platforms like Facebook are influencing consumer behaviour.

David Roth-Ey also felt we needed to be aware of content overload and that the majority of revenue will come from just plain text.

What would you pay for and how do you want your content delivered to you?

David Roth-Ey wants multiple books access, similar to how it is with music, before we see the piracy that we’ve seen in the music industry. This is something that Harper Collins thinks about a lot. A Spotify equivalent if you like. We need to find a business model to fit and it needs to be an aggregated service and probably not from a publisher. The question is whether or not e-books will flatten sales of print.


It’s been in the press lately that advertisers aren’t interested in iPad advertising but Mark from Haymarket felt it was too early to draw that conclusion. The inventory isn’t there yet, but when it is, it’s very successful. Sky has also found that multiplatform sales and sponsorship has been successful. It’s a growing business but perhaps a little below forecasts.

What else for tablets?

Customer service is a strong contender, with the likes of Burberry using iPads for staff. Medical is another important sector for tablet devices, especially in the US. Rimma added that they’re great devices for consumer engagement and not just consumption of content. The healthcare sector have really wanted to take advantage of  the mobile device to engage and inform the consumer. The tablet can do this.

What about Android?

Android is growing in importance and has had fast growth and shipped more devices than Apple in the last quarter. David Gibbs told us that the big sticking point for Android is security. It’s a big issue for a business like Sky but that there should be a solution around September time. There was general agreement on this point. There is more piracy on Android with something like a third of some of UsTwo apps on Android being pirated copies.

Question: Hybrid Ink and LCD screens are already available in the US – anyone looking into this?

David from Harper Collins: A colour screen is better for content but it looks to be quite expensive.

Question: Can’t we do more with these devices? Tablets are more then just a mobile PC. We need to incentivise and create ideas from the developers for books, for example

David from Harper Collins agreed. The Heart and the Bottle is an app for children and was iPad app of the week. It is stretching what a picture book can be and not just at the digital level but also at the editorial level too (suggesting that it’s more than the developers who need to be thinking about this).

Mark from Haymarket commented on the front and rear facing camera of the iPad 2 which means you can now use for home entertainment systems and incorporate room backgrounds.

Question: What about security from a consumer perspective?

There are concern across the board and is something everyone on the panel were thinking about. Rimma from MEF felt we needed more consumer education as there’s growing concern over consumer privacy and a growing number of consumers signing T&Cs without a thought.

Question: Using the cloud model to share content between devices, as a content provider, is this a threat?

The living-room is still the main place of engagement for Sky consumers. We (Sky) will provide more content live and on-demand. There is still demand for branded and well written and produced content

Question: Business orientated apps for bank traders and the like, are there issues in development?

Matt from UsTwo agreed that it is very different with lots of challenges. You try to create the best user experience, but not many will actually end up using it compared with consumer facing applications. Rimma continued that mobile enterprise is getting a growing focus e.g. banking and retail.

Where does HTML5 have a role? For example the Yahoo! HTML5 service is very good and you can disconnect from the web through an app.

Mark from Haymarket would like to explore this more and make stand alone product. HTML5 is certainly on the radar. Matt from UsTwo added that HTML5 needs connectivity in a lot of cases and clearly not everywhere has access. This is the main reason not to develop with it yet. Also the development team feedback has been that it is not as good and that you don’t have as much information on the device such as location.


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