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Hello World Coding Championships

Sign up for the first ever Coding World Championships

This Spring, get to know the future superstars behind the code: Hello World Open challenges the top coders to defend their countries’ honour in the first ever Coding World Championships.

Organised by the creative technology company Reaktor and the mobile game developer Supercell, Hello World Open brings programming skills into the global spotlight in a context we might not be used to. First, hopeful contenders must form teams of 1-3 top coders. With the best talent in place, each teams’ challenge is to create an artificial intelligence for a virtual car race. Sign up starts March 31st.

“By simplifying a hard-to-grasp concept such as coding, we want to make coding sexy and take it to a level where the general public can enjoy it too”, says Reaktor’s Ville Valtonen, the main organiser of Hello World Open. “Our aim is to create the Sebastian Vettels and Jeff Gordons of coding — true national superheroes worth looking up to. We want the audience to take pride in their own countries’ competitors and to cheer them on to victory.” Watch our video interview with Ville Valtonen.

The finals will take place in Helsinki on June 5th at the Cable Factory. Before the event, Supercell will hold its second annual gaming summit earlier that day. Full Details Here – Start Your Engines!

Update April 15th
Reporting over 3,000 developers, with +2,000 teams, sign-up deadline extended to April 22nd.

MoMo Helsinki – Sept. 12th – MobileMonday Be Inspired Tour

To celebrate our 13 magnificent years of community sharing, MobileMonday Finland produces its’ first ever Be Inspired Tour, which will bring some of the most influential and inspiring visionaries known to the industry to Finland. The tour will be themed around the new era of the sense of community and the mobile industry, and how the changes affect both individuals and organisations.

Join the discussion with some of the most inspiring and influential visionaries ever known to the industry, be inspired by their groundbreaking ideas and enjoy the general, laid-back MoMo atmosphere with us.

Our wonderful speakers include:
Tomi Ahonen, whom Forbes named the #1 Mobile Influencer on Globe
Jouko Ahvenainen, named among Next 100 digital influencers due to his work in pioneering in growdfunding models
Alan Moore, researcher, author, engaging speaker and motivator
Andre Nóel Chaker, whom Speakersforum named Speaker of Year in Finland, Director at Veikkaus
Juhani Kivikangas, CEO of Teleforum ry
Mika Hyötyläinen, researcher, author, and Head of B2B marketing at TeliaSonera
Jari Tammisto, MobileMonday’s global leader

17:30 Doors open
18:00-20:00 Program
20:00-21:00 Networking, open discussion

Register now! The event is free of charge.

MoMo Helsinki – May 20th – Featuring Jolla Love Day

MobileMonday Helsinki featuring Jolla Love Day

MobileMonday Helsinki encourages you to request an invitation to a very special event on Monday, May 20th 2013…

MobileMonday Helsinki featuring Jolla Love Day @ Klaus K

Join us at one of the most fabulous parties of the year and be one the first priviledged MoMoers to get a sneak preview of the next, major steps of Jolla.

You will, among other things, get to hear some very interesting interviews hosted by our MoMo Master MC, the amazing Andre Chaker (Senior Advisor to President, Veikkaus and Speaker of the Year, Speakersforum) and – of course – generally have a blast at this one-of-a-kind MoMo event!

The eyes of the whole world will be on us tonight. Intrigued? To get more into the event, check out #JollaLoveDay on Twitter and this magnificent video.

Please note that the event will take place next Monday and there is only a restricted number of invitations – be very quick!


19:00 Doors open

19:30 Program starts

22:00 Event ends

The event is free of charge.

MoMo Helsinki – March 4th – Post MWC Reprt

The first MoMo of the year will be devoted to the wrapping-up of the exciting Mobile World Congress 2013. MWC 2013 will be held in Barcelona, Spain, between the 23th and 28th of February.

For further details, check out 

Experiences and scoops from Barcelona will be shared by

Marc Dillon, CEO of Jolla (Keynoting in MWC main stage)

Artturi Tarjanne, Nexit Ventures

Juhani Kivikangas, Teleforum

…and companies such as Scoopshot, AppCampus, Omegawave and many more.

In addition to this, the interesting BEST MOBILE SERVICE IN FINLAND 2013 -competition will be launched at the event – bigger and better than ever!

We’re hoping to have our MoMo Master MC, Andre Chaker (Spekerforum’s speaker of the year!) hosting us.


16:30-17:30 Media briefing

17:30-19:00 Doors open:

Launching of the Best Mobile Service in Finland 2013-competition, panel Discussion, MoMo global news, open mic

19:00-20:00 Informal discussion and networking

Request for an invitation now!
Unfortunately, due to limited space, we will only be able to confirm a limited amount of participants.

The event is free of charge.

MoMo Helsinki – Nov. 5th – Looking for Neogrowth

MobileMonday Helsinki wants to invite you to the next event themed

Looking for Neogrowth – new ways of thinking and doing

The aim of the event is to open your minds for new opportunities and thinking models that can be applied in the work environment and also in the daily-life.  For instance, when thinking about new ways to increase productivity, we might consider information technology as an easy-solution but we often ignore the harmful consequences such as stress and overwork that it can create to the end-users. The reason for that is the fact that it is difficult to learn away from old ways of thinking and doing.

Since we think that neogrowth provides great opportunites that can make Finland prosper again, we want to share the views of the most inspiring thinkers and doers:

Mika Hyötyläinen, Senior Marketing Manager at TeliaSonera, will clarify how we can understand better the ICT service productivity

Marko Siivonen, CEO of Spinacor, will explain how sensomotoric coaching helps to map the working condition and capacity of an individual

Mikko Laukkanen, Head of Thought Leadership at Aalto Executive Education, will discuss about the challenges and reasons of failures behind business innovations

The MC of the event will be Andy Clutterbuck, Coach for Aalto Design Factory. This time the event will be organized in a new location at Korjaamon Vintti, Töölönkatu 51.


Doors open 18:00
Program 18:30-19:30
Networking and informal discussion 19:30-20:30

The event is free of charge.

MoMo Helsinki – Oct. 1st – Mobile Wellness Event

Mobile Wellness – shift from mHealth into mPerformance!

If you can prevent health problems, mental stress, and optimize your performance – do it – as according to WHO, 78% of health care costs in EU are caused by personal lifestyle choices!

How – this is discussed and demonstrated in next MobileMonday Helsinki event on October 1st at venue provided by Zeeland and Vision+ at Eteläinen Rautatienkatu 6, 3rd floor – next to Hotel Presidentti.

Our MC of the evening Andy Clutterbuck from Aalto Design Factory will discuss with presenters of the Trends in mWellness,  such as professional athletes/teams, health concerned individuals, employers public sector etc, and also how the Finland based service providers will become global leaders in their fields.

Doors open 17:30 and program begins 18:00 until 20:00

This event is brought to you by:

OmegaWave -  the next generation of sports performance monitoring and readiness measurement for people who take sports seriously

Firstbeat – providing meaningful physiological information that helps people to improve their well-being and performance

Wellness Foundry – committed to delivering cutting-edge web and mobile tools to help people eat better and to live healthier.

In partnership with Finpro

The event is free of charge.. please Register Here

MoMo Helsinki – Aug. 27th – Mobile Game Arch Workshop

Mobile Game Arch workshop in Mobile Monday Helsinki August 2012


Time: August 27th 2012 09:00-19:00
Location: Aalto Design Factory, Espoo, Finland
Registration: The seminar is free of charge, but the participants are asked to register at mgahelsinki.eventbrite.com
Programme as a pdf : Download the program of the workshops as a pdf here.
Mobile Game Arch project: Access the project website here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The next Mobile Game Arch workshop will be organized in Helsinki on the 27th of August 2012. In the workshop, you will find answers on how a mobile game developer can overcome fragmentation, lack of funding and barriers to access the users. This one-day workshop is organized by EGDF and the Mobile Game Arch Project in co-operation with Mobile Monday and Aalto Centre of Entrepreneurship.

09:00-09:20 Greetings and opening

Jean-Charles Point, CEO, JCP Consulting, http://www.jcp-c.net

09:20 The presentation of Aalto Appcampus

The AppCampus program (http://www.appcampus.fi) has been set up to foster the creation of innovative mobile games and applications to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.

09:35-11:30 Session 1: HTML5, the solution to fragmentation?

As you are well aware, mobile content is becoming a leading medium of communication world-wide. While the numbers of different handset mobile game developers increases in response to demand, fragmentation is once again becoming one of the main problems of mobile game development. Will HTML5 be a solution for this?

Keynote: Charles “Chaals” McCathieNevile, Standards Expert, W3C, http://www.w3.org/

Charles McCathieNevile worked as a Chief Standards Officer of Opera. He is an elected member of W3C advisory board and a co-chair of webAPI working group.


  • Florian Steinhoff, is a product manager in Wooga, www.wooga.com. There he worked on open source HTML5 game Pocket Island, guiding a team through the challenges and successes of the technology.
  • Kosti Rytkönen is the CTO of Kuuasema, http://www.kuuasema.com/. Kuuasema is one of the leading multiplatform mobile developers in Europe and the inventor of Asema Multiplatform Development Suite.


During the lunch, the workshop participants have an opportunity to test Meatspace Invasion, the award winning GPS game, in their iPhones. The game is powered by Playground Thursday the network of GPS players and developers. For more information, please visit our website: http://playground-thursday.com/events/playground-thursday-helsinki/

12:30-14:30 Session 2: Mobile cloud reconnecting telcos to mobile value chain?

After playing a dominant role in the first phase of mobile game development, the influence of telecommunication companies faded, following the rise of the iPhone. However, telecommunication companies still have a direct access to millions of potential gamers. How could game developers and telecommunication operators co-operate, and could the mobile cloud be the answer to exploiting this relatively unexplored route to access users?

Keynote: Harri Koponen, EVP consumer products, Rovio, http://www.rovio.fi/

Harri Koponen is VP Consumer Products in Rovio and one of the leading European experts of the new opportunities for telecommunication companies. Prior moving to Rovio, he worked as a CEO of Sonera in Finland, CEO of Wataniya Telecom in Kuwait and the CEO of Tele2 in Sweden.


  • Sandrine Lacharme is a cloud gaming software architect from Orange OrangeLabs, http://www.orange.com. France Orange is one of the leading telcos in Europe.
  • Irina Semenova is the head of game studio groups of MegaFon MegaLabs. Russian MegaFon, http://english.corp.megafon.ru, is one of the most innovative telcos.
  • Wojciech Woziwodzki is the CEO of Tequila Mobile. Polish Tequila Mobile is a developer/publisher of mobile games providing in-house billing through 380 telcos, http://www.tequilamobile.com/

15:30-16:30 Session 3: Investing in mobile games:

The massive rise of mobile gaming has given rise to possible investments in the game industry. In Finland, 1500 people who work in gaming were able to attract 67 Million of venture capital alone. Why is this happening and what are the investors looking to gain from Finland?

Keynote: KooPee Hiltunen, Director, Neogames ry., http://www.hermia.fi/neogames/

KooPee Hiltunen is the director of Neogames. Neogames is the largest umbrella organization uniting different actors of the Finnish Games Cluster and it recently realized a study about Finland as an investment location for the games industry.


  • Ian Baverstock is a partner at Tehnshi Ventures, http://www.tenshiventures.com, a British venture capital investor investing in games. Ian Baverstock is ex-president of the British Game Developer Association TIGA and the largest UK Game Developer KuJu
  • Wolfgang Stindl is an international business development manager at iVentureCapital, http://www.iventurecapital.com/, a German venture capital investor investing in games

17:OO-18.30 Reception sponsored by Nokia

All workshop participants are invited to participate in the reception after the workshop, where they have an opportunity to continue the discussion with the speakers in a less formal environment.

Moderation of the day: Dr. Malte Behrmann, General Secretary, EGDF, http://www.egdf.eu

Malte Behrmann is a lawyer in Berlin. As the Secretary General of the EGDF, he represents about 600 Game studios in Europe towards European institutions. Prior he founded and led the German Game developer association GAME for seven years. He is member of the steering board of the NEM initiative and other Juries and steering committees.

To join the workshop please register at: mgahelsinki.eventbrite.com

In order to have more information about the project visit our website: www.mobilegamearch.eu

The Mobile Game Arch project brings together four partners: European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), Nordic Game Resources (NGR), NCC Partners, and JCP-Consult. The project is funded by the Seventh Framework programme (FP7). For more information about the project as well as the partners involved, visit our website: www.mobilegamearch.eu.

The event in Helsinki is organized in co-operation with: Mobile Monday and Aalto Centre of Entrepreneurship.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 288632.  The outcomes of the project reflect only the author’s views and that the Union is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

MoMo Helsinki – May 7th – From Ideas to Innovations

MobileMonday Helsinki is hosting the next event “From Ideas to Innovations” on May 7th

Over the next years, Finland will need at least 200 000 new jobs and more small and mid-sized enterprises with global operations. In order to satisfy this need, a couple of critical questions need to be answered.

First of all we need to understand where the successful ideas come from. From crowd-sourcing or from corporate needs? Second, we must find a way to evaluate ideas that have potential for sustainable products or services. And finally, it is essential to focus on how to nurture ideas into new success cases. Please Register in Advance Here.

To discuss where the success ideas come from and what support is in place today in form of funding advisors and internationalization, we have invited:

Kai Öistämö, Chairman of the Board, Tekes & Chief Development Officer Nokia
Outi Torniainen, Marketing Director, Finpro
Pia Erkinheimo, Director, Ideas Project by Nokia
Tanu-Matti Tuominen, Serial entrepreneur & Co-founder of Vision+ Fund
Petri Räsänen, Innovation Director, Pirkanmaan Liitto & Founder of Demola and Protomo

The discussion will be facilitated by serial entrepreneur & mobile software development pioneer Pekka Sivonen. MoMo also provides OpenMic with fresh views from ”Your advisory board online” Abonnet. The MC of the event will be Andy Clutterbuck.

18:00 Doors open
18:30 Presentations and Open Mic
19:30-20:30 Networking and informal discussions

Molly Malone’s
1 Kaisaniemenkatu
Helsinki, Finland
Monday, May 7th from 6:00 to 9:00PM

The event is free of charge – (coat check 2€).

MoMo Helsinki – April 2nd – Mobile Marketing

MobileMonday Helsinki is hosting the next event on Monday 2nd April 2012 at Molly Malone’s! The theme of the evening will be mobile marketing and advertising – its opportunities and challenges.

Mobile marketing has experienced an exponential growth during the past 5 years and it is claimed to be the future of marketing. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere so the reach of customers is assured. Mobile devices allow customized one-to-one marketing, location-based marketing and much more. If you have thought that mobile should be part of your business strategy, come to share your ideas and listen what our speakers think about the perceived benefits of mobile marketing.

We have invited Jonna Toikka, Google and Janne Sarikko, Zeelander to discuss about the situation of mobile marketing in Finland. In addition, Johannes Olli, Fonecta will present the case of Fonecta Caller application that has been one of the top downloaded Finnish apps in AppStore. We have also given the opportunity for a couple of start-ups to speak at Open Mic!

17:30 Doors open
18:00-19:00 Presentations, panel discussion moderated by Andrew “Andy” Clutterbuck from Aalto Design Factory and Open Mic
19:00-20:00 Networking and informal discussions

The event will be held in partnership with Finpro and Teleforum-ry.

Molly Malone’s
1C Kaisaniemenkatu
Helsinki, Finland
Monday, April 2, from 5:30 to 8:00PM

Register Here Now the places are limited to the first 150 registered!

The event is free of charge. Please print the invitation and show it at the door in order to avoid coatcheck (2,5€).

MoMo Helsinki – March 5th – Post MWC Reports

MobileMonday Helsinki is hosting the next event on Monday 5th March 2012 at Molly Malone’s! The program deals with the latest news and views from the exciting Mobile World Congress 2012.

This year the MWC promises to be spectacular and wild in many senses. Interesting topics such as App World peak or overflow, ecosystem war, operator strike back, Sony’s mobile debut, mPowered Brands and augmented reality will be covered and discussed. The MWC 2012 will be held in Barcelona, Spain between the 27th and 29th of February – further details at mobileworldcongress.com.

To cover MWC 2012 activities we have invited panel below to share their experiences and thoughts:

Artturi Tarjanne, Nexit Ventures
Juhani Kivikangas, Teleforum
Kimmo Pekari, Finpro
Ismo Rantala, FinnMob

In addition, we will introduce you the new MC, Andrew, Andy, Clutterbuck – well known from Aalto Design Factory.

17:30 Doors open
18:00-19:00 Panel discussion
19:00-20:00 Networking and informal discussions

The event is free of charge – Register Here – the places are limited to the first 150 guests!

Molly Malones, 1C Kaisaniemenkatu
Helsinki, Finland
Monday, March 5th from 5:30PM to 8:00PM

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