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MoMo Paris – Sept. 12th – Smart Object Trends


In 1990, you dream of a smart fridge: shopping list, counting calories, anything could be possible. Today it is a reality. Personal computing and real-time connection objects open up a world of potential as giant, Google and Apple have understood each working on glasses or watches connected.

But the challenge of creating intelligent objects is not the preserve of large Web. Many French players embark on this growing market. API, DIY 3D printer … After the IFA and before CES Unveiled , discover and meet innovative and ambitious projects of French actors Web that we have selected for you.

Mobile Monday Paris and Ubergizmo offer you to discover or meet the projects chosen for you. With the support and participation of the CEA

The program:

- Eliane Fiolet, co-founder and editor ’s Ubergizmo , return on new products presented at IFA

- Chrystele Moriceau , Account Manager at Clipping , we give the details of the CES Unveiled Paris . Pre-Event of the International CES Las Vegas to be held on October 3. CES Unveiled PARIS exclusively present trends International CES 2014, and the latest innovations offered by French start-ups and large international brands,

- Cyril Chapellier, CTO CKAB , we will demonstrate their SmartLamp, The “SmartLamp” is a desk lamp modified and rotated using a camera-equipped to detect faces Android smartphone. A built at the foot of the lamp, led by the phone Bluetooth Arduino uses this information to control the actuators and allows the lamp to follow you as you walk past it. You can also give orders …

- Kayvan Mirza, CEO ’s Optinvent present ORA , a platform for augmented reality glasses, the result of five years of work in Optinvent. In the NRS footwear glasses, you can have images and digital information superimposed on the real world through a projection display in transparent glasses. This technology has been eight international patents and has positioned itself as the best technology in this new class of “smart glasses”. A version that will run on Android equipped with a camera, 9-axis sensor, and Wi-Fi will be released soon for application developers as well as for industrial customers.

- Arthur Petry, head of the project Parrot Flower Power and Nicolas Halftermeyer,Chief Marketing Officer, will make a presentation of objects connected Parrot : How Apps sustainably improve the high-tech products. They will share the ongoing work on the prototype Parrot Flower Power, the sensor for plant health which communicates via Bluetooth Smart

- Loic Cessot CEO Kolibree, will make a presentation of the toothbrush communicatingPlover and explain how it responds to health issues unresolved by conventional toothbrushes,

- Kevin Cohen, Product Manager Activity Tracker will present the Withings Pulse . their new activity tracker launched in June
unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in 2013 and now available, the Withings Pulse is designed to help users of all generations to achieve their personal goals in health and fitness.
For the first time on a “tracker” of activity, incorporates Pulse heart rate measurement and automatic detection of the running, in addition to monitoring number of steps taken, distance traveled, the elevation, calories burned, and the quality of sleep.
will also introduce their implementation Health Mate communicating with their entire adult range: Pulse, Smart Body Analyzer, Wireless Scale WS-30, Blood Pressure monitor, but also with applications hundred partners

- Jean-Luc Errant , CEO Cityzen Sciences will present the Smart Sensing program, whose leader is Cityzen Sciences. It brings together five French companies are jointly developing a textile fiber connected. Experts in various fields (electronics, textile, service development) have combined their expertise to integrate the textile sensors that will allow to carry out the monitoring of individuals, especially in the sports world. Smart Sensing control the entire value chain, through data processing for the user, but also in a sense of Big Data …

Presentations start at 19:30!
We rely on your punctuality;)

# MoMo_Paris

In partnership with

MoMo Paris – May 23rd – Mobile Day Pitching

With its success, the Mobile Day returned on May 23 from 10am to 22pm at La Cantine to focus on the theme of mobility connected.

During the day combining roundtables and demos – organized by Silicon Sentier, Mobile Monday Paris, Foundry, OuiShare and Paris Incubator – 12 projects will be presented to the public!

You have developed a mobile service related, among others, the following subjects: Transport, travel planning, education, leisure, automotive, Smartgrid.. to individuals or professionals are applying before May 10 to 18h to present your project at Mobile’s Day!

Your presentation will include:
- 10 slides max
- Will treat your service and NOT your business
- PPT or PDF only.
On May 23, the winners will have 15 minutes max (Q / R included) to present their project.

Warning: any project does not meet the above criteria will not be considered by the jury.

The jury will evaluate the applications received according to the following criteria:
- Web Service with a mobile application (Tablet / smart phone)
- Innovative character,
- B2B, C2C…
- Businesses or individuals.

Closing deposits projects May 10 to 18.

Organised by

MoMo Paris – April 22nd – Health & Wellness

** Call for Presentation Proposals Submissions by April 8th

Mobile Monday Paris MyDataLabs and co-host, on April 22 at La Cantine, an album dedicated to the health and well-being.

You have developed a mobile service to better manage your health, particularly in the following fields: fitness and / or self-monitoring: quality of life, measurement of mood, mental health, sleep disorders, weight management etc. Present are applying for your service to the community of Mobile Monday Paris!

Criteria requirements:
- Maximum 7 slides: on your service
- Focus on using your service
- Final in PPT format
- no videos in the slides.

MyDataLabs and jury Mobile Monday will select 4-6 best projects received.

MoMo Paris – Dec. 10th – Participation in the Public Sphere

Mobile Monday # 61: the participation in the public sphere
10 December at 18:45 at La Cantine

Fing co-organized with Silicon Sentier, a Mobile Monday dedicated to participation in public space (cities, counties, regions) and organizations (firms, networks, associations, …).

Discover new uses may be of interest to the professional community participation (democratic participation services, CSR, HR, Innovation management agencies, public communication, …) and mobility (publishers, developers, operators, manufacturers, …)

The program:

  • Arthur Coussy, Cabinet Lecko ,
    “Citizen Participation, lever between modernization and changing modes of governance”
  • Denis Pansu, Fing , Democratic Innovations program,
    “Background to use the participation in mobility”
  • Ralph Baddour, co-founder of polltogo ,
    “polltogo – to take surveys”
  • Philippe Laroche, Founder Agoralogie ,
    “Inventories participatory flowers know to protect”
  • Frédéric Daubagna, Designer ,
    “PublicNotes: 2.0 Free Expression”
  • Xavier Boissarie, manager of Orbe ,
    “SONOSPHERES, a social network sound”
  • François BRACQ, President founder of Giving Corner ,
    “Giving Corner: How to motivate and unite in solidarity with daily”

MoMo Paris – Nov. 19th – Future of Mobility

An exceptional format on the occasion of the 60th edition of Mobile Monday Paris. November 19 next Silicon Sentier you to participate in a day of roundtables , workshops beta test of demos and pitches home ups.

This day of reflection about the future of mobile will conclude with a roundtable replace your traditional Mobile Monday.

The program:

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: Roundtable on the Future of Mobility
Animation : Stéphane Distinguin, Founder and Director of faberNovel
Participants :

  • Carmen Borona Badiat, Open innovation, Opinno,
  • Georges-Edouard Dias, Head of Digital Strategy group L’Oréal in France and abroad,
  • Bertrand Dupuis, Director of Communications for Nokia
  • Matthew Horn, Founder operator JOE
  • Louis Montagne, founder of Bearstech,
  • Dominique Sciamma, Director of Development and Research Strate College
  • DINH Viet Hoa, co-founder and CTO of Sparrow.

Mobile Monday this particular part of the “Mobile Day”, a day dedicated to the future of Mobile imagined by Silicon Sentier – association at the initiative of French first chapter.

More on Mobile Day
Sponsored by:

An appointment not to be missed!

Large accounts , start-ups , SMEs , developers and project leaders will cross their experiences and views on the future of Mobile. This is also an opportunity to discover the services of tomorrow.

The Future of Mobile will be discussed under three main themes: mobile media , thedevelopment of mobile and connected devices .

No constraint for the day:
Stay with us all day or attend appointments of your choice.

The program:

10h – 18h: Test your “Mobile Appeal”
Demos & beta test projects / services.
• Come test JOE , the new mobile operator 100% digital that offers simple packages without obligation. Joe pilot from the cockpit, a web application to monitor and modulate the package and its options in real time according to individual needs. Joe is based on a community of users who help each other out joemobile.fr

10:00 to 11:00: Roundtable on the Future of Mobile Media
Animation: Alice Antheaume, Deputy Director and Head of Foresight at the School of Journalism at Sciences Po Paris.
Participants :

  • Edouard Andrieu, New Screens responsible for Le Monde Interactive ,
  • Yann Guegan, Deputy Editor Rue 89 ,
  • Olivier Friesse, Technical Manager in the Department of New Media at Radio France ,
  • Baptiste Benezet, CEO of Applidium .

11:15 to 12:15: Pitches start-ups
11:15 to 11:30: HeyCrowd by Matthew & Emmanuel Bellity Rouif,
11:30 to 11:45: Augment Jean-François Chianetta,
11:45 to 12:00: Feowl by Peter Romera,
12:00 to 12:15: Clameurs by Fabrice Benoit.

/ / / Resume / / /

14h00-15h00: Round Table on the Future Development of Mobile
Entertainment : Yann Lechlade, co-founder of Appsfire
Participants :

  • Nitot, Mozilla Evangelist Principal and founder of Mozilla Europe ,
  • John Karp, Marketing Manager at BeMyApp ,
  • Geoffrey Dorne , Designer,
  • Yann Cadoret, Technical Evangelist @ Backelite .

3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.: Pitches start-ups
3:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.: DJiT by Jean-Baptiste Hironde,
3:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.: TVcheck by Fabien Bareti,
3:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: wezzoo by Clement Guillot. wezzoo is a community service and real-time weather,
4:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.: Airtag , GoMcDo with demo on Nokia WP8, airtagkit – development kit NFC MasterCard PayPass by Christophe Pecquerie Business Development Director at NFC Airtag.

4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.: Roundtable on the Future of connected mobile devices
Animation : Steren Giannini, Product Manager at Joshfire
Participants :

  • Xavier des Horts, Communications Director of Nokia,
  • Jean-Louis Fréchin, Designer at NoDesign,
  • Aurélien Fache, API Design Technologist and evangelist in faberNovel.

5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.: Pitches start-ups
5:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Algolia by Nicolas Dessaigne,
6:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.: Kawet by Dante Planterose,
6:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Dante’s Inferno by Diane Saddlers & Arnaud Cheyssial,
6:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.: Skimm by Valentin Lautier.

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: Closing Panel on the Future of Mobility

9:00 p.m. to 0:00: Closing Cocktail

Entries in Mobile >>>>>>>>> <<<<<< Day

Media Partners

MoMo Paris – Sept. 24th – Mobile Tracking and Personalization

In the context of the evolution of identification solutions on the mobile device, you have developed a novel solution to track usage and / or to offer personalized courses: tell us your experience, your vision, your solutions.

Send to Mobile Monday Paris team:

- Before 10 September

- A presentation of your solution or your point of view on the topic of “Mobile Tracking and Customization”

- In 3 Powerpoint slides maximum.

The Editorial Committee of the Mobile Monday Paris 4-5 select the interventions that will be presented on September 24, according to the following criteria:

- Originality of your solution or your analysis

- The line with the spirit of the Mobile Monday : focus on your vision or solution rather than your business

- quality approached your intervention: graphic design, attractiveness, clarity of information presented.

Visit the site of Mobile Monday Paris for deposits of projects and inscriptions.

The team at Mobile Monday Paris wish you a pleasant holiday!

MoMo Paris – 11 June – Open Data Orange Partner Days

June 11th, go from 20h to Space Cinko * to attend the Mobile Monday held as part of the Orange Partner Days. If you love football, from 18h , you can watch the match France vs England Euro 2012.

The program for this evening dedicated to the Open Data:

8:00 p.m. Introduction Mobile Monday Paris and Orange Partner

# Marc Ribes , futurologist at Orange Public Sector
“Open Data, which is the goose that lays golden eggs?”

# Francois Bancilhon , CEO of Data Publica,
“Open Data: an essential building block for Mobile Applications”

# Yvan Gravel , CEO at NEOSESAME,
“Open Data, Open APIs: From Concept to Implementation”

# Catherine Ramus , Advanced Design at Orange Technocentre,
“Wake of Movement”

# Alexis Fogel , Co-Founder and Product Manager DASHLANE,
“The paradox of personal data private and public at a time”

9:00 p.m. Networking & pizza

More info on Orange Partner Days

The Orange Partner Days are meetings organized by Orange Partner, sponsor annual Mobile Monday Paris. These two days are open to all and will focus on innovations that will create new uses and inspire the creation of new products and services such as HTML5, 4G/LTE NFC LBS or M2M. The next Orange Partner Days will be held on June 11 and 12 at Espace Cinko.

# For more information and register for the HTML5 Hackathon 11 and June 12 it is here
# For more information and register for Orange Partner Days, this is where

Attention, limited places – Please Register Here.

* Location: Cinko
Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris 12
or 40 Rue des Petits Champs 75002 Paris

========= Above Text Machine Translated from Original Below ==================

Le 11 juin prochain, rendez-vous à partir de 20h à l’Espace Cinko* pour participer au Mobile Monday organisé dans le cadre des Orange Partner Days.

Si vous êtes amateur de football, dès 18h, vous pourrez regarder le match France vs Angleterre de l’Euro 2012.

Au programme de cette soirée dédiée à l’Open Data :

20h00 Introduction Mobile Monday Paris et Orange Partner

# Marc Ribes,  Futurologue Secteur Public chez Orange
« Open Data, où est la poule aux œufs d’or ?»

# François Bancilhon, PDG de Data Publica,
« Open Data : an essential building block for Mobile Applications »

# Yvan Gravier, CEO chez NEOSESAME,
« Open Data, Open APIs : du concept à la mise en œuvre »

# Catherine Ramus, Advanced Design chez Orange Technocentre,
« L’Empreinte de Mouvement »

# Alexis Fogel, Co-fondateur et Directeur produit chez DASHLANE,
« Le paradoxe des données personnelles : privées et publiques à la fois »

21h00 Networking & pizza

Plus d’infos sur les Orange Partner Days

Les Orange Partner Days sont des rencontres organisées par Orange Partner, sponsor annuel du Mobile Monday Paris.

Ces deux jours sont ouverts à tous et porteront sur les innovations qui vont générer de nouveaux usages et inspirer la création de nouveaux produits et service tels que HTML5, 4G/LTE, NFC, LBS ou M2M.

Les prochains Orange Partner Days se dérouleront les 11 et 12 juin prochain à l’Espace Cinko.

# Pour en savoir plus et vous inscrire au Hackathon HTML5 des 11 et 12 juin c’est par ici
# Pour en savoir plus et vous inscrire à Orange Partner Days, c’est par là

Attention, nombre de places limité.

* Espace Cinko
12 passage Choiseul 75002 Paris
ou 40 rue des Petits Champs 75002 Paris

MoMo Paris – April 6th – NFC pour les développeurs Android

Orange Partner, sponsor historique du Mobile Monday Paris vous convie à une journée de workshop dédiée au NFC !

Où ? Au Technocentre de Châtillon,
Quand ? Le vendredi 6 avril de 13h30 à 18h00

Au programme :
13h30 : Accueil des participants / speed networking
14h00 : Etat de l’art  & vision d’Orange sur le marché du NFC
15h30 : User cases, témoignages d’entreprises et échanges autour des outils disponibles pour aborder ce marché.
16h30 : Sessions interactives sur les applications du NFC.
Echanges sur les applications du NFC dans votre activité quotidienne.

Si vous êtes intéressés, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire directement sur le site d’Orange Partner.

Attention, le nombre de places est limité à 40.

L’équipe du Mobile Monday Paris

Appel à projets : Mobile Monday spécial Social Media sur Mobile

Le 2 avril à 18h45 se déroulera un Mobile Monday spécial Social Media sur mobile
Lancement de l’appel à projets

Vous avez développé un service ou une appli innovante dans le domaine du Social Media sur Mobile et souhaiteriez la présenter lors du prochain Mobile Monday ?

Déposez dès aujourd’hui, la présentation de votre service / appli au format Powerpoint (5 slides max) sur la page dédiée
Attention : si vous êtes retenu, ces mêmes slides vous serviront de support de présentation.

Les projets seront sélectionnés selon les critères suivants :
// Le caractère innovant,
// La qualité préssentie de l’intervention (graphisme, nombre de slides respectés, clarté des éléments présentés)
// L’adéquation avec l’esprit du Mobile Monday (accent mis sur le projet plutôt que l’entreprise)

Le Comité Editorial du Mobile Monday Paris sélectionnera les 4 à 5 présentations qui seront présentées le 2 avril prochain.

Clôture de cet appel à projets : le 19 mars à minuit

Lieu : La Cantine, 151 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

MoMo Paris – 19 March – MWC Post Event Report

The February 27 held a special edition of Mobile Monday on the France Pavilion at Mobile World Congress. On this occasion, the four companies selected by Mobile Monday Paris Ubifrance and presented their project to the public at Mobile World Congress.

Back in Paris, they pitcheront back here and will return to their Mobile World Congress.

Eric Morand, Head of Information Technology and Communication – Ubifrance
Yann Lechlade, CEO & Co-founder – Appsfire
Manuel Montalban, Board Member – LemonWay
Lefessant Philip, Marketing & Product Manager – XbrainSoft
Benjamin Hardy Co -Founder & CEO – Kawet

Appointment on March 19 at 6:45 p.m. at La Cantine

Sign up today! No deposit project for this edition

Edit organized in partnership with Ubifrance

[machine x-lation.. original here]

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