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MoMo Chicago – Oct. 28th – Google Android Birthday Party

The first Android-powered phone was sold in October 2008.

Android is open source and Google releases the code under the Apache License. This open-source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers. Additionally, Android has a large community of developers writing applications (“apps”) that extend the functionality of devices, written primarily in a customized version of the Java programming language.

The HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1 in the United States and parts of Europe, and as the Era G1 in Poland and other countries) is an Android smartphone developed by theTaiwanese manufacturer HTC. Released in October 2008, the Dream was the first commercially released device to use the Linux-based Android operating system, which was purchased and further developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance to create an open competitor to other major smartphone platforms of the time, such as Symbian, BlackBerry, and the iPhone.

The Dream was released to mixed, but mostly positive reception; while praised for its solid and robust hardware design, the introduction of the Android operating system was met with criticism for its lack of certain functionality and third-party software in comparison to more established platforms, but still considered it to be innovative due to its open nature, notifications system, and heavy integration with Google’s services. [Source: Wikipedia]

Space is limited, please Register Here only if you plan on attending. **Security details below.


Joe Born, Sonr Labs, Inc

Joe Born is a long time consumer electronics inventor, having brought over $300M worth of consumer electronics products to retail from the SkipDr to a host of open source hardware projects under the Neuros Brand. For the last two years, he’s been focused on bringing a line of Android peripherals to market, focusing on the alarm dock and speaker dock categories and developing their own “made for Android” program along the way.

Hale Devices is a Chicago-based start-up that aims to shake up Android accessories.  Hale has a tight focus on consumers and real-world problems.  We make products that simply make smartphones better.  We’ve been in the market for over a year with an Android dock and just launched an advanced android alarm dock in October.

Dave Turner, Waitbot

Dave Turner is a co-founder and current CEO of Waitbot. Prior to founding Waitbot, Dave spent eight years developing big data products for the financial industry and consulting for social enterprises. Part coder part businessman by trade, Dave is a social entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to solve big problems. Dave has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering as well as an MBA and Master in Public Policy. Fun fact: Dave is also a stand up comedian and has opened for Dave Chapelle!

Waitbot is a city guide designed to save you time. To this end, we provide wait time estimates for painful lines like popular restaurants, emergency rooms, public transit and airport security using a variety of cutting edge estimation techniques. In September 2013 we launched our Android & iOS mobile apps for Chicago, and plan to expand to New York, San Fransisco and London by years end. Ultimately, we believe Waitbot can become the go-to city guide for busy people. Think Waze for lines.

Martin O’ShieldWindyCitySDR

Martin will demonstrate Software Defined Radio on Android Devices

On September 11, 2013  WindyCitySDR commenced manufacturing Wideband Software Defined Radio MIMO devices within the Chicagoland area. Martin has been demonstrating a Prototype Software Defined Radio Device that covers all the Industries Motorola once dominated.

**At this meetup hosted by Morningstar we will need to provide building security with a list of the names of everyone attending. When registering please use your full name. You may be asked to present ID by building security when entering the building.

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