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MoMo Ann Arbor – Dec. 2nd – Smart Embedded Device Interfaces

Join us Monday, Dec 2, for another Mobile Monday Ann Arbor!

Laurentiu Cucos will discuss a framework and platform that he is developing to create and use interfaces to smart embedded devices (wearable, etc) using mobile phones.

The focus will be on:
a). traditional mobile apps (android)
b). smart embedded devices apps (a different type of mobile)

With references to microcontrollers, resource management, signal processing, analytics, cloud computing, as well as Bluetooth.

As a use case, he will present a small sensor he is developing to track tennis ball hits.

• Networking starts at 6:30pm
• Presentation and intros starts at 6:45-7:00pm.

Presenter Bios
Laurentiu Cucos is a Technical Consultant for Covisint – a Compuware company. He has over 14 years in software development, architecture, R&D and consulting, as well as a PhD in Computer Science in parallel processing. He has worked in a wide range of areas, including Performance Analysis, Lock Free Programming, Network Traffic Analysis, Linux Kernel Modules, Cloud Computing, BigData, Recommendation Engines, and others.

MoMo Ann Arbor – Nov. 4th – Mobile Commerce Consumer Trends

Mike Vichich will share his perspective on Mobile Commerce Consumer Trends, focusing on:

• Friction
• Consumer value props
• Merchant costs
• Merchant value
• Transparency of data

Mike is the CEO and Cofounder of Wisely. Wisely is a search engine for the physical world, powered by payment transaction data. Think: quantified Yelp. Wisely’s based in Ann Arbor, MI. Prior to starting Wisely, Mike created Develop Detroit, an iPhone app development bootcamp and was a Strategy Consultant at Accenture.

Monday, November 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Ann Arbor SPARK
330 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI

MoMo Ann Arbor – Oct. 7th – Mobile Monitoring Platforms

Join us in October to learn about Mobile Monitoring Platforms. Allen Schuerholz from Compuware will give us an overview of how these systems work, focusing on Compuware’s Platform and comparing it to some of the other platforms in this space.

Full Presentation Description
I will discuss and demonstrate the CompuwareUEM Mobile ADK for the iOS platform. I will compare and contrast its capabilities against other mobile monitoring platforms (Google Analytics, Flurry, Crashalytics, etc.) I will demonstrate how to obtain the ADK and use it to instrument an iOS application. I will show the data reporting capabilities using both the free portal and the paid client tool.

Presenter’s Bio – Allen Scherholz
I am a graduate of the University of Michigan, receiving both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering, with a concentration in Information Science. I’ve been in the software development business for 30+ years, with the last 18 years at Compuware Corp. working in the Application Performance Monitoring business unit. I was one of the original architects and managers of the ClientVantage product, measuring Windows based application performance from the client perspective. For the past four years I’ve been an architect and developer of mobile application performance monitoring solutions for web and native mobile applications.

MoMo Ann Arbor – Sept. 4th – Xamarin: Native AND Cross-Platform?

Is Xamarin the best of both worlds? Native AND cross-platform at the same time?

Come and learn about the latest Xamarin features and how to create iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Phone apps in C#. Reuse code, and leverage existing .NET libraries and frameworks, while applying the same C# skillset everywhere to create truly native apps across mobile platforms. This session looks at why you’ll love using Xamarin’s popular mobile development tools to create native applications to increase productivity, while creating a first class native user experience across the most popular mobile platforms.

Featured App: Menuvative – Menuvative® is two part application that delivers an interactive, tablet-based platform for restaurant menus. The first part of the platform is a cloud-based, subscription licensed CMS that allows restaurants to create and manage rich content menus. The items stored in the account can include photos, detailed dish descriptions, allergy and nutritional information, beverage pairings, and numerical values for the primary pairing components in food or wine items so that wine pairings can be automatically generated by Pairing Pro®, a patented algorithm that mimics a sommelier’s food & wine pairing logic. The cloud based access allows the restaurant the ability to manage the menu from anywhere.

The second part of the Menuvative® platform is an Android application installed on 10” Android tablets. The app connects each tablet to the restaurant account via the CMS generated registration keys that are assigned to unique MAC addresses. Once a tablet running the Menuvative App is connected to the account, all the account’s item and menu data are synchronized on user defined update intervals via WiFi, allowing unlimited modifications to the menu on the fly. The application also completely locks out all functionality of the Android tablet, requiring a unique touch pattern and password entry to leave the application. The Menuvative App also presents the menu in a very simple to use page flip format with single tap popup interactivity for items on the menu. These pop-ups can contain the images, descriptions and/or educational information, nutritional information, and wine and beverage pairings. A restaurant’s wine list is automatically added to the end of the menu in a scrollable database presentation that allows multiple levels of filtering and sorting based on user preference.

Jonathan Dick – Jonathan is a DBA/Developer by day and a Xamarin Insider by night. He’s been working with .NET since its beta days, and now focuses on writing C# mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Jonathan co-authored the Wrox title ‘Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C#’ and currently maintains PushSharp(), an open source library for sending push notifications to multiple platforms, as well asZXing.Net.Mobile( ), a mobile Barcode scanning library.

Eric Arsenault – Eric is a certified Sommelier and the Director of Wine & Spirits for the 15 unit Ann Arbor restaurant group Mainstreet Ventures, Inc. In 2008, after seeing a man reading an iPad at a restaurant table, Eric began developing the concept of replacing the paper menu medium with a real-time, cloud base, interactive menu platform. In July of 2011, Eric co-founded Interactive Menu Technologies, LLC (Imenutech). As President of Imenutech, Eric oversees the conception and development of Pairing Pro®, the only logic based food and wine pairing application (US Patent #US8364545) and the Menuvative® interactive menu platform which is now used by a rapidly growing number of restaurants in 11 states. To lower the barrier to entry and establish Menuvative® as the leading digital menu platform for restaurants of all concepts, Eric now also handles the overseas manufacturing of Imenutech’s proprietary Android tablets in an aggressive effort to provide a direct cost savings over the traditional paper menu medium. Menuvative® recently won the Innovative Solutions Award at 2013 Retail Now in Las Vegas and was a finalist for the Operator Innovations Award at the 2013 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

MoMo Ann Arbor – Aug. 5th – Mobile Testing with Remote Services

Mark Shipley from DeviceAnywhere will provide an overview of how companies are utilizing remote device testing to perform cost-effective testing in the ever-increasing fragmentation of the mobile market.

Learn how to leverage Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere mobile testing platform to test, measure, and monitor mobile application and websites across hundreds of real devices from anywhere in the world.

Speakers Bio
Mark is a 15 year software quality veteran starting his career in R&D with Lucent Technologies in delivery of the Software Verification and Validation application portfolio for Bell Labs. Moving to expand beyond his software testing focus he joined with the industry’s leading solution and consulting company, Rational Software as an Enterprise Solution Manager.

Before and after the acquisition of Rational by IBM, incorporated as IBM’s fifth software brand, Mark’s focus was working with enterprise clients architecting software quality across the development and production lifecycle. Now with Keynote DeviceAnywhere, Mark continues to assist clients in the development of enterprise software quality processes with the inclusion of mobility as the latest software quality challenge in the application lifecycle.

MoMo Ann Arbor – June 3rd – Advertising Solutions for Mobile Apps

At some point, many of you will have to figure how to monetize your mobile apps to cover the costs of developing them. The main options are to charge for it or to embed advertising in the app. At this Mobile Monday Ann Arbor, we will hear directly from some innovative companies that provide advertising related mechanisms that will help you make your app making a profitable endeavor.

Jim Vitek – Jim Vitek is the founder & CEO of AppKey. Prior to founding AppKey, Jim was VP eCommerce Development for Domino’s Pizza, where he was responsible for Dominos.com & mobile ordering applications.

Molly McFarland – Molly McFarland is AdAdapted’s Chief Marketing Officer. She has six years of sales and marketing experience and most recently held the position of Director of Marketing at Amplifinity, a marketing technology company that targeted large brands and agencies. At Amplifinity, Molly designed and executed a cross-channel sales and marketing strategy.

Advertising Platforms Featured:
AppKey – AppKey is an app promotion and monetization platform for android that rewards users who opt-in with free premium content in participating apps.

AdAdapted – Unlike traditional advertising models, “native advertising” allows advertisers to look and feel like they are integrated into content. AdAdapted is the only platform to automate the native advertising model for mobile apps and games. Instead of negotiating directly with developers, advertisers use AdAdapted to find opportunities, create ads and track performance.

MoMo Ann Arbor – May 15th – Google I/O Extended

We are partnering with the Google Developer Group Ann Arbor Android to bring you the popular Google I/O conference right here in Ann Arbor via live stream.

Please note that this special event will be at a different venue than our regular Mobile Monday meetings! But it is just down the street and around the corner, so not that far away.

Come hang out with other Android developers and watch the live stream of Google I/O Android events. We’ll start with the keynote on Wednesday at noon, and switch to various Android sessions throughout the remainder of the conference.

Where there are conflicts, we’ll probably focus more on non game sessions, but we’re open to some input depending on who shows up. Feel free to pop in and out. We’ll have some tables setup, and you can just hang out with your laptop.

Also a good chance to learn more about the local Android group and to network and meet some of the other local Android community.

MoMo Ann Arbor – May 6th – iOS: In-App Purchase and Monetizing

In March we covered In-App Purchase on Android. In May, Samir Tout of EMU will cover it on the iOS side.

Presentation Overview:

In early 2011, Samir released an educational app (iLearn Languages) that teaches people the alphabets of multiple languages, along with examples, games, & quizzes. In Mid-2012, Samir released an indie shoot’em up game, called Galactic Ninja. Then, in late 2012, he started working on a Lite version of that game using In-App Purchases (IAP). Samir will demo Galactic Ninja Lite, which he’s about to release as well as parts of iLearn Languages, which he plans to roll out with IAP by mid-summer. He will go through the key concepts that he utilized in his app and will point out some of the lessons-learned and pitfalls that he faced so to spread the benefit to the larger community.

Presenter Bio:
Samir is an associate professor in the Information Assurance program at Eastern Michigan University. He has close to 20 years of experience in the areas of software architecture, design, & development. He’s been an Apple developer since the end of 2007 and has published several apps on the App Store (Galactic Ninja, iLearn Languages, and I am Here C?). He also recently founded the Ann Arbor Raspberry Pi meetup group, which focuses on advanced projects using this credit-card sized computer. Samir also has several publications in various conferences/journals, is an avid researcher, and is a certified SANS GIAC-GREM (Reverse Engineering Malware).

MoMo Ann Arbor – April 1st – Microsoft and Mobile

Microsoft has made significant contributions to mobile over the past couple decades. In the most recent year though, their mobile efforts have taken on a whole new life with a number of innovative initiatives focused specifically on the mobile market. The impact of these efforts could be far reaching given their longtime strong position in the business and consumer software markets. We’ll hear from their Principal Developer Evangelist, Jennifer Marsman, about all of their efforts in mobile and how developers from all platforms can take advantage.


Jennifer Marsman – Jennifer Marsman is a Principal Developer Evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group, where she educates developers on Microsoft’s new technologies. In this role, Jennifer is a frequent speaker at software development conferences across the United States. In 2009, Jennifer was chosen as “Techie whose innovation will have the biggest impact” by X-OLOGY for her work with GiveCamps, a weekend-long event where developers code for charity.

She has also received many honors from Microsoft, including the Central Region Top Contributor Award, Heartland District Top Contributor Award, DPE Community Evangelist Award, CPE Champion Award, MSUS Diversity & Inclusion Award, and Gold Club. Prior to becoming a Developer Evangelist, Jennifer was a software developer in Microsoft’s Natural Interactive Services division. In this role, she earned two patents for her work in search and data mining algorithms.

Jennifer has also held positions with Ford Motor Company, National Instruments, and Soar Technology. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her graduate work specialized in artificial intelligence and computational theory.

MoMo Ann Arbor – March 4th – Android: In-App Purchase

Interested in launching and monetizing an Android app or have an existing mobile app that you would like to monetize? Join us to learn more about In-app purchasing and monetizing your Android app.

Discover what In-app purchasing is, advantages and disadvantages, types of in-app purchases, and a high level description of how to implement it. There will also be discussions about placing advertisements in your Android app with Ad Mob.

The presenter will be Tim Burnham creator of Setlist Helper for Android and the companion website www.setlisthelper.com. There will be a demonstration of Setlist Helper for Android and the strategies used to monetize the app with In-app purchases and advertising.

There will also be discussions about Android development strategies to get beyond the “Hello world” app. This will provide a high level overview of Android development areas to focus your attention on.

Featured App:

Happy Hour – Tom Crawford, a former speaker at Mobile Monday Ann Arbor and many other venues, will present his new app, Happy Hour. This fun, easy-to-use app helps people find a great deal on their favorite drink at a nearby establishment. Finding and comparing happy hours can be difficult. Trying to find one that is going on now, near you, with your favorite drink is nearly impossible. Happy Hour solves that problem.

About the Presenters:

Tim Burnham is the creator of Setlist Helper for Android and www.setlisthelper.com. His interest for Android development was sparked when he wanted a simpler way to arrange songs and lyrics for live performance and practices. He is also a developer at Symantec where he works for the Enterprise Mobile Engineering team. Tim has over 13 years of commercial software development experience.

Tom Crawford – Tom Crawford is the owner, principal, and head cook of Moveable Bytes, a leading Ann Arbor-based mobile app developer. Moveable Bytes has designed and developed such popular apps as VizChef, OnStage Now!, LeaseCrunch, TechSmith FastTrack, and Return2Play. Moveable Bytes also just released Happy Hour, an app that helps you find the best deal on your favorite drink, close to you, right now.

Tom has also taught mobile app design and development at Michigan State University and through Develop Detroit. Before starting the current business, he was CEO of VizThink, an organization dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, global community of people who use any form of the visual arts for learning and communication.With an extensive background in technology, 2012 was Tom’s 25th year as a professional programmer. However, in 2000, his career began to diverge from enterprise systems design and implementation into corporate education, simulation, and gaming.

He spent 6 years at Root Learning starting the e-Learning team. Root’s strong use of art and metaphor introduced him to the power of visualization for learning and communication. He has developed extensive theories on interactivity, engagement, visualization, user interface and user experience design. In the past several years, Tom has run workshops on learning, simulations, visualization, communication, design, and development all over the world for thousands of people.

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