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MoMo Munich – Nov. 25th – National Summit 2013

Many New Faces of Internet. Meet the Future.
No Better Day Than on the MobileMonday National Summit 2013

Have you noticed the many new faces with which the Internet is greeting you every day? Not only do we meet the familiar faces of the Internet as smart phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, PCs but now the Internet has found a new home in the car, we’ve all seen pictures of the Google Glass (some have already tried it on), read about the iWatch, we use connected sensors to measure our health, possibly moods, the Internet helps us watch and control our homes. Robots are entering the house and garden, helping elderly.

The Internet is materializing itself in many new ways – and many mobile.

How will this change your life, your job, your work? Where will your next job be? Do you want create your own? Meet the future today.

Lars will tell you what to expect and Nick will familiarize you with a method of how to deal with arising opportunities.

Christian and Holger have created their new jobs and both have build a bit of our future. Meet them, get some background and get an idea how their ideas have materialized. And changed them. Join us at this MoMo National Summit. Satisfaction guaranteed :)

15:45 Doors open: Get there On Time to Claim Ur Apfelstrudel


Lars Thomsen, future matters: The End of Stupidity – Disruptive Trends and Tipping Points in the Next 520 Weeks

Nick Sohnemann, FUTURE CANDY: How You Can Kick-start Your Wearable Project Now


Christian Ehl, Nemetschek bim+: Reimagining the Building Industry – Saving 30-50% Costs

Holger Schaffer, blukii: Pioneer of a Universal Bluetooth Smart Sensor

Fabian Stelzer, EyeQuant: Mobile SEO for the Eye

Gerhard Giese, Akamai: How to Protect Against Cyber-Attacks – a Live Demo



Event Sponsors:

MoMo Munich – Nov. 4th – Rocket Science App Award Demo Night

Rocket Science! On November 4th we are launching a very special Live-Demo-Night in outer space. Showcase your App and win the Rocket Science App Award.

The event will take place at the European Space Expo that will be opened to the public from Nov 5 – 10. You’ll be able to see all the latest and greatest from the European Space Programme.

Together with the MobileMonday community we are looking to select winning Mobile Apps that show the path into the future. See live presentations from the hottest App companies or present Your App live to the MobileMonday community at the amazing Space Night tent.

The winner will get the Rocket Science App Award (including a MobileMonday press release) and prices will be a business workshop from Spaceteccapital, an app marketing coaching from Hillert und Co. Interactive and Mobile Marketing, as well as some champagne to celebrate with the team.

Do You Want To Present Your App?

Submit your App to rocket-science@mobile-monday.de by October 15th. Please include an App Store description (or an app store link) screenshots (video is welcome) and tell us why your App is rocket science in the following areas:
Value to User
Innovation of the App
User Experience
Disruption in It’s Industry.

How We Select the Apps To Be Presented – Who Will Win?

All apps will be reviewed and rated by the MobileMonday Munich founders according to the five criteria. 10 apps get a 3 minute live presentation spot in the Space tent (no PowerPoint – must be live demo). At the demo night, we will rank by applause of the MobileMonday Community.


18:30  Doors Open & Registration: Check out the 12 stations of European Space Expo

19:00  Welcome by Copernicus/Galileo, BayernKapital, Mobile Monday

19:15  Ten Live Demos

20:15  Networking

This event is sponsored by mobicap and Bayern Kapital and supported by the European Commission.

MoMo Munich – Sept. 16th – Mobile First Rocks

Mobile First” – Eric Schmidt pronouces this as the new Google paradigm at the MWC in Barcelona in its 2010. Where do we stand today? Many companies have followed suit, technology frameworks have been developed and adapterd. One major eveolution has been the development of responsive web frameworks allowing the use of the same mark up for big and small screen sites.

Join us for a discussion of current best practices. Bring your questions and your experiences with you and will have a great discussion.


Insa Wulf & Henning Brau, User Interface Design GmbH: “Mobile First? Think Gestures First!”

Max Müller, Stylight  “Finger friendly – How STYLIGHT went responsive”

Sebastian Fleischmann, Responsys: “Driving up The Response Rate of E-Mail on Mobile”

Doors open at 18:00
Event starts at 18:30
Drinks & Snacks at 20:00
Networking till 22:00

This event takes places at the location of the Munich Network, Munich’s key network for entrepreneurship & innovation (thanks for their support!):

MoMo Munich – June 3rd – 2nd Mobile Social TV Summit

Intro: Harald Mueller, MediaWireless / PR im Web


Party depends on weather conditions! Food & drinks served at Munich Network!

Drink Sponsor:


Event location:Munich Network, Munich’s key network for entrepreneurship & innovation:

MoMo Munich – May 6th – NFC – the Future of Mobile Payment?

Mobile Payment has been a huge success. Well, not yet in Germany or even Europe, no, not yet. But in Africa, e.g. in Kenya Safaricom’s M-Pesa has seen a widespread adoption. Still, M-Pesa’s success does not rely on NFC. Then FeliCa (started in 2004 and based on the FeliCa smart card system) in Japan NFC was and is hugely successful – though it was based on RFID and has just recently moved towards NFC.

Reading the press releases of the Mobile World Congress and of the movers and shakers of the payment industry more than less seem to believe that NFC + mobile will bring about a huge change in the first world.

In this MobileMonday we’d like to shed some light on the ongoing development in NFC payment and invite you to discuss with our panelists the Future of NFC & mobile payment. Let’s see if we can distill the key success factors and the killer app(s) as well as the key enablers to market entry for NFC payment from the all the noise out there.

Come and join us on May 6th! Register Here
Doors open at 18:00. Show starts at 18:30.

AGENDA (prelim):

Jörg Mäsing, Ernst & Young: Intro: The Hype, Hopes, Early Successes, Players, Barriers & Killer Apps

Dietmar Meierhofer, G&D Portigo: Wallet Disruption – Does a Secure and Open Marketplace Solve the Wallet Battle?

Susanne Steidl, Wirecard: NFC Payment – Practical Implementation by a Payment Service Provider

Fabien Nestmann, Identive Group: NFC – What Thrills Beyond Payment…

Panel Discusson

Followed by Food & Drinks. Meet old partners and colleagues and as well as new people. Dive into mobile & NFC with your registration NOW.

MoMo Munich – May 2nd – Web & TV Clash at Stroke Art Fair

TV is dominated by traditional players: TV stations and broadcasters. Now, OEMs like Philips and Samsung are aiming at getting a share of the big TV budgets by offering their own apps and services. Already game console manufacturers have grabbed some mind share. New challengers like OUYA and Hutchison are challenging the market with their hardware and a new value proposition. All the while mobile TV, streaming video is gaining rapidly in usage – a trend TV stations are trying to capitalize on while international players like Apple, Google, Amazon’s Lovefilm, Vivendi’s Watchever enter the market – some offering a flat fee subscription model.

But will the TV prevail? Or will the tablet/mobile become the primary device for consuming “TV” content? And who will be providing the content? Which payment model – pay per view or flat fee – will consumers embrace?

At this very special MoMo you get access to the latest thinking and the protagonists on the Next Clash. See them on stage and join the discussion – and THEN check out the exhibition and join the party at STROKE ART FAIR, Germany’s largest Urban Art Fair on Prater Island in the heart of Munich. We’ll promise you a memorable night.


AGENDA MAY 2, Praterinsel

17:30 Doors open
18:15 Show starts
20:00 Food & Drinks, Stroke Exhibition & Party

Limited Seats: Reserve Your Seat Now!


LINE-UP (evolving)

Christian Haspl, Hutchison 3G Austria: Hutchison Media Box – A Challenge to Traditional Broadcasters?
Lars Friedrichs, ProSieben & Jukka Saarelainen, Gofresh: The NEW Commercial Break – HbbTV Gaming Live Demo, tbc
Antonio Vince Staybl, itsmy.TV: The Epic Battle for the TV Audience – Cloud-based Games Start Competing with Traditional TV Formats
Dr. Gierke Florian, Andreas Wickert, maxdome: VoD – Searching for the Preferred Screen


We welcome up to 100 participants.

This event takes place on a Thursday :)


Learn more about STROKE ART FAIR



MoMo Munich – March 11th – Creating Winning Apps

This MobileMonday focuses on the “how to” of creating apps that are extraordinarily successful in their categories.

Experts will open up their recepies and share their experience on

  • how to select the right categories
  • how to create a compelling app product vision
  • how to setup a winning team and
  • manage the app creation and lifecycle management process.

This MobileMonday is all about creating winning apps.

Prelimary speakers list:

  • Christian Ehl, Introduction – Creating Winning Apps
  • How to create a business App in one day – by Magic Software Enterprises
  • Steffen Reitz, smarchive – MVP Zen and Product management for Apps
  • Nico Rausch, Hillert – Creating an awesome user experience RoamBI – Business intelligence, anywhere and anytime
  • HolidayInsider – Vacation time? How to curate 180.000 places to stay

This event takes places at the locations of the Munich Network, Munich’s key network for entrepreneurship & innovation:

How to get there? Use Public Transportation:
U2 Karl-Preis-Platz, 5 min walk or busses 55, 145, 155 to stop Anzinger Straße.
U/S-Bahn Ostbahhof, 10-15 min walk or busses 55, 145, 155 to stop Anzinger Straße.

2nd floor, entry next to the doorway with a large sign FITNESS.

You’ll find it :) On Google Street View.

MoMo Munich – Dec. 3rd – Mobile Social Enterprise

Slowly but steadily the Social Paradigm is growing inside the Enterprise. Does your company successfully reach out to your colleagues, business partners, suppliers and customers and tie them into the social network of your enterprise? Let’s talk about the social enterprise (in the case of the social enterprise our focus will not be purely mobile :) .

You’ll gain some practical insight into how to make it work, some tools to use, what works for small and what is required for larger organisations. Last but not least: We are asking for your contribution and your experience and/or your reaction to the presentations, your company’s solutions and experience. Let us know if you want to present your insights…

Entry starts at 18:15. Event starts at 19:00.

Agenda (evolving):

Making the Social Enterprise Work: Affordably & Efficiently
Stefan Donat, immer-uptodate.net

Getting the Social Enterprise Deployed. A Supplier’s View
Simon Tennant, Founder buddycloud

3 Years of Social Enterprise in Practice @ Hillert und Co. (Yammer, Evernote, Foursquare)
Christian Ehl, CEO Hillert & Co; MobileMonday Co-Founder

Sales In An Interconnect World (SalesForce Chatter)
Michael Meiler, Prüftechnik AG

This event takes places at the locations of the Munich Network, Munich’s key network for entrepreneurship & innovation:

How to get there? Use Public Transportation:
U2 Karl-Preis-Platz, 5 min walk or busses 55, 145, 155 to stop Anzinger Straße.
U/S-Bahn Ostbahhof, 10-15 min walk or busses 55, 145, 155 to stop Anzinger Straße.

MoMo Munich – Oct. 15th – Art of App Marketing

Apps are game changers. But how do you market them and make the successful? We are devoting a very special MobileMonday to this topic. Come and learn from experts, hear true experiences and discuss with the MobileMonday community.

Entry starts at 18:15. Event starts at 19:00.


Introduction – Apps – 10 success factors
Christian Ehl, MobileMonday Co-Founder

App Marketing: How To Promote One In A Million?
Michael Reuter, CEO Appstar GmbH

3 years ADAC Apps in the App Store – Lessons Learned
Peter Schmidhuber, Leiter Digitalstrategie ADAC
(this presentation will be in German)

Intro to Developer Garden
Frank Fischer, Deutsche Telekom
This event takes places at the locations of the Munich Network, Munich’s key network for entrepreneurship & innovation:

We thank our event sponsor:

MoMo Munich – 25th June – Mobile Social TV + Midsummer Party


Intro by: Harald Mueller, MediaWireless

Speakers / presenting companies:

Time: June 25, 2012 from 6pm to 11:45pm – Details Here
Location: MEDIADESIGN HOCHSCHULE für Design und Informatik – University of Applied Sciences, Claudius-Keller-Straße 7 (U2 Karl-Preis-Platz), Munich

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