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MoMo Tokyo – November 27th – Tokyo Startups United

Celebrate Entrepreneurship in Japan

We’re thrilled to combine forces with several amazing Tokyo community networks to celebrate the growing energy of our local startup scene in Japan. This post GEW mega-mixer plan, with zero presentations and full-blown networking action, expects to draw 300+ of the best and brightest.. if you’re in the game you just gotta be there!

Date: Wednesday, 27th November 2013
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: LE G.A Roppongi :: MAP
Cost: ¥1000 Entry – Cash Bar Advance Registration

Join us to welcome the Startup Weekend teams for their Global Startup Battle after party, offer our congratulations to The Bridge (formally Startup Dating) platform folks and wish Happy 9th Anniversary to Mobile Monday Tokyo gathering all members – with Business in Japan, Good People and Inter Media – for a massive year-end Bonenkai Party!


Advantage24 DoorKeeper Frost&Sullivan JapanToday MoMo Beijing MRM Servecorp

Special Guests


– MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – Sept. 16th – Birthday on a Boat!

wOw.. September marks our 9th anniversary of running MoMo events here in Tokyo, Many Thanks To All for a Most Excellent Adventure. Considering the Happy Monday System, and 09.16 is Respect for the Aged (ahem) holiday, it’s the perfect time for a fresh-air Evening Cruise on the bay to celebrate! Please feel free to bring colleagues, friends and family along for casual drinks and Big Smiles 8-)

Date: Monday, 16th September 2013
Running Time: 18:00 – 21:00
Venue: Tokyo Bay Cruise from Takeshiba Pier :: MAP
Cost: 2,500 JPY includes *Cruise Ticket with Open Bar*

Important: *Book Your Tickets NOW*, it will sell-out soon, there’s an easy web-form with combini pay or simply call 03-3437-6119 to reserve. Also, we’ll have some updates to share with those confirmed, so please RSVP Here. Finally, plan to arrive by 6pm, take Yurikamome Line to Takeshiba Station, boarding begins at 7pm for a firm 7:15 departure, with or without you. See their FAQ Page with maps and related details.

We will gather on the Top Deck of the Ferry, near the beer of course, naturally you’re free to wander around the boat. There is a typical selection of food for sale on-board and the tour company offers yukata discounts too. If you’ve never been on this cruise, it’s great.. if you have – then you know – Lets Go.. All Aboard!

- MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – Aug. 5th – Beer Garden Festival

Yesss… it’s that time of year once again to get everyone together for some frosty pints and cool evening breezes on the roof top beer gardens = Frozen Nama For All 8-)

We’ve reserved a huge space at the ‘Green Garden’ of Tokyu Shibuya Honten for this Come as you are and Pay as you go evening. Note: consider this an Open to All event. Please Register – as we need an estimated head count – look forward to mix & mingle with our Tokyo mobile community along with friends and family other groups!

Date: Monday, 5th August 2013
Running Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: Tokyu Shibuya Honten Roof Top :: GMAP
Cost: Free Entry, Cash Bar – See Menu [Jpn]

Otherwise, we’re gearing-up for the fall season, will pass details along as possible.. been thinking.. maybe our 9th Birthday on a Boat.. who wants to go for a cruise..!?!

Meanwhile.. we’d Love to get some members feedback about MoMo Tokyo activities; What do you enjoy – how could we improve, have you made an important connection at one of the many past events – tell us your stories via contact Form Here.

- MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – May 13th – APP Exhibition Mixer

Thanks to all who joined our Hanami event, it was snowing sakura, priceless. Next up: APP Exhibition Spring 2013, it’s been awhile, No Presentations = All Hands-on Action.. should be fun.

Calling All MObilistas: Step Right This Way – Ready, Set.. Show!
Consider this an Open Invitation for energetic App Developers to demo their ‘warz face-to-face via huge table-top pods at Super-Deluxe. Contact Us Here with some simple company details if you’d like to grab a free demo space. We have a few teams confirmed and estimate room for 5 more talented crews to jump into the mix.

Date: Monday, 13 May, 2013
Venue: Super-Deluxe :: GMAP
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Entry Fee: 1,000 JPY with Advance Registration – OR – 2,000 JPY at the door
Includes: 1-drink and Great Evening checking out Awesome offers on display!

We’ll update list of whois on-deck after Golden Week, enjoy your holidaze, meanwhile; if you’re looking for where the action is, and where it’s going, be sure to Register and Note the Date in your Calendar. Look forward to join you for some cotton candy.. 8-)

– MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – April 1st – Yozakura Hanami

Update: We’re Thrilled to Welcome Everyone From Bar Android – YATTA!

Yessss… it’s that time again (already), the cherry blossoms are blooming and spring is In The Air! Since mother nature seems in a bit of a hurry this year, we will have our annual MoMo Tokyo Yozakura Hanami at Ueno Park on April 1st – no foolin! (pls. pardon the date change due to weather 03.28)

The target location is same area as last year – See Map – we’re looking forward to join everyone for big smiles and cheers. Please be sure to bring along your own food and ‘beverages’ of choice, with some extras to share pot-luck style for friends and family. We’ll stake out the spot early and Be There All Day, up until last train, Join Us Anytime!

Fingers crossed on the weather; hopefully the timing will be just perfect for Sakura Fubuki so we can catch some falling petals for good luck the rest of this year.. :D

– MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – March 11th – Be Prepared, Never Forget

There has been much discussion related to BYOD issues and MDM platforms, meet key players in the device management space to address this growing concern for enterprise. Respecting the iconic date, 2nd anniversary of 3.11 quake, we also look forward to hear from good folks who have been involved with activities in Tohoku.

Many Thanks to ForeScout, MobileIron and OPTiM for their fantastic support!

Date: Monday, 11 March, 2013
Awesome Venue: LE G.A Roppongi :: MAP
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Entry Fee: 1,000 JPY Register Here
Includes: First Drink and Buffet Food

Although the renewal of Japan's Tohoku region will take many years to complete, in some ways the disaster is already 'old news'. Our mission is to keep awareness of renewal as it is happening in Japan. By using the power of stories to connect, inform, heal and inspire we hope to encourage even more people to get involved or at the very least feel a connection with the people giving it their best. Perhaps that inspiration will even find an outlet at another location on the globe.
Speaker: Neil Van Wouw, Managing Director, Ganbatte 365

ikifu is an awarded donation platform launched in 2012 with the aim to simplify the way people can change the world. i-kifu aims support Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), individuals and corporations to connect in a mutually beneficial environment by helping them to take full advantage of the power of internet and mobile technologies. It could be compared to a Kickstarter for non-profits. Everyone wants to live happy and in a better world. Start helping others and start feeling the satisfaction to be helpful to others. The people who receive your help, will never forget your gift.
Speaker: Nhat Vuong, Founder/CEO, ikkifu.org

After the 3/11 earthquake and resulting nuclear situation at Fukushima Diachi it became clear that people wanted more data than what was available. Through joint efforts with partners such as International Medcom, Keio University, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and GlobalGiving, Safecast has been building a radiation sensor network comprised of static and mobile sensors actively being deployed around Japan – both near the exclusion zone and elsewhere in the country.
Speaker: Pieter Franken, Co-founder and Japan Director, Safecast

We make the Net as simple as breathing, OPTiM’s mission is to create services/infra that everyone can utilize with ease. In order to create such services/infra, we are developing and providing a variety of support tools so that people around the world can use simply and easily with the utmost security.
Speaker: Keiichi Yokoyama, Vice President, Special Mission Division

MobileIron was established at 2007, currently has over 500 employees, and has more than 4200 customer worldwide, including many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. MobileIron is being recognized by Gartner and IDC as the champion and leader in the mobile IT area. The solution from MobileIron keeps a very good balance between good user experience and strong security. We believe both are essential for a successful Mobile First enterprise. MobileIron recently had an innovation called AppConnect, which benefits the application developers, enterprise IT admins and the end users . With MobileIron AppConnect, user will get the best from the innovation of the mobile devices and applications, meanwhile IT can have all the business related data protected in the AppConnect container.
Speakers: Richard Li Sr. Systems Engineer, APAC Japan
Mikio Yanashita Vice President Asia/Pacific & Japan & Managing Director (Japan)

ForeScout enables organizations to accelerate productivity and connectivity by allowing users to access corporate network resources where, how and when needed without compromising security. ForeScout CounterACT is real-time network security platform for access, mobile and endpoint compliance designed to enable organizations to improve IT responsiveness, mitigate threats and eliminate remediation costs. Because CounterACT appliances are easy to deploy, unobtrusive, intelligent and scalable, they has been chosen by more than 1,400 of the world’s most secure enterprises and military installations in global deployments spanning 37 countries. In Japan, ForeScout’s clients include key government ministries, city governments, telecommunication companies, medium/large enterprises, hospitals, and universities.
Speaker: Mr. Scott Gordon, Vice President Worldwide Marketing

We look forward to see you there - bring a friend - All Welcome.

– MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – Feb. 4th – hAPPy New Year!

We hope everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy during oshogatsu and now back into the swing for another exciting year. We’re kicking off the calendar with a killer event, see speaker line-up below, and are expecting a fantastic evening is in store for all. Will there be food, maybe.. drinks certainly.. tons of awesome people to connect with.. Most Definitely. We look forward to welcome a couple hundred folks there!

Door: 1,000 JPY Register Here
Date: Monday, 4 February, 2013
Venue: Super-Deluxe :: GMAP
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00

Nicolas Loeillot – CEO – LM3Labs
LM3LABS launched a new service service called Xloudia that can recognize millions of images, products or buildings. Pronounced cloudia, the solution targets B2B integration into mobile applications. Until today, image recognition, which is necessary for most augmented reality applications on a mobile phone was limited by capabilities of the device. Reference images were limited to a hundred maximum. Xloudia relies on a cloud architecture to recognize millions of images leaving to the mobile the lighter task of extracting feature points from the camera video flow and rendering contents. Xloudia supports iOS and Android platforms and is available to large e-commerce companies as well as to independent app developers.

Masato Kuninori – Senior Producer – Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc
Pictures pile up on your smartphone. Don’t let your cherished memories languish in a forgotten corner of your phone. Bring them alive with million moments, a photo viewing and sharing application that lets you enjoy and share your favorite pictures in elegant, magazine-like layouts. Take, import, and browse pictures. Create albums without editing your images, import the pictures from your smartphone or your Facebook albums, or take new pictures from within million moments to create an album automatically. Imported pictures are automatically sorted by date, with one-to-five pictures displayed per page. Each page displays the dates the pictures were taken and any comments added using the comment feature. The layouts randomly change each time you open an album, ensuring each viewing is a unique experience. It’s a beautiful and easy new way to explore your memories.

Paul Pugh – VP Creative – frog design
As one of the leading handset manufacturers in Japan, Sharp recognized the need to address an expanding market of smartphone users. Sharp collaborated with frog’s team of designers and technologists to design a new mobile user-experience model, called “Feel UX”, that is uncluttered and effortless to organize and use. frog and Sharp ideated, designed and launched this Android front-end in a short 9-month time span which is now the standard install on Sharp AQUOS smartphones with 3 different carriers in Japan.

Note we expect to have a few additional updates heading into the event.. meanwhile, mark the date and spread the word.. it’s shaping up to be the hottest ticket in town!

– MoMo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – Dec. 3rd – TechXmas Bonenkai 2012

Hey Folks: We’re pleased to colab with TiE Japan, and other community groups from years past, for a Super-Deluxe mixer Dec. 3rd. It’s been a hectic year here in Japan and we look forward to gather everyone for a fun evening to network over food and drinks. This is an open to all friends and family event, details below, it will be Really Great to have all the Tokyo tribes together sharing year-end smiles.. aaaand expect a few surprises!

Date: Monday, 3 December, 2012
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: Super-Deluxe :: GMAP
Access: 2,000 JPY Advance Registration Required
Includes: 1-drink, Buffet & many cool people.. @_@

Also wanted to quickly note the annual GEW effort is rocking worldwide; props to Startup Weekend teams in Japan on their continued and energetic activities. Our very best wishes to all for a fantastic upcoming holiday season and road forward in 2013.

– Momo Tokyo Team

MoMo Tokyo – Oct. 29th – Demo Night at Wired Cafe

As a warm MoMo welcome to Intl. visitors in-bound for the annual Ad:Tech conference, we are running another “APP Exhibition” styled event Oct. 29th on 5-Floor of the uber-trendy KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku.

We had a super time doing this ‘Demo Pod’ concept theme last year and look forward to another fantastic evening with no big screen presentations – All p2p Action – will be Fun!

Sounds Groovy Right.. Wanna Pitch?
As it stands now we already have some great offerings confirmed, see below, and estimate space for a few more interesting companies to jump into that mix. Consider this an Open-Call to Developers who want a Free Show & Tell Table = Contact Us asap.

Date: Monday, 29 October, 2012
Running Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: Wired 360° Cafe :: GMAP
Access: 1,000 JPY with Advance Registration Required
Includes: 1-drink and lots of cool mobile folks.. @_@

So, if you are looking at where the scene is now, and where it’s going, suggest you Register Above and head down to meet with some of the talented folks who are making that future happen. We’ll see you all there.. Halloween Costumes optional!

– MoMo Tokyo Team

Confirmed Demo Companies As Of Oct. 24th

2XM is a next-generation agency that blends creativity with technology to provide its clients with amazing experiences. 2XM masters multiple technologies that can form a complete ecosystem of mobility and interactivity: mobile app development, HTML5, giant touch surfaces, immersive projections, augmented reality, and more. Using this powerful toolset, 2XM tailors highly efficient solutions that matches the audience’s mindset, the client’s message and that deliver a real return for clients.

Atimi is a top tier mobile development firm, whom was brought in by Apple for the launch of Applications on the iPhone, for which we produced applications (New York Times, Warner Brothers, and more) for the announcement that apps would exist, kicking off the Apple ecosystem of applications. Due to our special relationship with Apple, and the large brands that we work with (HBO, Verizon, Bloomberg, ESPN, NHL and more) we have a level of access and relationship with Apple, which is beyond the norm. We have a 75% success rate of projects we work on being featured by Apple in TV, iTunes or other Apple marketing material.

BiFluent is the study of language learning, users can check the progress and performance trends of their English learning. Do you know the level of your English?

Find great foods, share your favorite meals, and earn points to become the King of your favorite food! See what the world is eating, learn where your friends are going, and discover the favorite dishes of the King of your favorite foods. Since we’re just launching, you may not be able to find the food that you are looking for in your location. HELP US GROW! by posting a review on your favorite foods at your favorite place to help everyone with your recommendations! The more everyone posts photos and reviews, the more handy the app will become!

Free Now! Would you like to talk with some one new? “Free Now” is available for you! Free Now is a matching service for Line, Kakao Talk, and Skype users. It’s really easy to use! Tap the “Free Now” button and you can post your available status on the Time Line. If you add a custom message to your post, you will find more people!! By looking at the Time Line, you can find latest posts from other users. When you tap the Line ID, Kakao Talk ID, Skype ID button, you can copy their IDs and open the app to search for them and talk!

Flybits is a software company focused on the design and development of cloud-based and context-aware mobile solutions that are adaptive and scalable. Flybits is an expert in the development of platforms that can support both the consumer and enterprise sectors concurrently. Flybits FARE (Flybits Activity Recognition Engine) is a proprietary patent protected solution that allows various sectors to build intelligent and adaptive applications without imposing expensive infrastructure and maintenance costs. FARE allows companies to visually plug their business rules and compose new behaviors for their mobile applications, in different situations and locations.

Mobify Studio – A full-featured toolset for designers to build adaptive websites for mobile and tablet devices. Mobify Cloud – Acceleration platform to deliver fast, reliable mobile and tablet experience to anyone, anywhere. Mobify.js – Open-source JavaScript framework for developers to create client-side adaptations of any website on any device.

A reward app for the iPhone. Answer surveys to receive wonderful gifts! Present Now is an app where users answer surveys to receive points they can use to enter drawings for wonderful gifts. At the Request Corner, users can also vote for the prizes they want for a chance to receive it as a present. The app’s Intro Corner also showcases popular apps from past surveys! A wide selection of wonderful gifts! Collect those points and claim a prize!

Push Science is a mobile commerce software company that enables retail organizations to compete in the new era of mobile shopping. We provide branded shopping applications that allow sales associates and consumers to access product catalogs, view offers and deals, and order merchandise directly on smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV’s.

The photo application that makes cooking more enjoyable and delicious. ‘SnapDish’ processes your dish photo to make it look better. Convenient to use for interacting with those who like to cook and share recipes. The app has been downloaded and used by 400,000 people who love to cook.

Stiktu is a free app produced by Layar that lets you remix the world by leaving something on anything in the world. It’s a fun social network where you can express yourself and see creations of others on daily newspapers, magazines, book covers, posters and more. With Stiktu you can: Scan anything around you and draw something on top of it, add drawing, text, images or stickers with the editor, publish and share your posts with friends on Facebook and Twitter and follow others to receive updates on what they’re creating.

Total Immersion is a global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D’Fusion technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream.

Wifarer’s proprietary technology uses a venue’s existing WiFi to pinpoint the location of a smartphone inside a venue to an average accuracy of 1.3 meters. Wifarer’s software-only indoor positioning system opens the door to new and unprecedented indoor digital services. Wifarer is a software only solution that does not require any hardware beyond the venue’s existing WiFi infrastructure. Deployment is quick and rapidly scalable to multiple properties. Target markets include: airports, shopping centers, stadiums, museums, convention centers, and universities.

MoMo Tokyo – Oct. 22nd – At The Canadian Embassy

We are thrilled to welcome an inbound mission of seven companies, see profiles of each below, who will be exhibiting at Japan IT Week. MoMo Tokyo members that would like to schedule one-on-one meetings please Contact Us to make arrangements.. 8-)

Date: Monday, 22 October, 2012
Venue: Embassy of Canada – GMAP
Cost: Free – Advance Registration Required*
*Picture ID and 2-business cards at the door
Note: Mobile Industry Representatives Only

18:10 – Doors Open
18:30 – Welcome remarks
– introduction of Ontario Wireless Mission members
18:45 – Networking, refreshments will be served.
20:30 – Last Call

We look forward to see you there!

– MoMo Tokyo Team


Sponsored by the Government of Ontario

Digital Media Zone http://digitalmediazone.ryerson.ca

Opened in April 2010, Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone is a multidisciplinary workspace for young entrepreneurs infused with the energy and resources of downtown Toronto. Set atop Yonge-Dundas Square, this hub of digital media innovation, collaboration and commercialization is home to startups and industry solution-providers.

Since its launch, the Digital Media Zone has incubated and accelerated 43 companies to initiate more than 79 projects. Currently the Zone houses 165 innovators in 38 teams. With access to overhead and business services, students and alumni can fast-track their product launches, stimulating Canada’s emerging digital economy through spending and job creation.

We house over 47 different companies offering various services and solutions in the digital media space. Most of the companies are looking for distribution of their solutions in foreign markets at this time. We have companies providing solutions in the US market – as well as Canadian market – with some entering the European market currently.

As part of this group, several companies will be presented under the umbrella of Digital Media Zone.

ConceptWave Software Inc. http://www.conceptwave.com

ConceptWave is a leading provider of customer, product, and order lifecycle management solutions that enable communications service providers to rapidly introduce new market offers and to empower superior customer experience.

ConceptWave’s unique offer is to provide an end-to-end catalog-driven suite of order fulfillment automation software with ConceptWave Order Care and Rapid CRM. ConceptWave products and solutions enable service providers to address competitive requirements and simplify the management of customers, products, and orders, for any product, on any network, in any market, using any channel. ConceptWave is headquartered in Toronto with presence in Americas, Europe and Asia.

Flybits http://digitalmediazone.ryerson.ca/team/flybits/

Flybits is a software company focused on the design and development of Cloud-Based and Context-Aware mobile solutions that are adaptive and scalable. Flybits is expert in the development of platforms that can support both the consumer and enterprise sectors at the same time.

Flybits FARE (Flybits Activity Recognition Engine) is a proprietary patent protected solution that allows different sectors to build intelligent and adaptive applications without imposing expensive infrastructure and maintenance costs. FARE allows companies to visually plug their business rules and compose a new behaviour for their mobile applications in different situations and locations.

Having a strong focus on R&D, Flybits solutions has been used to deploy large-scale solutions in verticals such as: Opportunistic Social Networks, Retail Solutions, E-health, Unified Communications, Intelligent Transport Systems, Airports Simplified Passenger Travel Solutions and Manufacturing. Flybits LITE is a consumer variant of the platform in which geographical entities can form relationships with each other and contribute to a crowd sourcing framework in which users can build and share their mobile application using an intuitive and visual interface. Flybits is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto with presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Flybits is looking to develop a partnership in the APAC region to expand its service offerings in strategic verticals such as Travel and Transportation, Retail, Public Safety, Mobile Health and Manufacturing. Ideal partnership will be with a network operator or a service integrator to utilize as an enabler platform.

Push Science http://www.pushsci.com

Push Science is a mobile commerce software company that enables retail organizations to compete in the new era of mobile shopping. We provide branded shopping applications that allow sales associates and consumers to access product catalogs, view offers and deals, and order merchandise directly on smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV’s.

Push Science differentiates itself by offering:

-mobile commerce strategy
-a platform based solution that lowers the barriers to going mobile
-a unique focus on influencing consumer behavior through mobile and social media

Partnership and Business Development Objective:

1) Find prospective customers for our mobile retail solutions (both on the sales associate and consumer-facing sides)
2) Find other distribution partners/ system integrators in the surrounding region

We would like to target:

- telcos/cable companies with retail stores
- system integrators who work with telcos/cable companies and would like to provide a mobile offering
- partners who have retail clients (e.g. many telcos have SMB divisions and wish to provide a new value added service to traditional retail clients, private label credit card issuers who work with retailers, ISV’s who provide POS services to retailers, mobile payment providers who want to provide retailers with consumer facing mobile interfaces)

Red Piston Inc. http://www.redpiston.com

Red Piston Inc. is an interactive development house. We develop 2D/3D mobile games, mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry Playbook platforms for clients and our own IP. Some of our customers include GM, Chrysler, Universal, Warner Brothers and Lowes. In 2012 we were awarded the Start-up of the Year award by the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

We are a growing company which is hungry for innovative projects. Using latest technologies to create efficiency, we offer competitive rates for AR, 2D and 3D mobile game development. Having developed over 80 apps and games gave us unmatched experience in the mobile development area. We have developed apps and games for some of world’s largest companies such as Lowes, GM, Chrysler, Puma, PBS and KIA. We have a variety of international clientele with varied have completed successfully over the last 3 years and have brokered deals with Chinese android tablet/phone manufacturers to localize some of our properties for the region.

Besides gaming we also specialize in general mobile software development for iOS and Android along with augmented reality technology so any partner interested in this type of technology will be of interest. AR is applicable to games but also widely used to showcase products and merchandise in a whole new way.

Partnership and Business Development Objective:

We plan to formulate alliances with Japanese software companies and help them tap into the North American market more efficiently. Specifically, we would like to broker a deal with at least one major Japanese game studio to bring their existing IP or to publish and develop new IP for the North American market. We also plan to sell or license our property for the Japanese market.

XYZ Interactive Technologies Inc. http://www.gesturesense.com

XYZ Interactive’s sensor technology enables OEMs to deliver 3D touchless control and gesture recognition in their products. The technology can be applied to many products, but is ideally suited for automotive and mobile products and environments. The technology precisely locates objects, such as a hand, in 3D space as well as detects gesture events.

The “magic” in our technology is how we enable these interactions using very low cost and low power mass-market IR transmitters and receivers. Unlike camera-based solutions, XYZ Interactive can be always on and detecting gestures and performs right up to the surface of the screen without any blind spots. The technology is ideal for inclusion either in a docking peripheral or in the devices themselves.

Partnership and Business Development:

We license our code to ODMs and OEMs. Because we have a core enabling technology we are looking not only for OEM customers, but also for partnerships with product design and interface companies that introduce new technologies to OEMs.
Our current customers are top 10 global companies and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive, device and peripheral, and toy markets. We are looking to partner with companies that have had previous success helping small companies such as ours bring new technologies to their markets.

We are also looking for growth funding.

YOUi Labs Inc. http://www.youilabs.com

YOUi Labs: the makers of the world’s first Natural User Interface (NUI) framework.

YOUi Labs’ team is able to animate your UI vision without compromising design and performance, while cutting your development time by one third. The platform marries intensive algorithm-driven graphic performance engines with software services and a standardized UI framework to create visually rich and responsive user experiences on any hardware while significantly reducing time to market.

[uSwish is the Graphical User Interface platform purpose-built from the ground up to address the requirements of today’s next generation NUIs]. uSwish allows your device to come to life by delivering all the multi-touch gestures, physics and all at the world’s fastest frame per section(fps) your customers want.

isGPU (Intelligent Software Graphics Processor Unit), is a set of libraries for 2D and 3D graphics optimized for today’s embedded CPUs and GPUs. YOUi Labs’ isGPU allows graphics to run faster and smoother, while eliminating months of hardware optimization by maximizing the efficiency of your CPU and GPU. isGPU provides superior rendering performance over any OS and other platform graphic systems.

The unique YOUi Labs’ Adobe After Effects plug-in reduces NUI development time from months to weeks by directly transitioning complex motion-based 3D layouts, animations and transitions into your device.

Partnership and Business Development Objective:

YOUi Labs is looking for both customers and technology and business partners in Japan. Our technology and services are in demand by both consumer electronic device manufacturers and service providers looking to provide their customers with a signature, branded user experiences.

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