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Mobile Monday Arrives in Porto Alegre!

It reserves agenda for Monday, 21 of November of 2011, 19h30, when the first meeting of the MobileMonday Porto Alegre happens at Barbarella Bakery, Street Dinarte Ribeiro, 56, Mills of Wind.

It enters the guests for the chat, Martin general managing Restrepo and co-founder of the MobileMonday São Paulo (MoMoSP) and director of educational technology of the Editacuja are confirmed Publishing company, and Michel Lent strategical vice-president of the Pontomobi/RBS Group.


The event has as Porto Alegre subject and the Mobile Market; the plurality of this environment and as it is the performance and contribution for the growth of this market.

A little of the founders of the MoMoPoA: Samantha Oak CEO of the Queen Mob, Altino Advising Pavan Partner of the Group Watermelon (Purebros Brazil, Purebros Italy, BeWireless) and Endeavour Group, Rodrigo Schmidt Partner of the Agency wcomm, and Alexander Silveira (Coordinating of the Mobile area of Group RBS).

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