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MoMo Sydney – Nov. 4th – Pandora Music Genome Project

Pandora: putting the Music Genome Project directly in your hands.

Pandora Radio logoJoin us next week as we hear from Jane Huxley, Managing Director of Pandora Australia and New Zealand on how they’re bringing free streaming radio to  Australia and New Zealand that is uniquely customised to each listener. Jane will share how she’s leading the introduction and growth of personalised radio service  in the ANZ market, drawing from her 25 years of commercial experience including her previous role as  CEO and Publisher for the Digital Division (Metropolitan) of Fairfax Media.

AppHack : Sydney Winners night!

AppHack1AngelHack’s new mobile app competition, AppHACK, involving 30 cities around the world – including Sydney, took place place last 26 Oct. Focused on building mobile apps and teaching developers Android and iOS development, AppHack is the most recognized global 24hr hackathon with the chance to be accepted into AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program and a trip to San Francisco.

We will hear from Christopher of the HappyHou.se team, one of the winning teams and also the 1st AppHack Sydney winner, Ben and Michael from the Bowser team (Bowser is an app to find the nearest and cheapest petrol station based on real-time data.)

Monday 4th November 2013 – The City Hotel  in Sydney.

Doors open at 6:30pm for 7pm start – Registration Here

MoMo Sydney – Oct. 14th – Mobile Payment Platforms

Our next event is on Monday 14th October 2013 dedicated to Mobile Payments

PayPal – Mobile SDK Update
PRESENTER: Jimmie Lindstrom Senior Sales Engineer at PayPal

Jimmie will speak about the new PayPal mobile SDK that is available for both IOS and Android as an native rendered integration. This mobile SDK will let a merchant rapidly integrate with PayPal to obtain payments with both PayPal and Credit cards.

Senior Sales Engineer at PayPal that specializing in mobile integrations; with an extensive background as a Software Engineering Manager and with a proven record of over 12 years experience as a software engineer. Has been working with mobile integrations that involve everything from Australia’s and Europe’s largest companies to smaller start-ups.

Spent time in the beginning on 2000 building windows CE applications and working with SMS solutions in Sweden. After relocating to Australia around 10 years ago he has spent his main professional focus on mobile payment and IPTV solutions for both mobile devices and desktop.

OzForex – Foreign Exchange Services using Mobile
PRESENTER: Tino Ho, Head of Strategic Sales, Asia Pacific

Tino Ho is the Head of Strategic Sales, Asia Pacific for OzForex, a leading global provider of online and mobile international payment solutions. Tino’s role involves taking customers through concept, design and implementation to tailor international payment and partnership solutions. Tino has about 10 years experience in the international payments industry. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Marketing from Macquarie University and also holds qualifications in Financial Markets from the Australian Financial Markets Association and the Securities Institute.

City Hotel: Kent Street Living Room, Level 1
King Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Monday, October 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Please Register in Advance via Eventbrite

MoMo Sydney – Sept. 2nd – Focus on The App Economy

Despite there being over 900,000 apps in the Appstore and 700,000 in Google Play – suggesting the chances of individual success for the next flashlight app are rapidly diminishing – the global mobile app market is still growing incredibly strongly with Gartner predicting it set to triple from $24.5 billion in 2013 to $74 billion in 2016. The Financial Times estimates Apple alone has paid out over $10 billion to app developers since launching the Appstore (while also noting that the launch of iOS7 is set to “shake up” that economy).

In this special Mobile Monday Sydney AppEconomy event, we’ll be focusing on the growth potential of the global mobile app market – showcasing a couple of startups who are tackling the challenge of how to make apps successful in completely different ways.


Nic Wright, co-founder of AppInstruct, will argue that the proliferation of cloud based mobile support services mean that minimum viable products remain within reach of the most bootstrapped founder – enabling market validation and fundraising.

Nic will talk about what motivated him to develop a Course teaching people how to create an app, the start-up lessons he’s learned along the way and why you’ll want to send the next person who pitches an app idea to you, in their direction!

Patrick Visser, co-founder of The AppVillage – an app incubator and publisher for crowd sourced ideas – will also share their start-up story so far, from original idea to now and learnings on the way, and how their “3.8 apps” currently in the Appstore are doing and their plans for tackling the Android market next.

If time and audience permits, we’ll get together a solid panel for Q&A too.

Bring a Friend !

Promises to be a fascinating night of insights as well as a great way to meet people in the industry – so bring someone who you think would benefit, or just come along and debate whether $78 billion is still ‘just a flash in the pan’.

Speaker Bios

Nic Wright – Prior to building his own business, Nic worked for over ten years as a corporate and debt lawyer, in London, the Caribbean and Sydney, advising on many headline-making deals, including Westpac’s merger with St George Bank (Australia’s largest M&A transaction) in 2008.

Patrick Visser – a Senior digital creative with 12 years agency and publisher experience in web and mobile (Fairfax, nineMSN, Clemenger, TribalDDB, Pfizer, etc.). Over the span of his career Patrick has worked as designer, art director, creative director, strategist and consultant. He is a self proclaimed generalist, equally fascinated by creating engaging user experience and the technology driving it. Excited by the mobile space and the fast expanding and game changing opportunities he teamed up with serial entrepreneur Steve Fanale to create the AppVillage, an app incubator and publisher for crowd sourced ideas.

Join us at The City Hotel (Corner of King & Kent Streets in Sydney.
Doors open at 6:30pm for 7pm start. Register via Eventbrite.

Mobile Awards 2013PLUS Free Drinks !

Sponsored by the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards. Visit the awards site to check out the entries, vote for your favourites, and submit your own app for consideration. Note: deadline for entries has been extended to Sunday September 1st.

MoMo Sydney – Aug. 5th – Mobile Video & Ooga Baby

Monday 5th August 2013

Mobile Video: Incoming and Photos: Ooga Baby

Incoming Media is a spinout from NICTA (office in Sydney and Santa Clara) which providing content providers an understanding of the entire mobile video experience from the content they watch, the context in which they watch it, their behavior when watching, and the networks they travel through. Content providers can drive their mobile video business and create highly engaging personalized video experiences that leads to longer engagement, satisfied users, and reduced strain on carrier networks. Incoming uses data science and on-device embedded machine learning to learn what users’ video interests are and create predictive models of user’ content interests, context, behavior, and network usage. Incoming allows content providers to provide great mobile video experiences, increase user engagement and retention – all at zero mobile data cost to the user, where the video can be watched anytime, anywhere, on any device, that always starts instantly, never buffers or stalls, and is of HD quality.

David McKeague – Co-founder of Incoming a spinout from NICTA. David’s passion is the creation of mobile ventures. As well as Incoming during his commercialisation role at NICTA has included the incubation of Nitero – gigabit WIFI 802.11ad fabless semi, wireless thunderbolt. David’s interest is in technology startups – solving big problems with defendable technology and transitioning technology out from the research lab into funded startups. David has also managed business development teams from startup thru to $100m per annum.

oogababy – “The Instagram for parents” to capture and share precious baby memories

Gunnar from oogababy (iTunes App Store Link) in will present on oogababy’s back story, lessons learned so far, and future prospects:

Gunnar is passionate about making useful services with online value. He came up with the idea for oogababy while waiting impatiently for his first child. Gunnar has extensive experience in software development, project management and management consulting. At oogababy, Gunnar manages the daily operations and product development. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA in Management of Technology.

Monday, August 5, 2013 at 6:30 PM
City Hotel – Kent Street Living Room, Level 1
King Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 AU
Please Register via Eventbrite Here.

MoMo Sydney – July 1st – Regarding Responsive Design

Responsive design: is it shifting the focus away from mobile app development?

With companies and enterprises rushing to “mobilise” their web sites, is responsive design the best approach to get content on 2nd and 3rd screens?  Is this merely a tick-box exercise just to have mobile presence? Or is there still an argument to go into full development of native apps?

Kicking off the evening will be Ben Beath from Loud & Clear, all the way from Melbourne,  who will discuss the responsive design movement and present case studies on their works with AFL, Telstra Digital, etc.

Following that, join our esteemed panelists, together with Ben, as they share their experience in the area of mobile design and development:

  • Chris Paton from Vivant, the team behind Kaching and CommBank’s Property Guide iPhone app;
  • Mike Boyd from Alpha Salmon, the group that gave us TAB’s mobile betting app;
  • Geoff Sykes from Shodogg, leading the charge in connecting mobile devices with web-enabled screens

Monday 01 July 2013 @ The City Hotel (Corner of King & Kent Streets in Sydney)

Doors open at 6:30pm for 7pm start. Register via Eventbrite.

See you all there on the 1st day of the new FY!

MoMo Sydney – June 3rd – It’s Founders Night!

Tim Parsons & Shane Williamson are both presenting, so join us for your favorite beverage and some interactive sessions on the mobile ecosystem & online video.

Update on the Mobile Ecosystem:
Shane will be presenting an update on the mobile ecosystem with some stats & facts. As well as a discussion on some of the interesting trends that are impacting the mobile ecosystem globally & here in Australia.

The Future of Video:
Tim Parsons will present a showcase of Mi9/ninemsn’s Jump-in Companion App for tablet and mobile, with a specific focus on the new and groundbreaking 2014 State-of-Origin experience.

:: Doors open at 6.30pm for 7pm start
:: Kent Street Living Room, Level 1, The City Hotel
:: Register via Eventbrite

Mobile Monday Sydney is held on the first Monday evening from February to December as a networking event for the Sydney mobile industry.

MoMo Sydney – May 6th – Presentations by Twitter & Mi9


New Twitter features promising to change how we look at tweets, PLUS actionable research and killer insights for smart mobile devices from

Twitter Mi9 // imagination + intelligence
Mike Brown (@TwitterAU)
International Growth Team
Roxanne Hoad
Marketing Director
Mi9 / ninemsn

San Franscisco native Mike Brown joins us to talk about Twitter’s latest innovation Twitter Cards. We’ll also have a rich Q&A about Twitter’s plans and the latest global insights from the social media giant.

From closer to home, Roxanne has the latest trend analysis on social, mobile, and digital behaviours, and some cool predictions for how all things digital will evolve in Australia over the next few years…

Come along with all your questions ready to go for Mike and Roxanne. Promises to be a fun, inspiring night !

:: Doors open at 6.30pm for 7pm start – Register Here
:: Kent Street Living Room, Level 1, The City Hotel (

:: Entry on King Street near Kent Street intersection

Mobile Monday Sydney is held on the first monday evening from February to December as a networking event for the Sydney mobile industry. Mobile Monday Sydney is organised by Oliver Weidlich, Gia Villondo and Tim Parsons.

MoMo Sydney – April 8th – Clipp Bar + BlackBerry

Mobile Monday Sydney
Mobile Monday April 8th – Full Details and Registration Here!

Clipp Mobile Bar Tabs
Clipp is a new mobile service, designed locally, to make creating a bar tab easier for both the customer and the business. Greg and Craig will talk us through the project from ideation to upcoming launch.

Greg founded eCoffeeCard, a loyalty card app in 2011 and is being used in 1,600 cafes across Australia, NZ and the UK. His current project that launches next week is Clipp, enabling uses to open, view, share and pay their bar tab or restaurant bill from their smart phone. Clipp has integrated with 5 of the leading POS companies around Australia with a customer base of over 5,500 venues that Clipp can be rolled into.

Craig has been developing software for 11 years, the last 4 years focussed on apps. He’s worked with various businesses from startups like eCoffeeCard to media giants like NineMSN. He’s passionate about design + UX, he loves to draw and has contributed a set to NeonMob, a Californian based digital trading card startup. You can usually find him hovering around his local hipster coffee shop, Marlowe’s Way.

BlackBerry 10 OS Innovations
BlackBerry will be coming to speak about the latest UI innovations in BlackBerry 10, including Balance, Hub and Peek.

Adam has been working in technology since 2000. He has worked with many inspirational organisations including Sony where he worked in product innovation across APAC. Adam currently works as the Head of Alliances & Strategic Business for BlackBerry where he is focused on bringing local, unique experiences to BlackBerry 10. Additionally, Adam has worked as a mentor to many start-ups and developer agencies as the skills and ideas continue to flourish across Australia and New Zealand.

MoMo Sydney – Feb. 4th – FLASHMOB.. Your MoMo Story!

Mobile Monday Sydney

Let’s kick off 2013 with YOUR MOMO STORY

Smartphones are EVERYWHERE. Your MUM has an iPad. Commuters are 90% users. You’re reading this on touch device right! Ok now that Mobility is ubiquitous, what’s the mobile industry doing with it?

Actually, we’ll kick off first…

Mobile Monday Co-Founder Tim Parsons will kick off in PECHA KUCHA-style with his presentation of MOBILITY CULTURE – 20 slides, each in 20 seconds.

…then its your turn. Your 5 minutes starts now!

The mic is yours. Just launched a new app into the Village !? Did you go to CES 2013? What do you think about new platforms – like BB10? Got a cool marketing case-study to show off ? Debate the fastest growing social networks (yes, we’re looking at you MoMo presenters Mig33 in 7th place!)

We’re talking.. What’s up?!?

  • work, relationships, personal time, security, family life
  • html5 multi-platform touch libraries
  • interfaces baby interfaces
  • books, music, TV & movies
  • there’s an app for that !
  • marketing
  • payments
  • government
  • movie / plane / concert / train tickets…


Smart devices everywhere

Come along and SHARE!

E-mail Tim if you’re in. Don’t be shy. We’re all about making the future happen here!

:: Doors open at 6.30pm for 7pm start – Please Register Here
:: Kent Street Living Room, Level 1, The City Hotel (www.cityhotel.com.au)

Mobile Monday Sydney is held on the first monday evening from February to December as a networking event for the Sydney mobile industry. Mobile Monday Sydney is organised by Oliver Weidlich, Gia Villondo and Tim Parsons.

Mobile Monday Sydney is a non for profit industry organisation. For more info visit http://mobilemondaysydney.com.au

E-mail us to get in touch with project presentation requests, sponsorship offers and speaking engagements: info@mobilemondaysydney.com

MoMo Sydney – Nov. 5th – Meet Nina by Nuance

First there was Siri, now meet Nina….
Nina knows you. She knows your voice. She also understands what you want based on your natural phrasing of your request. Nina streamlines logging in, finding features in the app, asking questions and performing transactions using the power of talk, type and tap—making mobile interactions easier, more productive and enjoyable.

From the group behind the Siri technology, Nuance’s APAC Director for Mobile Care, Adam Spence, will provide us an overview and demo of Nina, where Nina is at globally and which verticals are introducing Nina to their customers.

From “Me” to “We” – how mobile is changing photography globally
Mobile photography is the fastest growing form of photography in the world.  Recently, Instagram was measured to have more daily active users than Twitter.

Mobile Photo Group’s Oliver Lang, a specialist in mobile photography techniques and applications, will be discussing how real time visual information is being used around the world, and what role mobile apps are playing in the future of mobile visual communication.

Oliver has been invited to teach at the Australian Centre for Photography, Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art. He writes for http://connect.dpreview.com/ and has led photo walks for Earth Hour International and also the City of Sydney.

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