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MoMo Malmo Innovation och utveckling i mobilbranschen

VAD: Mobile Monday Malmö NÄR: 18.4 2011 kl.16-18.30 VAR: Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö Årets första Mobile Monday Malmö går av stapeln under temat “Innovation och utveckling”. Hur uppnår man synlighet och framgång i IT- och mobilbranschen? Kom och låt dig inspireras av några av Sveriges största succéhistorier! Tanken bakom arrangemanget är att det skall fungera som en inspirationskälla och idégenerator. Ola Larsén, TAT/RIM, Carl Silbersky, Polar Rose, och Frank Schuil, Qubulus, delar med sig av sina erfarenheter. Eventets sponsor är RIM Blackberry. Som vanligt kommer det också att vara tid till mingel. För att kunna anmäla dig till arrangemanget måste du först registrera dig i Mobile Monday Malmö-nätverket. Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig den 18 april! Share/Save

Snooze With Heart är Sveriges bästa app

Didine Bedraoui tog hem segern i AppCircus i Malmö med applikationen Snooze With Heart.

Med appen kan man skänka en valfri summa pengar till en valfri välgörenhetsorganisation varje gång man väljer att sova lite längre än väckarklockan tillåter.

Juryn, bestående av Vildan Hasanbegovic, Sony Ericsson, Sara Ponnert, Media Evolution, Jonas Gruvö, Sydsvenskan och Malin Kock, Frontal, hade utsett de 10 utvecklare som fick demonstrera sin applikation framför branschfolk och andra intresserade.

De tre finalisterna, Skånemejerier med Träffa Bönder, Qubulus med Gecko och Didine Bedraoui med Snooze With Heart, röstades fram av publiken, medan en rörande enig jury lät segern gå till den sistnämnda.

AppCircus äger rum i omkring 30 städer i hela världen. Bland samtliga vinnare väljer en internationell jury ut 20 utvecklare som får presentera sin applikation på the Mobile World Congress i Barcelona i februari.

Tävlingen i Malmö arrangerades i samarbete med Mobile Monday Malmö. Kvällens värd var kommunikationsbyrån Frontal i samarbete med Minc och Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

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London Mobile Meet-up

Kvällen innan Open Software in Mobile går av stapeln i London 19-20 oktober vill vi bjuda nordiska mobilbolag till ett kvällsmingel i Londons finansdistrikt. Detta är ett unikt tillfälle att få in en fot på UK marknaden och dessutom få höra om vad O2 och Vodafone söker för samarbetspartners.

London Mobile Meet-Up och Open Software in Mobile är kostnadsfria event för nordiska mobilbolag. Mer info och möjligheter för registrering: London-mobile-meet-up

Mer om Open Software in Mobile: www.osimworld.com

Utvecklare kan få gratispass: Om du är en oberoende utvecklare och arbetar för ett företag med max fem anställda kan du få ett gratis OSiM World Developer Pass. Du måste e-posta från en arbetsmail, det vill säga  Hotmail-, Gmail- och Yahoo!-adresser accepteras inte.

Sophie Powell
Senior Conference Producer
Informa Telecoms & Media
E-post: sophie.powell@informa.com


The Future of Openness (in Mobile)

Date: 13th of September 2010, from 16:00 to 19:00
Place: Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö





The Future of Openness (in Mobile) - Troed Sångberg, futurist working at the Sony Ericsson CTO Office

Openness as a concept is manifesting itself in various ways throughout our society. What does the democratization of creation mean for developers and companies, both inside corporate structures as well as outside, in how we can handle what we would traditionally call requirements, innovation and end user satisfaction. Prepare for a journey including lego, pirates, brains and pyramids - as well as surprising insights.

A change in perspective - speaker to be confirmed 

The “dos and dont’s” in a modern appstore world - speaker to be confirmed

Sign up

Register to the MobileMonday event on the 13th of September. Please register before the 9th of September. If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Ståhl at hanna@frontal.dk or +46 733 62 33 14.

More about the speakers

Troed Sangberg is a futurist working at the Sony Ericsson CTO Office. With a core technical background and a keen interest in changes in society, culture and the human mind he tries to explore, expand and project the resulting impacts onto the mobile industry. After over a decade’s worth of mobile experience in developing, project leading and directing strategy at companies ranging from Ericsson, Symbian, TietoEnator to Sony Ericsson one question relevant today would be for how long, or if, we still consider there to be a separate mobile industry. Troed can be followed on Twitter, and his corporate Sony Ericsson blog.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/troed

Blog: http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/troedsangberg


Making Media Mobile

Date: 31st of May 2010, from 16:00 to 19:00
Place: Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö

Consuming news over the mobile phone is growing faster than ever. Almost one out of ten in Sweden is now getting the latest updates through their mobile devices and one out of five is using internet on the mobile phone. What impact does this have on media companies and how are they preparing for the future?   

You will find the answers at the next MobileMonday event on the 31st of May. As usual you will also have the possibility to network with other members of MobileMonday.


The must-have of mobile news - Morris Packer, CTO at TV4’s and Expressen’s Mobilab AB
Morris Packer will tell us more about the needs behind mobile news with examples like “Allsvenskan” in the mobile and the mobile weather channel. He will also talk about the situation today for broadcasting medias like TV4.

From paper to iphone - Jonas Gruvö, Head of Mobile Services at SDS-group
With focus on the mobile perspective, Jonas Gruvö will talk about how Sydsvenskan has transformed from a traditional news paper to one that is using the platforms of today for distributing news. He will also share his thoughts about what the next steps are.

Leveraging open standards and the cloud for mobile news - Fredrik Olsson, Consultant at Jayway
Learn how open standards like RSS and Amazon cloud services was used to develop the market leading iphone news application for Sydsvenskan. The use of open standards allows for rapid development and easy porting to other mobile platforms. Cloud services allows for low server costs and fast redeployments.

Sign up

Register to the MobileMonday event on the 31st of May. Please register before the 28th of May. If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Ståhl at hanna@frontal.dk or +46 733 62 33 14.

More about the speakers

Morris Packer has more than 15 years within the media industry and has closely followed the evolution from desk top publishing to the mobile web. The last year he has been stationed at TV4’s and Expressen’s joint venture MOBILAB. Before that he ran the department of Bonnier Mobile Services that provides know-how and technology to all brands within The Bonnier Group.

Jonas Gruvö had his first contact with Sydsvenskan back in 1988. Since then he has been following the news paper as a reporter, Head of Digital Media, Managing Editor and Head of R & D. Since last spring he is responsible for developing the mobile services as Head of Mobile Services.

Fredrik Olsson has over 15 years of experience with embedded applications. Fredrik has worked against multiple mobile platforms and developed several Java ME, Android, and iphone application for high profile clients. Fredrik is also active in the open source community and an active technology blogger.


Mobile Premier Awards in Innovation Finalists

The 20 finalists of the Mobile Premier Awards 2010 are now official. Read more about the global MobileMonday competition at www.mobilepremierawards.com


Color Monkey winner in Malmö

Color Monkey is the winner of the first Mobile Premier Awards in Malmö. The company presented Runstar - a social running application that transforms ordinary running into a game-like experience.

“Runstar is developed with the user as a starting point. It should be motivating, inspiring, fun and most of all easy to use. You don’t want to fiddle with the mobile while you are running, says Per Ögren, co-founder and CEO for Color Monkey.

Read more about Color Monkey


Extended deadline for MPA 2010

Have you missed to sign up to The Mobile Premier Awards because of the holidays? Don’t worry. The deadline is extended to January the 10th. Participation to the awards is free and open to any startup with a mobile angle. Sign up at www.dotopen.com/mobile-premier-awards.

The local award ceremony will take place at Minc, Malmö on the 12th of January 2010. Yes, I would like to attend the award ceremony at Minc on the 12th of January.  

Do you want to be


Mobile Premier Award 2010

Date: 12th of January 2010, at 16:00-19:00 hours NB! It’s a Tuesday!
Place: Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö

The MobileMonday competition Mobile Premier Award 2010 is now officially open for submissions.  Swedish innovators in the MoMo Malmö-community are encouraged to sign up.  mpa_logo_w_091105_d

Mobile Premier Award is a yearly MobileMonday contest where the most innovative startups within mobile solutions in the region participate. The event is hosted by MobileMonday Malmö on the 12th of January 2010, where eight startups will present their products or concepts for a jury and the local audience.

The MobileMonday Malmö winner will be listed together with the nominees from other MobileMonday chapters and participate in the international contest. A jury will choose the 20 finalists that will present their solutions at the Mobile Premier Award Event on the 15th of February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  

Register for the event

Yes, I would like to attend the award ceremony at Minc on the 12th of January.  Please register before the 8th of January.

Join the competition now!

To join the Mobile Premier Award your startup company has to sign up at www.dotopen.com/mobile-premier-awards no later than the 31st of December 2009.

Is your company based in Copenhagen? No worries. MobileMonday Copenhagen will also nominate the best startup. Read more at www.mobilemonday.dk

Want to support innovation?

For sponsorships, please contact Frontal at +45 33 31 00 12.

Dates to remember

31 December 2009              - last day for startups to register for the award
7 January 2010                    - startups to present at local event will be announced
12 January 2010                  - Mobile Premier Award event in Malmö
18 January 2010                  - nominees from all the MoMo chapters will be official
25 January 2010                  - the 20 finalist will be announced
15 February 2010                 - The MPA will take place at the Palau de la Musica

Rules for the participants

Only startups can be nominated to the award. In this case a startup is a company with limited operating history, generally newly created and in a phase of development and research for markets. All submissions must fulfil two bare-minimum requirements:
a) that it is an organization, not an individual, that applies
b) that it has a unique URL describing its activity/project/product/service.

From the nominated companies, eight will be selected to pitch in front of a local jury and MobileMonday Malmö audience at the event on the 12th of January.

For more information, please visit www.mobilepremierawards.com, or contact Hanna Ståhl, Frontal at +45 33 31 00 12, hanna@frontal.dk

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