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Mobile Monday Southeast Asia Research Report 2012

Southeast Asia has been a trade hub for thousands of years, and is a digital crossroads for Internet and mobile innovation now as well, according to our new research released today. The full report was presented to the media at the Mobile Monday Developer Lounge during the annual Communicasia conference and tradeshow. Titled “Crossroads of Innovation,” the 52 page document [PDF] showcases a wealth of detailed features including profiles of mobile markets and startups from across the region.


The focus of this report is on overall innovation ecosystems, which include a range of stakeholders: industry, entrepreneurs, government, academia and civil society. The report also addresses the crucial role of innovator networks and incubators, who truly make SE Asia a regional and global crossroads of innovation. These roles are played by global+local networks of mobile startups and professionals, such as MobileMonday.

MobileMonday has been active in Southeast Asia since 2006, with chapters in the capital cities of the six key mobile markets: Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok and Hanoi. “In sum, across the length and breadth of the mobile ecosystem, innovation will be needed in incremental as well as disruptive modes. Sustainability of the innovation ecosystem requires the right blend of bottom up entrepreneurial energy and top-down facilitation of investment policies and infrastructure,” according to Dr. Madanmohan Rao, research projects director for MobileMonday, and editor of the report.

The material in this Mobile Southeast Asia Report is drawn from interviews with over two dozen digital media experts and organisers of the MobileMonday chapters, plus extensive research from books, journals, news, and market reports. This research joins our collection of regional reports, such as the popular Africa series, and we plan to continue these efforts focused on other areas in the future.

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