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MoMo Vancouver – Nov. 4th – Measure the Mobile User Experience

DigiBC is excited to have Conquer Mobile present:

In a world dominated by KPIs and analytics, User Experience (UX) must prove its worth. But how do you measure an experience? It is notoriously hard to pin down the value of UX.

We’ll look at a wide range of metrics and techniques for gauging mobile app UX. At one end of the spectrum there are the traditional measures of ‘money saved’ through task efficiency and ‘money earned’ through increased loyalty and referrals. At the other extreme, we’ll preview some cutting edge ideas for measuring user emotion and stress.

Angela Robert, CEO Conquer Mobile
Tobias Ottahal, UX Designer, Conquer Mobile


BC Showcase Robson Square
800 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
Monday, Nov. 4th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Registration via Eventbrite

About Conquer Mobile
Mobile Strategy and Enterprise Workforce Solutions
Conquer Mobile is a specialist in mobile strategy and mobile workforce solutions. With deep expertise in iOS, mobile security, 3D visualization and SharePoint integration,  Conquer Mobile has become a trusted expert for secure, custom business apps.

MoMo Vancouver – July 8th – Mobile Marketing: Mobile First

One of the hottest topics is Digital Marketing. It’s the way in which companies are competeing now. There is a big shift to companies in cross industry using digital marketing to reach users and there are new digital marketing techniques transforming ways in which comapnies deliver information to their users, mobile first.

This is an opportunity to see what’s happening in the Digital Marketing, Mobile First space. What is mobile first? What are some benefits and challenges facing this type of marketing? Come hear from the best-of-the-best of Vancouver’s executives! Please Register in Advance Here.


6:00-6:30: Registration, beer & pizza

6:30-7:30: Panel discussion

7:30-8:00: Q&A and wrap up!

Sandy Fleischer, Partner, Pound & Grain

SAndy Fleischer DP

In his capacity as Managing Partner, Sandy’s responsibilities include strategy and agency growth. And he brings over 15 years of digital agency experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to the Pound & Grain team with work for clients such as McDonalds, SAP, AT&T, Electronic Arts, Sony Ericsson, Diageo, and Nintendo. In his secret other life, Sandy is known as DJ Pescatore, and has played to crowds across Canada, the US and Italy.

On a good day, he can juggle four tennis balls.

Johann Starke, President, FCV

Johann Starke, FCV

Johnan founded FCV as an interactive and digital marketing agency in 2005 with the goal of helping companies connect their brands with their customers using technology and innovation to drive results. Before FCV, Johann was Director of Business Development at Expedia while it rose to become a global brand and where he played a key role in the creation and growth of the private label technology platform.

He was recently recognized in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under Forty, and his leadership and philanthropic endeavours earned FCV a Community Leadership Award from the British Columbia Technology Industry Association in 2010.

Adrian Moise, President, Aequilibrium

Adrian Moise

Adrian is the founder and CEO of Aequilibrium, a full-service digital agency based in Vancouver. Prior to founding Aequilibrium, Adrian held technical, program manager and director roles with UbiSoft, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Blast Radius and McKesson Medical Imaging. In the agency space, he delivered world-class projects for brands such as Nintendo, Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, Nivea, Bioware and Michelin.

He loves the fusion between technology and creativity, and he holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (specialty in Human Computer Interaction and Usability) from SFU and a Postdoc from UBC. Adrian is an outdoors enthusiast, a gamer and a coach.

Thanks To Our Event Partner


NSERC’s role is to make investments in people, discovery and innovation to increase Canada’s scientific and technological capabilities for the benefit of all Canadians. NSERC invests in people by supporting postsecondary students and postdoctoral fellows in their advanced studies. We promote discovery by funding research conducted by postsecondary professors and foster innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research and training.

MoMo Vancouver – May 6th – Mobile + Digital = Innovation

Can Disruptive Technologies Enable Better Healthcare?

Monday, May 6th, 2013

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Oceanic Plaza

1035 West Pender St, Vancouver

Register in Advance Here


Michael Bidu – Founder & CEO, SANOTRON

Michael Bidu, SANOTRONMichael is the CEO & Founder of SANOTRON – Canada’s Centre for Wireless & Digital Health Innovation is a specialized non-profit technology accelerator focused on identifying, growing and marketing digital health companies while accelerating the adoption of customer-centric solutions by patients, healthcare providers and consumers anytime, anywhere on any device, reducing the cost of healthcare delivery, improving the user experience and quality of life and making the healthcare system sustainable.


Michael Fergusson – CEO, Ayogo

Michael Fergusson, Ayogo

Michael Fergusson has been a fighter pilot, a terraforming engineer, and a zombie hunter, and that was just this morning! He learned to touch type by hunting sharks, and has travelled the entire Oregon trail without getting scurvy. He also believes that playing is one of the most meaningful and productive things we can do. Michael is CEO of Ayogo, a company that has won many awards for the work they do creating mobile and social games that improve people’s health in meaningful, measurable ways. He has spoken eloquently about how games can increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes at the 3rd Patient Adherence & Advocacy Summit in February 2013, Health 2.0 in Berlin, Games for Health 2012 in Boston and the 2012 mHealth Summit in Washington to name a few. He was also chosen as one of PharmaVoice’s 100 most inspiring people of 2012 and won Ernst and Young’s 2012 Pacific Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work in health gamification.

About Ayogo:

ayogoAyogo Play and Be Well. Ayogo motivates people to change their lives, one fun social game at a time. We apply behavioural psychology of games and play to the management of chronic health conditions and patient adherence.

Angela Robert – CEO, Conquer Mobile

Angela Robert, Conquer Mobile

Angela Robert has a mission to empower people to fearlessly embrace and Conquer mobile technology.  With a talent for tuning in to customer needs combined with a natural passion for process, Angela has established Conquer Mobile as a highly respected services company producing leading edge mobile apps for business.

Angela established her credentials as a Software Engineer at Scotiabank, IBM and Electronic Arts. Her talent for digital creation began at Electronic Arts Canada, where she worked on more than 20 games in over five years and as Development Director for Skate™ and Skate 2™. Angela graduated from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science.

About Conquer Mobile:

Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile has experienced solid growth building a highly talented team of (mostly) ex-electronic arts people. Through an well tuned design process, they make powerful and secure business tools for enterprise, that imbue subtle ways to uplift the human spirit through technology.  Recently, Conquer Mobile has developed a 3D visualization and annotation software on iPad that helps doctors explain the situation to patients.  They will be at the panel speaking about their experiences designing apps in the medical sector.

Andy Tsai – President & Co-Founder, ReFleX Wireless Inc.

Andy TsaiAndy Tsai, President and Co-Founder of ReFleX Wireless Inc. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering (in Nanotechnology) at the University of British Columbia in 2010. His work experiences include working as a software engineer at Nokia, a System Support Technician at PWGSC, and an Engineering Intern at UBC’s Radio Science Lab where he benchmark tested WIMAX equipment for BC Hydro. His goal is to make small wireless medical sensors that will make healthcare more accessible and affordable to everyone in the world.

About ReFleX Wireless Inc:

Reflex Wireless

ReFleX Wireless is a Tele-Health solution provider. Since February 2011, ReFleX’s vision of applying ICT technology in the Healthcare domain has been recognized by numerous competitions hosted by North American Academic and Government Institutions. Most notably ReFleX won the international competition – NYC Next Idea Competition, where ReFleX was awarded a cash prize, a short meeting with Mayor Bloomberg. Currently ReFleX Wireless Inc. is a B.C. incorporated company, and is jointly supported by the BC Innovation Council, University of British Columbia, Wavefront Accelerator and New York City Economic Development Center. In the next three years, ReFleX will revolutionize the process of care delivery, starting from its hometown – Vancouver.

Chris Browes – VP of Physician Services, Medeo

Chris BrowesChris Browes manages the Physician Services department at Medeo.  Medeo has developed a web application which enables physicians and allied care workers to utilize a video tele-health enabled technology tool to better comunicate with their patients. Chris and his team ensure that physicians have the support they need to properly deploy the solution.  Co-founder and CEO of Kubera Payments Corp, Chris developed the VersaPay eCommerce Department and oversaw VersaPay’s Toronto and Vancouver sales floors from December 2008 to January 2011. Chris was a principal engine of growth to VersaPay becoming the fastest growing company in Canada in 2009. He has 13 years of business development and financial service experience and is an expert in client relationship management.

About Medeo:


Medeo lets everyone involved with delivering health care securely video conference, share information and coordinate more efficiently. Our mission is to help British Columbia’s doctors deliver health care more efficiently through the use of the internet and modern technology. Medeo’s web-based and mobile application helps patients, doctors and specialists interact more efficiently. It provides health care professionals with an opportunity to care for patients outside the office, improve patient retention and create greater access to health care in Canada. Our integrated e-referral, electronic charting, scheduling and e-health platform has been designed with the cooperation of doctors, allied health professionals and software engineers.


About MoMoVan

Follow us! @momovan_ #momovan13

Mobile Monday Vancouver (MoMoVan) is an open forum held for the global community of digital media and wireless industry professionals. It fosters cooperation and networking among interest groups, industry people and their companies by providing the logistics and opportunities for personal and virtual contacts.
Thank You to MoMoVan Partners:

Wavefront AC

LifeSciences BC

MoMo Vancouver – Feb. 4th – How Mobile Games Connect

Back by Popular Demand.. DigiBC Presents: Mobile Monday Vancouver

How Mobile Games Connect Consumers and Brands

Mobile games are an emerging media channel similar to tv, radio and the Internet. With 65% of smartphone users playing games, this new media is a place brands need to be. Furthermore with only 1% of the total marketing spend on mobile currently, there is significant room for growth in mobile marketing spending, and with mobile games being a significant category of use, new takes on advertising and sponsorship will fuel this spending growth.

Monday, February 4th, 2013 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Network Hub, 300 – 422 Richards Street
DigiBC Members – $5 / Non-Members – $10
Short Presentation with Networking to Follow Includes Pizza and Beer Refreshments
Registration is limited — buy your ticket today!

Presentation by Wyley Interactive

Wyley is a simple to use mobile engagement network, powered by the playing of mobile games, the drive to earn and the passion to shop. If you’re one of the 650 million people that are already playing games on your smart phone, we at Wyley, are going to add purpose to your pleasure. Wyley is partnering with your favorite brands to bring you a wide variety of great, free mobile games. And just for playing the games, you earn points that earn you special offers from your favorite brand.

Play the games, earn your points, and get access to special offers from a brand that you care about. You might have a hard time telling which is more fun; playing, earning or shopping.

About MoMoVan:
Mobile Monday Vancouver (MoMoVan) is an open forum held for the global community of digital media and wireless industry professionals. It fosters cooperation and networking among interest groups, industry people and their companies by providing the logistics and opportunities for personal and virtual contacts.

If your company is interested in sponsoring an event, please contact Carly Graham at carly@digibc.org

Thank you to our MoMoVan Event Partners:
NSERC logo

MoMo Vancouver – April 16th – Mobile Web Best Practices

Meet John Boxall, co-founder of Mobify. Are you looking to increase your revenue and ROI from customers on mobile devices? Gartner estimates that social and mobile presence will generate 50 per cent of Web sales by 2015.

John will share his success from developing mobile web e-commerce best practices for marque customers such as Starbucks, Threadless and Siemens. Mobify produces a positive ROI for its customers in less than 100 days.

Speaker: John Boxall

John Boxall, Igor Faletski & Peter McLachlan founded Mobify in 2007 with a vision to extend the web to mobile devices. Mobify now powers more than 20,000 mobile websites and reaches 20% of global smartphone subscribers. The company’s goal is to empower marketers and developers to make the web mobile and universally available to people in useful, amazing ways.

Come find out how these young entrepreneurs built Mobify from a simple mobile web service to notify when next bus was due to arrive, to a locally renowned and respected company with powering customers like Ideeli, Bonobos, Wired, The New Yorker, Alibris, and many more. Details & Register Here.

DATE: Monday, April 16, 2012
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
LOCATION: The Network Hub, 300-422 Richards Street, Vancouver
TICKETS: DigiBC Members – $20.00 / Non-Members – $30.00 / Students – $15.00
Food and beverages included!

Special thanks to our NSERC for partnering and being a proud supporter of DigiBC.

About: NSERC aims to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for the benefit of all Canadians. The agency supports university students in their advanced studies, promotes and supports discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in post secondary research projects. NSERC researchers are on the vanguard of science, building on Canada’s long tradition of scientific excellence.

MoMo Vancouver – March 12th – Reaching Mobile Users

AirG, a Vancouver based company, has built a social mobile platform reaching 55 million, active, monthly users. Dejan Mirkovic, VP of Corporate development and Mobile Marketing, will provide insight on how AirG uses mobile advertising, demographic information and social media to target and reach global users. He will also provide a general industry overview and Q&A.

Dejan Mirkovic, VP of Corporate Development and Mobile Marketing at airG
Dejan currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Development and Mobile Marketing at airG, a global mobile social networking and entertainment provider. He has over 15 years of wireless start up experience and a core expertise in sales, business development, corporate strategy and mobile marketing.  He co-founded Canada’s first and largest independent mobile virtual network operator, Cityfone Telecommunications. Dejan co-founded Cityfone™ Telecommunications, Canada’s first independent mobile virtual network operator. Cityfone operated several consumer facing wireless brands including; Cityfone; Searsconnect™ Wireless (for Sears Canada); and, Talk & Save® Wireless (for RBC Financial). In July 2010, Rogers™ Wireless acquired Cityfone™.

Dejan has been with airG since 2003 handling various aspects of the business including developing top-tier carrier partnerships across the globe in 40 countries and helping drive over 65 million users to airG.  Today, he is an integral part of the company’s corporate development and corporate strategy, as well as managing the entire airG publishing enterprise – as one of world’s largest independent mobile publishers.

DATE: Monday, March 12, 2012
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
TICKETS: Please Register Here — Food and beverages included!

Special thanks to our NSERCE for sponsoring this MoMoVan

MoMo Vancouver – 21 November – Microsoft Developers

Get updated on Microsoft’s new Platform Strategies and new relationship with Nokia? Microsoft is changing the GAME and providing new opportunities for partners and developers!

Meet Ryan Storgaard, Director of Technical Evangelism, Microsoft Canada. His business acumen, drive and enticing optimism earned him the prestigious Microsoft Chairman’s Award, presented by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He also earned the highly regarded Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award.

Ryan Storgaard will talk about Microsoft’s strategy and approach to Windows Phone and the opportunity it offers to app and game developers. Windows Phone 7.5 is Microsoft’s latest release and it continues to gamer rave reviews from customers and critics as it edges its way into a crowded and complicated mobile marketplace. With over 30, 000 appls in the marketplace, a significant global partnership with Nokia, integration with Xbox Live and Microsoft Office, and a truly innovative approach to weaving appls, tasks and experiences together into Live Tiles and Hubs, Windows Phone is truly a fresh and innovative platform for consumers and developers. In fact, by 2015, IDC and Gartner expect Windows Phone to be the number two operating system worldwide behind android. Ryan is available for Q&A and discussions afterward on other hot topics such as Microsoft’s cloud strategy, HTML5, and Windows.

About Ryan Storgaard

As Director of Technical Evangelism at Microsoft Canada, Ryan leads an amazing team focused on driving engagement, adoption and satisfaction of Microsoft platforms and technologies. From start-ups, developers and IT generalists to professional IT pros and managers, he entices his team to promote engagement in the digital media spectrum. Storgaard communicates to millions of Canadian’s through social media, online communications, events, conferences, promotional entities, and broad audiences. His previous roles at Microsoft Canada include Director of Cloud Services Strategy and Director of Platform Strategy leading a team across multiple platforms such as Windows Phone, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Azure.

Don’t miss our November MoMoVan
Date: Monday, November 21, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Oceanic Plaza
1035 West Pender Street, Vancouver – Map
Tickets: DigiBC Members – $20.00 (HST included)
Non-Members – $30.00 (HST included)
DigiBC Student Members – $15.00 (HST included)
Space: Limited to 80 people
Register for MoMoVan
Please note: Registrations will be accepted on-site. However, to ensure that you receive a name tag, please pre-register before the cut-off time as indicated below.

Registration deadline: Monday, November 21 @ 1:00pm.

Beer, beverages and food will be provided. Be sure to register today to reserve your spot.

Be part of one of Canada’s largest digital media and wireless industry associations. » Sign up as a DigiBC Member today!

Our special thanks to Wavefront for hosting and assistance in organizing this edition of MoMoVan.

MoMo Vancouver – Oct. 12 – Meet New BCIC Venture Wireless

Smile it’s Monday!

From a record 149 entries for the New Ventures 2011 competition, MoMoVan brings you the wireless companies from the top 10 finalists to share their success stories and experiences. With $335,000 in awards and a chance to be the number one start-up company as motivation, see what their wireless companies did differently to make it to the finals. Register for your chance to see Rewardloop who placed second, as well as two other finalists.

For those of you who don’t know, each year the New Ventures BC Society provides the opportunity for people to turn their ideas into a profitable company. As indicated by NVBCS, “A “New Venture” is a business that is economically viable, but has not yet secured significant financing from “outside investors” (not family or friends). It must be an innovative product or service involving a new technology.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Due to Thanksgiving Holiday on Monday, Oct. 10, this edition of MoMoVan moves to Wednesday.

Please Register in Advance – Deadline: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 @ 5:00pm

Our special thanks to Wavefront hosting this edition of MoMoVan.
Oceanic Plaza
1035 West Pender
Vancouver, Canada

If your company is interested in sponsoring one of these events, please contact Howard Donaldson

DigiBC promotes, supports and accelerates the growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of BC’s digital media and wireless industry in the world through world-class leadership, promotional and trade and investment initiatives, networking and events, education and training, and public policy. We represent more than 1,000 companies and 16,500 employees in video games, animation and visual effects, web 2.0, interactive marketing and social media, e-learning, and mobile and wireless generating revenues of more than $3 billion a year.

MoMo Vancouver – Sept. 12 – Fall Season Opener!

Smile it’s Monday – Register now for MoMoVan Fall Season Opener!

Meet CEO Kosta ChatziSpiros from LinguaComm and hear how they secured $693,225 from the Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Stream to fund the smartphone language app Supiki

Inspired by the belief that the personal computer was a “game changer”, Kosta’s career in technology marketing began at college in 1987. Since then, he has consistently taken on challenges involving successfully brining innovative products or services to market. He is recognized for executing winning business strategies, rapidly building multi-disciplinary teams and achieving breakthrough results. Kosta received an MBA from Royal Roads University in Victoria and was awarded the MBA Leadership Award.

LinguaComm is a classic start-up company having developed the 1st app that lets you have a real English conversation on your smartphone. The app actually listens to what you say and responds accordingly. The company has been bootstrapped from the start without VC funding. Kosta and Julie Zilber (Linguacomm President and Imagineer-in-Chief) combined their respective marketing, business and new media expertise to obtain CMF Experimental Stream and IRAP funding to help fund development. Learn how Linguacomm successfully navigated the process for obtaining funding with favourable terms and the valuable lessons learned from the process.

Please Register in Advance – Deadline: Friday, September , 2011 @ 5:00pm

Special thanks to Discovery Parks for hosting and help in organizing this edition of MoMoVan.

Discovery Parks
187 – 887 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, Canada

If your company is interested in sponsoring one of these events, please contact Howard Donaldson

DigiBC promotes, supports and accelerates the growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of BC’s digital media and wireless industry in the world through world-class leadership, promotional and trade and investment initiatives, networking and events, education and training, and public policy. We represent more than 1,000 companies and 16,500 employees in video games, animation and visual effects, web 2.0, interactive marketing and social media, e-learning, and mobile and wireless generating revenues of more than $3 billion a year.

MoMo Vancouver July 11: Meet Scott Michaels from Atimi Software

Meet Scott Michaels from Atimi and hear his view on industry trends, publishing, Apple store and best practices

Scott Michaels is Vice President, Client Services at Atimi Software, Inc., one of the largest independent Macintosh development houses. Atimi focuses their technology insight on the quickly changing Apple market. Scott has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to bring their products to the mobile space and has assisted in restructuring their marketing plan to include mobile.

He is a vital force behind the Atimi team that has developed more than 35 applications currently on the market for some of the leading brands in North America including the New York Times, HBO, and the Vancouver Canucks. Having worked on the front lines of software development and project management for over a decade, Scott champions the need for a cohesive strategy for companies bringing products to the mobile space.

We will start with three to four quick entrepreneurial pitches to start the event also welcome. If you are interested please email howard@digibc.org in advance.

Our special thanks to Centre for Digital Media for hosting and assistance in organizing this edition of MoMoVan. For parking and transportation information, please visit: http://mdm.gnwc.ca/contact

Date: Monday, July 11, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Centre for Digital Media – 577 Great Northern Way, VancouverMap
Tickets: FREE to DigiBC Members
FREE to DigiBC Sponsors and Partners
FREE to Students
$28 (HST included) to Non-members of DigiBC and at the door
Space: Limited to 70 people
Registration deadline: Friday, July 8 @ 5:00pm. First beer is free. Pizza is free. Be sure to register today.
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