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MoMo Bangalore – Ubuntu Cloud Day India 2012

Wednesday, April 4th from 9am
The Grand Ballroom, Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore

Register now at http://www.ubuntucloudday.in

What is Ubuntu Cloud Day?

Ubuntu Cloud Day is Canonical’s biggest Cloud event in Bangalore this year. With keynote speeches from various members of the Canonical team, and a more focussed technical delivery, register now to avoid disappointment.

What’s on the agenda?

Presentations on working with Ubuntu Cloud, JuJu, Cloud infrastructure, as well as presentations from Intel and other partners.

Who should attend?

People with an interest in deploying Cloud and Cloud infrastructure.

Where is it?

The Grand Ballroom, Chancery Pavilion Hotel, 135 Residency Road, Bangalore.

What is the cost?

The event is sponsored by Intel & Canonical and is has a fee of INR 999.00. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

How do I register?

Register at http://www.ubuntucloudday.in

Note: Please use this discount code “MOMOB-UBUN2C” to receive 20% off .

MoMo Bangalore – March 3rd – Mobile Finance & Ads

4Starups is an initiative of NSRCEL.

Finance for Startups:

There is more to managing the financial health of your emerging start-up than raising money and selling out. The day-to-day financials matter, as they impact every other area of your business.

Diagnosing your “full” costs, including those to acquire and serve customers (and projected lifetime value).  It is essential to institute the right procedures that will help keep things in check, and give you the visibility into key metrics so you can effectively monitor your progress.

How to read the numbers? It is very important for all the founders. Lack of knowledge may lead you to the disaster of your start-up. Finance, of the entrepreneurial variety, can be both fun and rewarding for you. If your knowledge of how to finance a start-up is limited to “I’ll write a business plan and hope that someone gives me money,” you’re stuck at the bottom level.


09:00 to 10:00                               Networking & Registrations
10:00 to 11:00                                ”Basics of Finance-Prof Padmini Srinivasan”
11:00 to 11:15                                  Tea Break & Networking
11:15 to 12:00                                 Panel Discussion: Sources of Finance
12:00 to 13:30                                Over View of Taxation – Prof L Sridhar

Date: Saturday 3rd-March-2012 ……9AM to 1PM
Venue: Auditorium, IIMB
Fee: It is free, registration is must.

Take a deeper look at mobile ad networks.

Do you know By 2012, according to eMarketer, 50 percent of mobile devices will be Smartphones. Nine out of 10 Smartphone users are already using their devices to find local information and connect with local businesses.

As we enter this new local-mobile era, studies show that mobile advertising investments and mobile ad networks are expected to take off along with the smartphone explosion. Mobile advertising is an extremely fragmented market, with a lack of reliable or detailed data on ad network market share and revenue. Many criteria need to be considered in building a mobile campaign. You’ll need to shop carefully, as there are many variations to consider (e.g., geographic coverage, targeting capability, pricing).
So for developers, publishers and marketing people it’s time to take a deeper look at mobile ad networks.

Special Thanks To NSRCEL of IIMB for hosting this event.

Date:Saturday 3rd-March

Time: 2PM to 5PM
Venue: IIMB, Auditorium

Fee: Its Free Registrations is must! Register here!

MoMo Bangalore – Feb. 4th – Marketing 4Startups!

Effective marketing strategies could be the difference between the success or failure of a Start-up. Buzz alone wouldn’t guarantee a start-up its sought success, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.  To stand out in the noise, start-ups need to do more to draw attention. Some start-ups are great at this. Innovative Marketing techniques equip the Davids (start ups) successfully establish themselves against the  Goliaths (existing business leader) and compete for consumer market share and mind share.

Most Starts up involved in the product development, would really starve for a comprehensive marketing strategy that generates a buzz for the product. Chances are always that even with a product people love, you’ll need to generate buzz!

Reach out to the next in the 4Start up Series – Marketing.

09:15AM to 10:00AM —– Networking and Registrations

10:00AM to 10:45AM —– Marketing your Idea or Product By Rakesh Godhwani

10:45AM to 11:00AM —– Tea Break and Networking

11:00AM to 11:45AM —– Marketing vs. Sales: What is the Difference? By Mr.Sanjeev Gadre

11:45AM to 12:45PM —– Crafting an Elevator Pitch By Prof.Bringi Dev

Date: Saturday 4th-Feb-2012 ……9AM to 1PM
Venue: Auditorium, IIMB
Fee: It is free, Registration is Required

Rural India is about to embrace Enterprise Mobility

Believe it or not, but India is making progress at grass roots with clever and innovative use of the mobile phone. Slowly yet steadily, the mobile phone has invaded more and more aspects of the life of the rural populace. What began as a medium for affordable entertainment, thanks to ring tones and “Bollywood” the mobile phone is now making serious inroads in the livelihood of people’ lives.

Focus area – The women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) in India:

The women SHGs in rural India are involved in livelihood activities that include production of items from locally and often naturally available raw materials. However, these products are typically subjected to abuse by local monopoly buyers; thereby causing an information gap in terms of branding knowledge as well as lack of access to potential non-immediate neighborhood markets. Consequently, challenges such as lack of knowledge of market requirements, scaling, lower profitability result in eventual unviability of the production activity.

Despite previous attempts by several entities to solve the problem through the web, the issues related to computer literacy, internet connectivity, access to computer hardware, adequate electricity have been prime reasons a to why the gaps continue to remain.

However, recent efforts by both forward looking companies and the government is aiming to bring in some much promised change and solve the problems by innovative use of the mobile phone.

Case example – A proposed solution from Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd – VyapaarSEWATM “Enterprise Mobility for the next billion lives” In order to break the insularity of the rural self help groups, a mobile phone in the hand of every “producer” women now-connected to a distant and geographically separated community of women who were engaged in the “selling” of their products.

Managed through a mobile value added services communication platform, the rural producers from women groups in the South of India were instantly connected to groups of “seller” women from the North of India. Operating in the urban markets, these women seller groups were now selling products made by their counterparts in the South.

How did this all come about?

The mobile phone and the mobile value added services platform solved 3 keys challenges:

a. Accessibility – Mobile being ubiquitous, allowed the producer women to access the value added services platform at a time when they were free – right from the back yard of their rural homes – a place where most self help group production occurs!

b. Language Support – Through an Interactive Voice Response system, the women are easily able to interact in a “language of their choice” and manage business functions such as: updating inventory, checking orders, accepting orders entered by far away selling groups, check for payment status etc.

c. Personalization – Since a mobile phone and it’s MSISDN also act as a proxy for the user of the phone, the mobile value added service platform is able to distinguish and differentiate various users and present only relevant interfaces and information that is applicable.

Government support and subsidy – Department of Telecom – Sanchar Shakti Scheme

Under the Sanchar Shakti Scheme, the Department of Telecom’s Universal Service Obligation Fund proposes to launch several pilots under a subsidy model. Companies from the private sector have partnered with the government and other funding agencies to conduct several proof-of-concepts and are now ready to launch pilot services during 2012.

It is notable that some of these services – many of whom have had successful proof of concepts (including Sasken’s VyapaarSEWATM) are to be launched at a National Level Function on the eve of the International Women’s Day. More power to the rural Indian women – thanks to the mobile phone!

– Setlur Raghavan Raja
The author is a co-founder at Mobile Monday Bangalore – A registered not for profit organization. Views are personal.




Eagle, N., Macy, M., and Claxton, R. (May 2010). Network Diversity and Economic Development, Science, 328, 1029-1031.

Rameshkumar Ramanujam and Sridhar, V. (2012). VyapaarSEWATM – A Business Service Platform for Improving the Livelihood of Rural Women Self-Help Groups. In Proceedings of the Sixth annual workshop on Wireless Systems: Advanced Research and Development – WISARD 2012. Bangalore, India, Jan 3-4, 2012 (978-1-4673-0298-2/12@2012 IEEE).

Sridhar, V., Setlur, R., Gaikwad, S., Vaadhol, S. (2010). A Study on the Provisioning of Group-Based Rural Mobile Services. Funded by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) IDEA Telecom Centre of Excellence, India. Available at:

Windows Phone – I Unlock Joy Program for Developers

Windows Phone – I Unlock Joy Program for Developers: A Chance to win Windows Phones

We just want to bring the following info to your notice.

‘I Unlock Joy’ program is your chance to become users’ favorite and get a brand new Windows Phone. The much talked about new Metro UI design inspires you to create breathtaking apps and makes them easier to discover and use.


Do you know, you can win a windows phone by

  • Building any 3 windows phone apps
  • Porting any of your existing two apps to windows phone
  • Building one windows phone app on select themes (This is exclusive to women developers and limited to first 100).

Please click here  http://bit.ly/momobiuj for more details!

Last date is 31st March 2012

With Regards


MoMo Bangalore – Jan. 8th – BootCamp 4Startups

4Startups is an initiative of

BootCamp-4Startups: What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?

In 1997, Professor Sarasvathy started out on a research journey to understand how great entrepreneurs think.  If you want to learn about some of the findings from her research and also see how these findings relate in practical terms to the experiences of successful entrepreneurs in Bangalore, consider attending the Bootcamp-4Startups on Jan 8, 2012.

Do you know, most often entrepreneurs start very small with the means that are closest at hand, and move almost directly into action without elaborate planning? Plans are made and unmade and revised and recast through action and interaction with others on a daily basis. If there is no elaborate business plan what keeps the team together.

While managers are taught to analyze the market and choose target segments with the highest potential return, entrepreneurs tend to find ways to reach the market with minimum expenditure of resources such as time, effort and money.

It is time unlearn and learn about new paradigm of Entrepreneurship.

If you are thinking about starting your own venture or started, BootCamp-4Startups is the right place to address many of your questions, doubts and myths.

Event Details:

Venue: Auditorium, IIMB

Date: Sunday, 8th Jan 2012

Fee: It is free to attend,  Registration and Survey is MUST!

Please click here to REGISTER. Please click here for the survey.

With Regards & Thanks

#4Startups Team

Schedule as follows:

Time Agenda
09.00 AM – 10:00 AM Registrations & Networking
10.00 AM – 11.30 AM So you want to be an Entrepreneur?
Prof. Saras.D.Sarasvathy
11.30 AM  – 11.45 AM Tea Break
11.45 AM  – 01:00 PM What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?
01:00PM  – 02.00 PM Networking Lunch
02.00 PM – 03.15 PM Funding and Growth
03.15 PM – 03.30 PM Tea Break
03.30 PM – 05.00 PM Get-Set-Go!

Workshop Session in Groups

MoMo Bangalore – Nov. 18/19 – DroidCon

Droidcon is India’s first international Android conference and is part of the world’s largest series of Android conferences, with other editions in London, Bucharest (Romania), Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. Droidcon India is a response to the booming market for Android, which has seen sales increase by 888.88% in 2010, and reach nearly 50% market share worldwide.

Organized by developers for developers, the multi-track two day event will provide a rich variety of content for delegates by attracting the best speakers in the Android community. HasGeek expects the participation of over 300 delegates, including developers and people with strong interests in the Android ecosystem, both from India and beyond.

The content of Droidcon sessions is ranked by community voting of submissions made via HasGeek’s portal and selected by a program committee with representation from the local community and the international Droidcon events. The sessions are presented in an informal environment that gives everyone a chance to be heard. The theme for the conference covers a range of topics that include building well designed apps, dealing with device diversity, performance optimization, NFC, Arduino, and usage in the Enterprise.

Droidcon India is organised by HasGeek* in association with Mobile Seasons GmbH**. The event targets the growing android development community and is being organised in close co-operation with the Bangalore Android Group***.  Droidcon India will take place at the MLR Convention Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore. This is a brand new convention centre with top notch facilities including an 800+ seat auditorium and an overall venue capacity of over 1000.

*HasGeek: HasGeek is India’s first and only professional, community-focused technology event organizer that aims to create high quality, focused discussion spaces around technology that are new today and will be mainstream tomorrow.

**Mobile Seasons GmBH: Mobile Seasons GmBH started in 2009 as a team of individuals to organize the Android conference and barcamp DROIDCON. In 2011, the process has been formalized and the company Mobile Seasons has been founded.

***Bangalore Android Group: India’s largest android development community and one of the largest Android user groups in the world.

**** MoMoB is a partner of Droidcon India & <a href=”http://twitter.com/mtrajan”>M. ThiyagaRajan</a> MoMoB Cofounder is part of the program committe team at Droidcon India

MoMo Bangalore – Women & Innovation for Mobile

The power of mobile as a potentially life changing tool is evident in India today. In many instances, access to health services, banking, job opportunities and educational tools have been made possible for the first time. With more than 300 million women mobile phone users, we want to ensure the availability of value added services at scale which enhance women’s lives and enable a better future.

The Vodafone Foundation in association with the Digital Empowerment Foundation introduces the Women & Innovation for Mobile (WIN) Award. The ‘Win’ Awards seeks to identify innovative mobile solutions which meet the diverse needs of women under the following categories:

  • Education
  • Healthcare & Family
  • Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

The three winning solutions will qualify for a funding grant of 44,00,000 INR to further develop and scale their mobile innovation to serve and benefit a larger female user community.

Closing date for applications: October 25, 2011
For further information and to access our on line application form, please go to:

Click here to download “WIN awards 2011” nomination form. Please send filled up nomination form to winawards2011@gmail.com.

Contact: Chitra Chauhan, E-mail: chitra@defindia.net

Tel: 011-26532786, Fax: 011-26532787.

MoMo Bangalore – Aug. 27th – Appnomy

Why can’t Angry Indians produce the next version of Angry Birds? Why is it that even though Indians are among the top consumers of apps, we are not yet a big producer of apps.

Look at a typical app developer’s mindset –  app development ends with submitting the app to the app stores. UI/UX is typically the last thing to be taken care of. Similarly, there hardly is any stress on marketing/sales, and most of the times, its ‘spray and pray’ approach towards app development.

And this has to change.

App developers need to really look at app development as any other product business and that’s the notion we’d like to bring on with Appnomy Conference, which is scheduled for August 27th, Bangalore.

Supported by MOMOB, the 1-day event will bring mobile/telecom entrepreneurs, OEMs, operators, entrepreneurs in the app ecosystem, investors and geeks interested in new apps.
Appnomy Conference: Details

Date: August 27th, 2011

Venue: The Oxford PG & UG College, HSR LAYOUT CAMPUS, No.32, 19th Main, 17th ‘B’ Cross, Sector IV, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560 102 [map link]

The event agenda includes

a. Insights from an ex-Apple designer on User Experience in Apps.
b. Rohit Singal:  The Sourcebits Story (From Radiologist To Starting An App Business).
c. Onze Journey: How The Team Pivoted And Build A SMS Based LBS business.
d. Demo of Apps (If you are an app developer, you should submit your app for the demo slot. The deadline is August 22nd. 10 selected app developers will get to demo their app at the conference, which will be attended by early adopters – i.e. geeks/entrepreneurs, VCs and media).
e. AppTalk: Panel Discussion on “One app Business VS. Business of Apps’.

f. And much more..(detailed agenda will be announced by August 22nd).

About Appnomy/MoMoB Partnership

“India is one of the biggest consumers of mobile apps across the globe – the “irony” however being that we are not yet seen as big a producer of apps. Even if Indian developers produce apps, their apps are not marketed well to give them the right kind of exposure. A definite opportunity space is waiting to be unleashed.
Appnomy (in partnership with MoMo Bangalore, reaching a wider momo community) strives to change this by building a visibility platform that brings together app developers, operators, app stores, early adopters and in the process, create a healthy ecosystem for app developers to build app business from India”
In short, if you are interested in building an app business (and not merely building apps), you cannot

afford to miss the Appnomy Conference.

To block your seat (normally costs Rs. 500/), click here (http://www.appnomy.com/appnomy-conference-tickets)and use the Discount coupon “MOMOB” (without quotes) to avail 50% discount (this coupon is valid only till August 21st).

Look forward to meeting you at at the Appnomy Conference. Expect some serious talks regarding the business of apps.

Team Appnomy.com, a Pluggd.in Initiative.

MoMo Bangalore – Aug 20th – mig33 Developer Program!

mig33mig33 Developer Program
MoMo Bangalore invites you for launch of mig33 Developer Program in India at Sasken Auditorium. This means great things for mobile game developers! So join us as we unlock virtual power with you, as we show you how to connect and monetize your social games and apps with mig33, one of the world’s largest mobile-first communities and a mobile audience of more than 50 million committed users on its platform. Join us to learn more!

Date & Time:
Saturday, 20th Aug 2011 from 10:30AM to 02:00PM

Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd
139/25, Ring Road, Domlur
Bengaluru 560 071, India
Tel: + 91 80 3989 1122

10:30AM to 10:50AM - Registration & Tea
10:50AM to 11:00AM - MOMOB Announcements
11:00AM to 01:00PM - Mig33 Developer Platform By Chris Chandler
01:00PM to 02:00 PM - Lunch

It is free!  Registration is must!  Limited Seats! Register Here

Chris Chandler VP, Business Development, mig33
Chris spearheads mig33’s expansion across mobile-first markets worldwide, including India, South Africa and Indonesia. He is responsible for growing mig33′s customer base and further aligns mig33 with industry partners.  He joined mig33 from Microsoft Corporation’s Consumer & Online Division. His tryst with mobility started with Mikoshi (Asia-Pacific) PTE LTD

Chandler brings a decade of experience in developing, marketing and distributing consumer services and content for both web and mobile platforms. Chris also heads the MoMo Singapore Chapter and is deeply involved with the mobile community across the globe

mig33 is the world’s largest mobile-first social entertainment service, connecting over 50 million registered members around the world with chat and entertainment every day, and hosting a fast-growing virtual economy. Launched in late 2005, mig33 is backed by Silicon Valley venture firms Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and DCM, GREE, Inc. and many others, visit www.mig33.com

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