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MoMo Jakarta – Nov. 25th – Telco in Startup Incubation Space

Dear Friends of MobileMonday,

Telco has evolved a lot from providing voice and SMS services a few years ago. Now they are Internet service providers, content providers, media stores, app stores… and startup incubators/venture capitalists.


Yes, join us at upcoming MobileMonday Networking Event “Telco in Startup Incubation Space”

Telcos are powerful business entities in Indonesia (and everywhere), with nationwide reach, deep pocket for marketing, billions of infrastructure – they are wonderful allies for startups. They question is how to work with them?

We will have Telkomsel, XL and Indosat presenting their views and activities in the startup incubation space. How a startup can leverage Telco’s resources and some example of successful collaborations.

- Tauseef Riaz (Chief Digital Advisor, Indosat)
- Arkav Juliandri (General Manager Cloud/M2M, XL Axiata)
- Telkomsel (tbc)

Event Details
Date: Monday, 25th November 2013
Time: 18.00 – finish (18.30 Presentation starts)
Venue: Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall @ GF, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Special thanks to BlackBerry and Qualcomm for sponsoring MobileMonday Indonesia.

See you there!

MobileMonday Indonesia

MoMo Jakarta – Sept. 23rd – BBM Multiplatform

Wondering what will the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Multiplatform bring to the table? It is one of the most anticipated announcements in the mobile sector. We are trying to shed some light on what it is and how this popular messaging/social platform will evolve. There are a few articles at crackberry and unofficial videos in youtube highlighting this functionality. The App itself is said to be “under review” by the application stores. Definitely one milestone for BlackBerry.

You are cordially invited to join our networking event which will take place on:

Monday, 23 September 2013
18.00 WIB – finish
At Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Joining us at event are Ardo Fadhola (Sr. Country Product Manager, BlackBerry Indonesia), Agus Hamonangan (id-android), and more cross-platform communities!

Ardo will present the BBM Multiplatform story and…

In the spirit of community meet up and cross-platform collaboration, all of them will sit in a talk show to discuss and share their views and expectations.

Please go to here for registration http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/register-event

Come and meet with your peers, to network with the influencers of Indonesian mobile industry!

See you there,
ID MoMo Team

PS. Special thanks to BlackBerry for 2013 annual sponsorship. And we’re proud to announce Qualcomm as 2013/2014 annual sponsor!

MoMo Jakarta – May 20th – Mobile Healthcare in Indonesia

Healthcare is definitely everyone’s concern. It is a big topic, and also a big portion of spending both in government, private sector, and in personal life. There’s so much happening in Indonesian healthcare…

Indonesia’s healthcare expenditure is predicted to reach US$60.6 billion in 2018 with a growth of 14.9 percent over the 2012-2018 period on account of faster growth in age groups above 35 years, urbanization and an increase of lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, says research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan (Quoted from Jakarta Post).

There is also a survey from Edelman in collaboration with UGM in 2013 which found out that today’s healthcare professionals (HCPs) are turning to the Internet to empower patients with information while also using the Internet to strengthen their professional network.

And another hot topic for Indonesia is the implementation of Universal Health Coverage – Jamkesmas, starting from Jan 1, 2014!

As MobileMonday, we naturally ask, is there any opportunities for mobile in the healthcare ecosystem?

Some of our MoMo friends in Hamburg, Athens, Boston, Detroit, Dublin, and many others have posted the similar questions. And now it’s Jakarta’s time – let’s discuss.

Joining us in the event – representing different views from the industry are:

  • Josep William Widjaja (Co-Founder Dokita), “Dokita – Bringing Indonesia’s healthcare services into the next level”
  • Iwan Hasan (Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF Indonesia), “Role of Mobile in Health Improvement Program – Real Case from Eastern Indonesia”
  • A special guest, dr. Rahmanofaotorhinolaryngologist, “how doctor use mobile & technology” – talkshow
  • BlackBerry Indonesia Team, “BB Apps for Healthcare”

Event details:

  • Day/date: Monday, 20 May 2013
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Place: Amigos (Bellagio Mall), Kawasan Mega Kuningan

For registration please go to this link: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/register-event

See you there!

MoMo Jakarta – April 22nd – Mobile Money Services in Indonesia

Indonesia as a country has a competitive and stable financial system, however majority of the people still have little or no access at all to banking services. Recent World Bank data shows that only 20% of people above 15-year-old have access to banking services, this is behind our ASEAN neighbours. Every one believes that mobile, Indonesia being a country with a very high mobile penetration, could address this gap… offering mobile money services for the unbanked and the underserved segments.

There are a couple of recently launched mobile money services in Indonesia, so on this MobileMonday networking Event we are going to hear them explaining their point of view and understanding the potential. The speakers are:

  • Alexander Hansen (Mobile & Internet Channel Development, CIMB Niaga), “New Phase of Mobile Banking and Impact to the Unbanked in Indonesia”
  • Ben Gillenwater (Product Manager BBM Money, BlackBerry), “BBM Money & Mobile Money in Indonesia”
  • Izak Jenie (m-Saku)
  • BCA (TBC)
  • AXIS (TBC)

Join us at the event:

  • Date: Monday, 22 April 2013
  • Time: 18.00 onwards (18.30 presentation starts)
  • Venue: Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Registration can be found here: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/register-for-the-event

Special thanks for BlackBerry for their annual 2013 platinum sponsorship for MobileMonday Indonesia!

MoMo Jakarta – March 25th – BB10 Show Case

Hey Folks,

You’re invited to a Special MobileMonday Night for “BB10 Show Case – What Can’t BB10 Do?

Following up the recent BB10 launch in Indonesia, definitely we want to understand what’s in this much anticipated platform. This new platform brings a lot of multimedia features, new Hub/Flow experience, while retaining a lot of BB much loved services.

The question are what is the impact of this launch for developers, consumers, operators, and local business? What are the new opportunities that they can tap into? How to maximize this platform and BB support/ecosystem to build a better experience for us, consumers?

We’ll hear from the BlackBerry Indonesia team… and of course see and touch the new devices! Meet up with fellow developers who already have BB10 Apps. Network and have fun! And did I mention door prizes?

Speaking on this event are the friends from BlackBerry Indonesia team:

  • Ardo Fadhola (Sr. Country Product Manager) – “The BB10 Experience – Demo
  • Iip Muftach (Sr. Business Development Manager) – “BB10 Partnerships and Applications
  • Muhammad “Didiet” Noor (BB Developer Relation) – “Building Blackberry 10 Applications

Event details:

  • Day/Date : Monday, 25 March 2013
  • Time : 18.00 – onwards (18.30 Presentation Start)
  • Venue : PRIVE, fx Sudirman, 8th Floor

Please note the venue of the event.

See you there!!

MoMo Jakarta – Jan. 28th – Mobile Tourism

Dear MoMo Friends,

Hope this message finds you well, safe and sound from all the recent flood in Jakarta.

Tourism industry is one of Indonesia’s economic pillar. We serve millions of domestic and international tourists (latest prediction is 11 million foreign tourists per year by 2015). Creating a good portion of contribution in our GDP – on average 6% of Indonesian GDP.

Mobile is definitely a good fit in tourism. Being location and context aware, we can imagine a service/apps that can direct tourists to the right spot and attractions – attractions that sometimes are missed. This will benefit not just big businesses, but also for micro business and SMB… will greatly enhance their discoverability. Tourists on the other hand we think are also longing for high quality information about Indonesia, both prior to their visit and during their visit.

We’ve seen a recent spike in tourism oriented services in Indonesia. I’m also curious though, whether our recent (year end?!) holiday experience can be enhanced by many of services and apps that mobile can offer.

Next Monday, come and join us with

  • Amie Laras, CEO of PT. Ulin Ulin Indonesia – Creating m-Tourism Through Micro/SMB Tourism Ecosystem
  • Iip Muftach, Senior Business Development Manager, RIM – The Power of Mobile Apps for Tourism
  • Amiranto Adi Wibowo, JSpotMobile – Mobile Augmented Reality Magazine for Indonesia Tourism – in cooperation with Kemparekraf & Qualcomm
  • Mikhael Gaery Undarsa, co-founder & MD of Tiket.com – Mobile Travel Overview & Outlook – Tiket.com Perspective

Venue details:

  • Date: Monday, 28 January 2013
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Venue: Amigos Resto, Bellagio Boutique Mall, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta (UPDATED!)

Special thanks for BlackBerry / Research in Motion for annual sponsorship for MobileMonday Indonesia.

MoMo Jakarta – Nov. 19th – 5th Anniversary Event

Hi Friends of MobileMonday! You are cordially invited to come and join us in MobileMonday 5th anniversary celebration. Yes, we’ve started the community since 2007, and its 2012 already!

Joining us are our special guests from MobileMonday Global community – Jari Tammisto (CEO MobileMonday Global), Mauro Montanaro (well-known exec in mobile/tech industry) and Alex Lambeek (CEO AORA TV). We will retrace the journey of mobile industry in Indonesia and will discuss its future…

and we’ll hear from two special presenters:

  • Calvin Kizana – THE serial entrepreneur in mobile industry and
  • Vincent Putera – winner of the recent BlackBerry JamHack Jakarta.

The event will be held on Monday, 19 November 2012 at 18:00 WIB. Event venue is at The Only One Club, fx Sudirman, 5th Floor, Jakarta.

Special thanks for Research in Motion, the maker for BlackBerry smartphones, for the current Platinum sponsorship in MobileMonday Indonesia. Please Register Here

MoMo Jakarta – Sept. 24 – Monetizing Your Startup in Mobile Era

The event will be held on Monday, 24 September 2012 at 18:00 WIB. Event venue is at Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta.

This event is co-hosted by Boost (boost-asia.com) and supported by XL, Biznet, and Gree. Special thanks to XL for co-hosting it … with special appearance from Bu Dian who will welcome us all in the event.

We will have a chance to hear about mobile startup scene in Indonesia from our colleagues from XL and Boost, and we will hear some of Boost startups in mobile space sharing their products / services and the story behind their venture. But most of all, we will have the opportunity to network with your peers and the industry experts.

Presenting in the event are:

  • Opening Speech by Dian Siswarini(Chief of Technology, Content & New Business Officer – XL)
  • “Monetizing Your Startup in Mobile Space” by Joedi Wisoeda(VP, Digital Services – XL)
  • Nadiem Makarim (CEO – GO-JEK)
  • Ben Elberger (GM Business Development – Kerjalokal.com)
  • Ryu Kawano(CEO – Veritrans)
  • Research in Motion

MobileMonday would also like to thanks Research in Motion the maker of BlackBerry for their annual platinum sponsorship – making this event possible.

MoMo Jakarta – 30 July – Mobile Gaming Landscape in Indonesia

Hi MobileMonday Friends:

We’ve been planning to do this topic for a looong time – which is the “Mobile Gaming” theme! Yeah, it’s consistently a top value added services and top downloaded applications. And moreover, did we mention FUN?! What else is more fun than games…

We have a couple of great speakers and friends (interesting mix) to share about the mobile gaming landscape in Indonesia. THey will provide a balanced view of what’s happening and where’s the real opportunity.

  • Wong Lok Dien / CEO, Altermyth – “Insights on Mobile Game Market in Indonesia”
  • Shieny Aprillia / Co-founder & COO, Agate Studio – “Mobile Games: Fun Media to Reach Customers in Any Business”
  • Felix Ramli / Founder & CEO, GameLevelOne, “The FUN Factor in Gaming”
  • Alvin Yap / CEO, TheMobileGamer, “The REAL Social Gaming Opportunity”
  • Troy Richardson / Integrated Marketing Manager, RIM, “3 Ways To Maximize Your Game”

This meet up will be a Buka Puasa event, presentation will start earlier so we could finish all presentation before the breakfasting time.

  • Day/date: Monday, 30 July 2012
  • Time: 15.30 WIB (16.00 presentation start)
  • Venue: Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

As usual, registration is first come first served: here’s the link: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/?p=762

MobileMonday in 2012 is proudly sponsored by Research In Motion, the inventor  of BlackBerry, our Annual Platinum sponsor.

See you there! Game on!

MoMo Jakarta – June 11th – Startup Pitching Night

It’s time for another MobileMonday event – yeah! (I know, it’s pretty close to the previous event, but we have eight good excuses)

As you might notice there’s the upcoming Startup Asia event in Jakarta, and as part of the supporting community we have the opportunity to grab some of the interesting startup to DO A PITCH TO ALL MobileMonday members next Monday. Of course thanks to the nice gentlemen from Tech in Asia that makes this possible – impressive work guys!

This upcoming event is proudly hosted and sponsored by Ideosource and IDS.

Now the eight good excuses… Join us and hear eight young founders describing their exciting products/services. We know that you will find an opportunity and chance to cooperate in some ways with one of them!

  • Burpple (Elisha)
  • LobangClub (Guyi)
  • Rival Edge (Aung)
  • Digital Frontier (Kenny)
  • ShopFair (Arianto Bigman, Project Director)
  • 2C2P (Andy Hidayat)
  • Paywhere (Damian Chow & Vincent Lau)
  • Munshi Labs (Ariff Munshi)

The first four are mobile oriented services and apps (the growth area), while the other four is (obviously as important as well) on payment, commerce, recruitment.

Event details:

  • Day/date : Monday, 11 June 2012
  • Time : 18.00 – onwards
  • Venue : IDS|International Design School (Epicentrum Walk Level 3, 
Kompleks Rasuna Epicentrum
, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, 

For registration, please visit the registration link at: www.mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

Special thanks for Research in Motion – the maker of BlackBerry smartphones – for their annual platinum sponsorship for MoMo Indonesia.


MobileMonday 11 June is hosted & sponsored by IDS & Ideosource
and in enabled by the hard work of Tech in Asia gentlemen


Need to know what are the exciting stuffs these startups bring? Click the more button below to get a glimpse.


Burpple (www.burpple.com)

Burpple is the Smart Social Food Journal. It is the easiest way to remember and share food moments past and present with your friends. It redefines the interactive experience of food and people using a mobile phone and aims to map the world’s social food graph. Burpple was founded in Silicon Valley and is now based in Singapore.

LobangClub (www.lobangclub.com)

A mobile app that allows the user to scan ANY barcode in the world, and it will tell you the cheapest price to buy that product AROUND you.  Mass market potential in the Asian region, already proven success in Singapore.

Rival Edge (rivaledge.sg)

Rival Edge Pte Ltd was founded in 2011 with a vision to become a leading digital media company with both strong content and technology IPs. Its flagship product CloudyRec (cloudyrec.com)provides a cloud backend platform for mobile apps and games. CloudyRec was selected to be launched in the first DEMO Asia conference in 2012 Feb. Leveraging on this powerful backend platform the team at Rival Edge is now going forward to produce content IPs in online gaming space.

Digital Frontier

Most mobile advertisement company such as US-based Foursquare or Singapore-based Show Near By empowers consumer to hunt retailers.  This mobile advertisement company empowers SMB merchants to hunt qualified customers.  Unlike the above, this solution uses multi communication vehicle approach such as SMS, MMS, HTTP and Apps; this means a wider audience and less constraint on mobile phone types. This  advertisement solution is personalized, multimedia and interactive.


ShopFair is the online shopping fair – where ecommerce players meets with shoppers. Fashion show, talk show and entertainment will fill this 2 days event. And people can learn to become an online sellers.

2C2P (www.2c2p.com)

The 2C2P Mobile Credit Card Terminal is an award-winning mobile application that allows business owners to charge and manage credit and debit card transactions securely from their Nokia S40 or S60 mobile phones, Blackberry, iPhone, or any Google Android or Microsoft Windows Mobile enabled mobile devices without the need for additional equipments. The application uses a standard Card Not Present message format, therefore eliminating the need for a cardholder signature. In July 2009, 2C2P’s Mobile Credit Card Terminal was declared Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 Nokia ‘Calling All Innovators’ Award.

Paywhere (www.paywhere.com)

PayWhere was founded in late 2009 to revolutionize online shopping. The company launched its flagship product, TackThis! in 2011. TackThis! is Asia’s first social e-­‐commerce platform empowering anyone to be an e-­‐seller on social networks. TackThis! allows sellers to embed estores into various platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, and WordPress. In 2012, PayWhere has tied up LiveJournal.sg with social commerce capabilities.

Munshi Labs (www.referoll.com)

Munshi Labs Pte. Ltd. is an early stage start-­‐up behind the online respondent recruitment application – Referoll.com. The company provides large and medium sized research organizations such as market research companies, clinical research firms, and academic institutions a solution to recruit and manage the respondents needed for their research projects. Munshi Labs aims to revolutionize the way in which respondent recruitment and management is done.

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