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MoMo Estonia – Dec. 2nd – Internet of Things

Lately there has been more and more talk about the Internet of Things. It’s idea is simple – the objects in real world are equipped with ID’s which enable to represent them in a virutal internet-like structure. By today we are far further than just sticking RFID tags on gadgets – today, most of the gadgets and devices feature a data connection. The internet of things is here.

This time we will venture out a little bit from or our familiar mobile related topics like smartphone platforms, mobile development or mobile business models. We will look into mobile and ubiquitous computing, into the internet of things.

We’ll organize the event together with Garage48 Foundation. Garage48 is planning the first hardware hackathon in Baltics: “Hardware & Arts”. Hardware & Arts will be one of its kind Garage48 hackathon bringing together the creative communities of electronics, mechatronics, and software engineers, artists, product designers, and marketers in Tartu, Estonia, on February 7-9, 2014.

This means that the teams will work on ideas whose prototypes can be touched and felt by Sunday. The event will feature electronics kits like Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards and while engineers hack away, the product designers will work on Styrofoam and 3D printers to make the “shells” for the prototypes.

We will introduce our audience the topics relevant for mobile connected gadgets and the Garage48 Hardware & Arts hackathon.
The attendance is for free, but registration is mandatory

Eventbrite - MobileMonday - Mobile & Ubiquitous computing - the Internet of Things


18:00 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Garage48 – Introducing Garage48 Hardware & Arts
18:20 Indrek Rebane – Co-founder @ Hedgehog: “Raspberry Pi, the misfit.”
18:35 Steve Perkson – Java engineer by day (Reach-U), embedded C hacker by night (Teadusmosaiik):
“Arduino, bringing prototyping into masses and funny gotchas with GSM modules and temperamental Estonian telcos.”

18:50 Refreshment and networking break

19:15 Jüri Tarkpea – Chief Technologist @ Oskando / SeeMe: “What does M2M mean and how to track & connect trucks driving all over Europe”
19:35 Tauri Tuubel – Co-founder @ Defendec on Smart Dust: “Our company and technology we use”

20:00 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Caffee), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu. Event is held in English

Supporters: Department of Business Development at Tartu City Government, Mooncascade,
Fortumo, Messente, Mobi Lab.

MoMo Estonia – Oct. 7th – Money & Mobile

The first meet-up on our 7th season will focus on business side of the mobile industry for a change. The topic of the event will be Money & Mobile and we will be featuring one of the hottest new startups in Estonia – Transferwise with their story and ideas on mobile.

On 7th we will be closing up the first day of the Tartu Enterpreneurship Week starting earlyer this day. In the discussion how we move money with mobile phones we’ll have opinions from Transferwise, Fortumo, and Estonia’s biggest bank Swedbank.

Everybody is welcome, the event is free and held in English! Registration is Mandatory.

18:30 Priit Salumaa, Co-founder at MoMo Estonia – Opening words
18:35 Henrik Bohman – Product Manager @ Transferwise: “Justifying mobile”
19:00 Martin Koppel – Co-founder & COO @ Fortumo

19:25 Refreshment and networking break

19:45 Erkki Saarniit – Head of E-Channels Operations @ Swedbank
20:05 Open Panel Discussion – “Mobile & Money – payments, transfers, or how to make some?”

20:30 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Come by to listen, socialize, and invite your friends!

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Cafe), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu.

Supporters: Department of Business Development at Tartu City Government, Mooncascade, Fortumo

MoMo Tallin – June 10th – Mobile Cross-Platform Development

The seasons’ last MobileMonday – Held in Tartu – will look deeper into the toolbox of cross-platform mobile development before going to summer vacation. The usual, completely free and open mobile-community event will start at 18:00 on the evening of June the 10th at Ülikooli Kohvik.

One of the biggest problems in mobile software development is that there is more than one mobile platform to develop on: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 etc. plus the pads as if the world would not be complicated enough.

Very often a mobile application has to run on more than one platform and this means for a developer a larger work estimate and larger budget for the implementation. But every problem hides an opportunity. Thus several companies have developed solutions for cross-platform development to enable that one code runs on multiple platforms

These kind of “multy-purpose tools” will have their own problems. This time we are going to see which kind of solutions have our community members tried out and which ones to use in the future.

See who’s attending below and the schedule and speakers at http://www.momoestonia.com

MoMo Estonia – March 11th – Monetizing Apps!

First time held in Tartu, Creative Mobile’s founder Vladimir Funtikov will talk the story of their company. How did they come to their first million and how did they monetize their mobile games?

Have you ever thought how Rovio made their first million or when creating an app what is the best way to start earning money with it?

On 11th of March we’ll have the next MoMo event in Tartu, Estonia with the topic: “Monetizing Apps!”

The event will cover most of the revenue models in mobile apps like: paid and free apps, in-app purchasing and mobile ad-networks.

18:00 Priit Salumaa, Co-founder at Mooncascade, Garage48 & MoMo Estonia – Opening words
18:10 Marianna Krjakvina, Chief Marketing Officer at Creative Mobile: “Story of our startup and monetization models. Monetizing your apps with ads.”

19:00 Refreshment & networking break

19:20 Lauris Kruusamäe & Lauri Eskor, Mobile Software Engineers at Mobi: “In-app Payments by Google & Apple”
19:50 Martin Koppel, Chief Revenue Officer at Fortumo Ltd.: “Third Party In-app Payments”

20:15 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

MoMo Tallinn – Dec. 10th – Mobile User Interface Development

This time we bring MobileMonday back to Tartu. As a custom we start the event with more technical topics covering new trends and tools in Mobile User Interface development.

Despite the technical beginning the evening on 10th of December will be our usual gathering of mobile professionals and enthusiasts. After the official program and presentations we’ll continue with networking and drinks in a very comfortable atmosphere.


18:00 Priit Salumaa, Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia, Opening Words
18:10 Priit Haamer, Co-founder and Developer @ Edicy: “Responsive web design for desktop, tablets and smart phones”
18:30 Ahti Liin, Co-founder and Mobile Software Engineer @ Mooncascade: “What’s new in iOS development: XCode 4.5 and iOS 5 & 6″
18:50 Madis Pink Mobile Software Engineer @ Mobi: “What’s new in Android UI development and what should a designer keep in mind while designing for Android”

19:10 Refreshment & networking break

19:30 Indrek Ulst, Co-founder and Mobile Software Engineer @ Mooncascade: “Mobile UI development on Windows Phone and what’s new in S40″
19:50 Rene Tõnisson, Director @ Institute of Baltic Studies with an introduction to next day’s conference: “How can Living Labs help to enter new markets.”

20:05 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

VenueÜlikooli Kohvik (University Cafe), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu.

Registration: Although, the event is for free, the registration is mandatory:

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: "New trends and tools in Mobile User Interface Development"

The event is held in English and functions also as a warm-up networking event for the conference about Estonian IT solutions the next day:  Eesti IT lahendused maailmakaardile – kas ja kuidas?

Supporters: Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMobi SolutionsMooncascade.

MoMo Tallinn Latitude 59 Conference 7 – 8th June

LATITUDE 59 CONFERENCEDATES: JUNE 7-8, 2012PLACE: TALLINN, ESTONIAVENUE: Tallinn University of Technology,  Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, EstoniaThe go-to place for the Nordic and Baltic start-up scene for venture capitalists and start-ups in the spring. Bringing out the alternative views on what technologies and challenges start-ups are tackling.

The goal of the conference is to bring together innovators and startup entrepreneurs to meet angel investors, VC partners, lawyers, and those supporting the global expansion of innovative companies from countries three hundred kilometers either side of Latitude 59.

The focus of the conference is broader than the usual web and mobile startups. It elevates and draws wider attention to alternative areas of technology: biotech and cleantech to name a two for 2012. That differentiates it from a standard startup conference in the region giving its audience a broader and more interesting content.

The Conference is in its Fifth Year as a continuation of the annual conference organized by Enterprise
Estonia and International Technology Law Association in Tallinn since 2008. In 2012 it's going through a strong leap forward with its new organizing partners Garage48, MobileMonday Estonia and Tehnopol Foundation.

Latitude 59 is a partner conference for Slush and Arctic15 autumn conferences in Helsinki. It partners up with Riga Tech Hub, Aalto Venture Garage and Arctic Startup for wider reach in the region.

* Keynote speeches from Toby Ferentzi (Engensa) & Ravi Belani (current seed investor, former VC)

* 8 panel discussion focusing on the following topics:
1. Hot Segments vs Long Tail Opportunities: should biotech industry and energy sector care for the hype in E&M commerce?
2. Biotechnology and Gene Manipulation: is R&D worth the price?
3. Mobile and Entertainment: to build a ’next Rovio’ or not to be?
4. Green Technologies and Materials: the world goes green, will the startups go too?
5. US view on European Innovation Economy: what are the main challenges for Europe in becoming the world innovation leader?
6. Silicon Valley vs UK Term Sheet: what are essential differences when negotiating in UK or in Silicon Valley, how does it compare to Estonia?
7. Global IP Protection: how does ’thinking big’ affect your immaterial assets?
8. Financing a Startup: how do angel groups change the financing game and fit in the possible financing schemes?

* Stories from war-front - "How did we do it" - Kinotehnik experience by Tõnis Liivamägi

* 1:1 chats with Stars from startup community:
- Jüri Kaljundi,Garage48 is interviewing Paul Bragiel (invited) from I/O Ventures in San Francisco about international startups making it big in the US
- Antti Vilpponen, ArcticStartup interviews Timo Rein, CEO of Pipedrive, about their international growth story and experiences in AngelPad accelerator in Silicon Valley.
- Priit Salumaa interviews Jevgeni Kabanov CEO of ZeroTurnaround about their rapid growth from Tartu, Estonia to Boston, USA.
* Latitude59 pitch contest powered by #estonianmafia

* Networking, networking, networking!

The full conference programme can be found here: http://latitude59.ee/program

For the early bird participants we offer a ticket of 59 EUR.
From May 14th the price will go up to 99 EUR so be fast and an early bird!
Registrate now: http://latitude59.ee/about/registration
The attendees of Latitude 59 in Tallinn will get a 25% discount on the tickets for Arctic15.


* Garage48 (www.garage48.org)
* MobileMonday Estonia (www.momoestonia.com)
* Tehnopol Foundation (www.tehnopol.ee)

* Enterprise Estonia (www.eas.ee)
* City of Tallinn (www.tallinn.ee)
* GLIMSTEDT (www.glimstedt.ee)
* SNR Denton (www.snrdenton.com)
* Tallinn University of Technology (www.ttu.ee)
* ITL (www.itl.ee)
* Edicy (www.edicy.com)

Be part of Latitude 59 Conference and find out what is happening on the start-up scene of Latitude 59!

MoMo Tallinn – 21st November – VisionMobile

Andreas Constantinou, Founder and Managing Director of VisionMobile, a leading market analysis and strategy firm for all things connected, is visiting Estonia, Tallinn with a comprehensive presentation about the mobile market state to date. The presentation is given on 21st of November at the Technopolis Ülemiste.

As Founder and Managing Director, Andreas oversees the research and strategy projects at VisionMobile. He has ten years of experience in mobile having led strategy projects for brand-name clients across the industry, including Nokia, RIM, Telenor, Telefonica, Vodafone, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Gemalto and Tieto.

Andreas is also an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden and teaches Entrepreneurship at the Athens Economics University. He holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.

Prior to founding VisionMobile, Andreas spent 3 years at Orange’s Research & Innovation division. His interests include uncovering under-the-radar industry trends and mapping the mobile industry. When not hopping on planes, Andreas spends his time in Athens, Greece.

VisionMobile is a leading market analysis and strategy firm, for all things connected. They offer competitive analysis, market due diligence, industry maps, executive training and strategy guidance, ranging from the industry's hottest trends to under-the-radar market sectors. VisionMobile team comprises of mobile industry insiders, each with 10+ years experience in the market.

If you haven't seen Andreases work before, we encourage you to take a peek at Developer Economics 2011 released on June this year. Developer Economics 2011 takes the reader across the entire developer journey, from the shift of mindshare and why "users can buy you love," to how money is made in mobile.

It covers the hottest issues in development, from app design and promotion to monetisation and user support. It is the "must read" material for every self-respectable member of the mobile industry ecosystem.

Use the chance to get the insights of the mobile industry ecosystem directly from the source itself!

Venue Information:
Andreas will be presenting at Mobile Monday Estonia and AppCircus event on the 21st of November at 14:00 at the Technopolis Ülemiste, Lõõtsa 6, Tallinn, Estonia.

For more exact agenda of the event, please follow here.

For any additional information or enquiries, please contact us team@momoestonia.com

The event is powered by Technopolis Ülemiste.

Thank you for great event “Mobile Development Requires Agile Approach?”

MobileMonday event "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" on 06.06.11 in Technopolis Ülemiste / Smart Business City, Tallinn was a blast! Thank you all for participating and taking the time to come inside even as it was nice weather outside. Mobile Monday Estonia team, Agile.ee and DevClub hope that you enjoyed the event. Now it is time to look back and make public all the materials presented.
First Build the Right Thing
Mary Poppendieck

Getting Things Done Really Fast
Asko Seeba

From Xcode to App Store, the Agile way
Filipp Keks

Lessons from practicing agile with big corporations
Erik Jõgi

Scrum in Skype mobile software development - Challenges & Lessons learned
Ervins Grinfelds

Watch more Devtraining videos and Mobile Monday Estonia presentations.

MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)
MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)
MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)
MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)MoMo Estonia "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?" (06.06.11 Tallinn)
..more in Flickr

Refreshments and venue were provided by our long-time partner Technopolis Ülemiste / Smart Business City. Thank you!

Have a great summer everyone and see you soon at Mobile Monday!

Incubators and Accelerators – How to Choose and Get Into the World Famouse One.

There will be a unique seminar on “How to get into world famous startup incubators/accelerators?” at Garage48 HUB on June 8th, 2011 at 18:00.

Real-life experiences is shared by different startups from TechStars, Springboard, Seedcamp, 500startups, Y Combinator and Start-Up Chile. The seminar is complimentary by the organizers, Garage48 HUB and Estonian Startup Leaders Club. Read more and register at http://hub.garage48.org/blog/seminar-on-how-to-get-into-world-top-startup-incubators-accelerators

8. juunil kell 18:00 toimub Garage48 HUB-s unikaalne seminar teemal "Kuidas pääseda maailmakuulsatesse ettevõtlusinkubaatoritesse ja -kiirenditesse?"

Oma kogemusi jagavad startup ettevõtete juhid TechStarsist, Springboardist, Seedcampist, 500startupsist, Y Combinatorist and Start-Up Chile'st. Seminari korraldavad Garage48 HUB ja Eesti Startupi Juhtide klubi ning on osalejatele tasuta. Loe lisaks ja registreeri aadressil http://hub.garage48.org/blog/seminar-on-how-to-get-into-world-top-startup-incubators-accelerators

Mobile Monday Tallinn Mobile Development requires Agile approach?

MobileMonday Estonia in partnership with Devtraining and with friends from Agile.ee and DevClub is pleased to invite you to an event on 6th of June codenamed "Mobile Development requires Agile approach?".

We will try to figure out if agile software development and mobile industry can walk the same walk. Agile development is gaining more popularity and ground all over the software development industry. Although, the approach has been around for over a decade, different agile software development methodologies are becoming more popular and applied in our fast-paced everyday life more and more.

MobileMonday Estonia is trying to look at Agile from a focused angle – we will try to understand if mobile software development is Agile-enabled by theory and also by best-practices.

Thanks to our partners at Devtraining the event will be opened by Mary Poppendieck to introduce Lean Software Development principles from the originator herself.
Mary will discuss how development teams can discover and build products that customers love. To confirm the workings of the theory we will also hear real-life examples from Estonian companies who have worked within the mobile industry.

Refreshments and venue are provided by our long-time partner Technopolis Ülemiste / Smart Business City. Event is held in English and registration is mandatory. Thank You!

For already registered participants please see the registration list.

We are very excited to see you on 6th of June!

18:15-18:45 Mary Poppendieck, "First Build the Right Thing"
18:45-19:00 Asko Seeba, Mooncascade, "Getting things done really fast -- retrospect in 48 hours development challenges"

19:00-19:15 Refreshment break

19:15-19:35 Filipp Keks, Swedbank, "From Xcode to App Store, the Agile way"
19:35-19:55 Erik Jõgi, Codeborne, "Lessons from practicing agile with big corporations"
19:55-20:15 Ervins Grinfelds, Skype, “Scrum in Skype mobile software development - Challenges & Lessons learned”
20.15-20:35 Open panel discussion

20.35-21.00 Networking as usually!

Time and venue
6. June 2011 from 18:00
Tehnopolis Ülemiste
Lõõtsa 6 (entrance A or D)
II floor, VIP Lounge

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